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8 Reasons Why Most Ghanaians Are Still Single

In Ghana, there are about 25 million people, half of us are male and the other half are female. Probably, among the fishes in the ocean, you are asking yourself: “Why can’t I catch even one?” So, let’s start to identify the problems, and once you know, try to remove and dump them!


#1 Mt. Afadjato Standards


Like the mountain, the peak of it is difficult to reach. Remember that they are also people not robots. If you want to find him/her, don’t look in the sky, try to search on land.


#2 Movie Fanatics

ghana movie

You think that true love waits and destiny itself will find the way for the two of you to meet and to be together. It MIGHT be possible but PROBABLY not. If you want to see him/her, go out and explore. Don’t just wait in a corner of your house… and remember that half of the population is your RIVAL!


#3 You’re Not Ready To Settle / Scared Of Commitment


You’re too scared to commit/enter a relationship. You want to experience it and yet you are never prepared for it.

#4 You’re Looking For Mr /Miss Perfect

perfect man


Nobody is perfect, even you, you are not perfect. This is just a commercial term being imposed by movie makers to attract viewers – it’s all about FICTION. Everyone has flaws. If you insist that believe be ready to be single FOREVER.


#5 You Don’t Have The Initiative

ask a girl out


Don’t wait. Do something about it. Show your intention and express your feeling. Nothing will happen without doing anything. A relationship is formed through mutual efforts—it’s a two-way process.

#6 You Keep A Checklist

relationship checklist

|Looking for your soul mate is not like a position in a company. There should not be a JOB DESCRIPTION and QUALIFICATIONS.

#7 You’re Too Much To Handle

too much to handle


Men like women who are vulnerable sometimes, like a damsel in distress. They want to be your knight and shining armor that you can lean and depend on. They don’t like a YAA ASANTEWAA who can literally do everything!

#8 Mirror, Mirror

ghana mirror


At last, try to go in front of the mirror and look at your reflection. And definitely you will find the answer WHY YOU’RE STILL SINGLE!



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8 Baby names riding the next wave of cool

8 Baby names riding the next wave of cool


I’m often envious of people who know exactly what they’re going to name their baby – since, like, forever. I admire their commitment. They say things like I decided in elementary school that I’d name my daughter Olivia. Or, I always wanted to name by son after my great-grandfather.

How easy they have it.

I can’t even tell you how many baby names I have scribbled on pieces of paper, how many lists I’ve compiled since before I ever even decided to start a family, how many texts I’ve sent to my dear friend, who also happens to be a baby name expert for Early Mama. I can’t tell you not because I don’t know how many, but because it’s utterly embarrassing how many there are.

We named our twins Daphne and Theodore, but only after some time passed after we lost them at 17 weeks. (It didn’t feel right not naming them.) Those were names at the top of our list at the time of their death, but we hadn’t totally decided on them – and we hadn’t planned on picking a name until they were born. But some time after our loss, we realized they were, indeed, our Daphne and Theodore.

That loss was over a year ago, and I wouldn’t dream of using Theodore now. Not just because we used it for our twin boy, but because Theo is actually too popular for our liking now. Staying on top of baby names and what’s climbing the charts and attempting to predict the next big name is tough.

But the talented ladies over at Nameberry do it just about better than anyone else. And I was thrilled to come across their recent post about the next style wave in baby naming. It’s just what I’ve been waiting for. If it’s already current – like Cora, Maeve (a longtime fave of mine), Violet, Ezra, Silas and Declan – it’s a name I won’t use. Not because I don’t love them, but because I don’t want a future kid to be “one of.”

Nameberry has predicted the NEXT wave of cool baby names, and I think it’s simply great. These names are super fresh. But I wonder: Will their appeal soon fade, too? Are baby names like fashion trends? I mean, already aviators are dated. How long before these names sound like yesterday’s Violet?

I don’t have the answer. But I do have 8 favorites from Nameberry’s list (in no particular order, except ladies first):

1. Ines: A lovely name with Spanish and French roots, this modern-sounding girl name means “pure, virginal.” Too heavy of a meaning?

2. Leontine: I’m a huge fan of Leona (my maternal great-grandmother’s name), but Leontine has a truly unique ring to it. It makes sense that it’s riding the next cool wave, with Leo being popular for boys, and Leonore the name of the new baby of Princess Madeleine.

3. Persephone: A woman I know named her baby daughter Persephone. And she just happens to be one of the coolest women I know – literally, always way ahead on the fashion front, and not one bit ordinary. So, I totally buy that Persephone is riding the next wave.

4. Cordis: With Cora rocking the charts right now, it’s not hard to believe that an edgier, yet not obscure, Cordis will find her way. And with the amazing meaning “of the heart,” it’s such a lovable name.

5. Glory: I am in love with the name Gloria, so Glory kind of does it for me. But I still think Gloria is better.

6. Apollo: Gwen Stefani just named her son Apollo, but I’ve liked this name even before then – though I’d never actually use it. It’s too daring for me. But I think a rockstar can totally get away with it.

7. Cyprian: Another super-Greek name, Cyprian could be a great way to get to the nickname, Cy. And there’s always a fall-back plan for your son if he hates it: He could grab the end of the name as his own, and go by Rian.

8. Everest: Everett is a great name, but if you want something not so common, Everest makes a great name too. Plus, your kid gets to be named after the highest mountain on the planet – and that’s pretty darn cool.

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Lose Belly Fat With 6 Stand-Up Exercises


Seeking to shape up this summer for your fall sport? These six stand-up exercises, when combined with good nutrition and adequate sleep, will help tone your abs, build muscle throughout your body, and improve your balance and muscle endurance.


  • Moderately heavy medicine ball or dumbbell (about 70-80% of your one-rep max)
  • Stopwatch, wristwatch, or nearby clock with a second hand
  • Water bottle (for hydrating before, during and after workout)
  • Bench or chair

Guidelines (Think “Six” For That Six-Pack)

  • Perform all six exercises in six minutes (Do six supersets. Perform just one set per exercise without resting between exercises)
  • Perform six reps per exercise
  • Rest 60 to 90 seconds after completing all six exercises to hydrate, then repeat the six-minute cycle
  • Start with an upper- and lower-body warm-up. Finish with cooldown upper- and lower-body static stretches for flexibility

Stand-Up Exercises

Single-Leg Squats

Hold dumbbell or medicine ball overhead and perform Single Leg Squat six times, then switch legs. This promotes balance and strengthens core muscles (abs, lower and middle back); quadriceps; hips; hamstrings; and shoulder and arm muscles. Learn more about the Single-Leg Squat.

Side Lunges and Press Outs

Lunge laterally right and simultaneously explosively press ball or dumbbell away from your chest. Continue lunging/chest presses five more times, then do six left Lateral Lunges/Press-Outs. Muscles worked: chest, triceps, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, and core muscles, including upper and lower abdominal and oblique muscles. Watch a video demonstration of the Side Lunge.

Dumbbell Cross Rows

Assume the athletic position with dumbbell in right hand. Bend knees and slowly lower dumbbell across your body toward your left ankle, pause one second, and quickly pull dumbbell up toward waist. Repeat five times, then switch dumbbell to left hand for six rows toward right ankle. Builds lower, middle and upper back muscles; biceps; and abdominal muscles.

Step-Ups and Press-Ups

Place right foot atop bench or chair holding dumbbell or ball at chest level. Explosively push off with right foot and lift left leg high off ground while simultaneously pressing ball/dumbbell overhead. Repeat five times, then switch to left foot Step-Ups. Excellent lower- and upper-body muscle endurance builder.

Farmer’s Walk

Hold dumbbell in right hand and walk forward six steps, then switch hands and walk backward six steps. Promotes core stability by forcing the side without the dumbbell to work harder. Learn more about the Farmer’s Walk.

Ball or Dumbbell Woodchops and Twists

Assume athletic stance while holding ball or dumbbell overhead. Quickly drive ball/dumbbell through legs while bending knees and extending hips. Stand up and bring dumbbell/ball to chest level, rotate side to side and repeat sequence five more times. Muscles worked: core, shoulders, arms, chest, upper, middle and lower back, obliques, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings. Learn why you may want to perform this exercise if you’re a baseball player.



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11 Most Abused Words Ghanaians Use, Everybody Is Guilty Of


Well Well Well! I’m back on my usual grind, thus writing about our everyday Ghana. In Ghana when we hear or see something, we jump on it so hard and never leave it well until new ones come.

Our whole life is all about copying from the westerners, we don’t like our beautiful rich culture and rather prefer to copy from outsiders. In our generation, lots of words are highly abused or used not for it’s purpose or let me just say, these words you are about to see are used out of contest.



Like Seriously! is often used among the females in the tertiary schools. It annoys the hell out of a lot of people including me, it usually is followed by another overused word “DUH”. It has recently been made popular by comedian Funny Face.



The word “hater’ is highly abused in Ghana. Just say your honest opinion about someone or be honest to at least a friend and you are an automatic ‘hater’, what happened to honesty? We hear these words everyday and it’s said by everyone from the youth to the grown ups. You just can’t be honest without getting the word slapped to your face.



Sakawa simply means 419 or internet fraud, but it has been generalized to make it look like any illegal act that makes money is “Sakawa” it has been highly used in several places, from church to the parliament. These days, when a young guy drives or has a little bit of money, he’s an automatic Sakawa boy. Having locks, tattoos,piercings or living the plush life is also an automatic Sakawa brand. According to experts, Sakawa is just the act of buying goods with stolen credit cards, so any other form of illegal fraud is NOT sakawa.



Ever since Ghanaians got to know that pictures can be manipulated to look how they want it to be, the word has been abused. Most users of the word don’t even know the software “photoshop’ but will say it at every instance even if there is no trace of “photoshopping”. You just have to love Ghanaians.



What happened to ‘liking people’ or ‘getting to know people’, it’s almost as if ‘I Love You’ is the first word that come to mind as soon as 2 people of the opposite sex meet. People can even meet you for a day and say they love you you, really? Some even go ahead and say they will marry you. YES! you heard me right.




Suing used to be a thing for people who knew the law and their rights, but since it was made popular by Akuffo Addo in 2013 it has become on of the most used words, everybody threaten each other with suing even when they don’t know the way to court or process into suing someone. Even matters that need talking are threatened to be taken to court. Sigh!Warren Buffett And BofA CEO Brian Moynihan Speak At Georgetown University



These days everyone is a CEO, CEO means Chief Executive Officer and real CEO’s are appointed by their companies. Starting something small don’t make you a CEO and being the founder of a company don’t make you the CEO either. Well it doesn’t hurt to dream though.




It’s almost as if every girl who is slim, or super tall is a model, Girls who take nicer pictures thanks to mobile apps are also models, we have models everywhere, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. It’s in the bio of almost every girl and funny enough these girls know absolutely nothing about modelling or what it is about, they probably think it’s all about photos.

 who said tweaa



This term was made popular by a DCE who arrogantly walked off whilst giving a speech because someone said ‘TWEAA’. Ever since, the term has been highly abused from social media to parliamentarians and also has been highly abused by musicians. There are more than 50 songs released with the ‘Tweaa’ term.


Boo simply means one’s girlfriend or boyfriend. It is often said by a girl to a boy to compliment their love for them or something like that. These days it is highly used by girls to extort money from “block head’ guys. You can’t blame them.




Innit is a term made popular by the British people, usually London-based Brits. It is the shortened version of “is it not” or ‘isn’t it’, ever since the term got down here, it’s been highly abused, people who have and haven’t been to the UK use the word religiously. The thing is, it’s not even every British person who uses innit, it’s common among the black people (usually from Africa or Jamaica).


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Ladies, 10 Lies Men Tell Just To Sleep With You




I love you is the most cliched word in Ghana, it is used mostly not for it’s real meaning (CHECK OUR LIST OF ABUSED WORDS HERE), hence this exact word is used to lure girls to think there is some sort of affection just to give up the cookie. Only one rule, never believe a man when the say ‘I Love You’ before, during and after sex unless you truly trust them and their words.


Really? The girl is saying NO and all you can say is just a round, sometimes we the guys don’t even know what we are saying, begging for the ‘tonga’ can really be hectic, just don’t fall for it, we know perfectly well that after the one round, consequent rounds won’t be a problem since we’ve already started. smart aye?? :)



We guys are so silly, I always wonder why we say this, but what will the body do, once the head or tip is in? Just a quick lesson, the most sensitive part of the penis is the TIP or HEAD so just the tip in equals enjoyment and moreover the tip on the shallow end of the “vajayjay” brings more enjoyment to the ladies which will make them eventually want you ALL IN! *wink*




I will marry you is for girls who strongly insist on “no sex before marriage”, some even go to the extent of putting an


We the guys know that girls are highly vulnerable and sensitive to touch, we pretend we mean no harm when we actually do. When we say, we are just touching you, it means we are looking for the most sensitive parts of your body (thus if we don’t know) that could turn you on and turn you on as much as possible so you can’t resist. What were you thinking by the way?



I don’t know what is cute about a male virgin but females find it so sexy and cute, well since we know, we use it to our advantage or maybe the feeling of being the first girl to break your virginity kind of sound good to them, I guess.




Guys are very active when it comes to sex, most guys are actually addicted to sex, getting one don’t seem to be a problem (at least for some people), we always lie about the last time we had it, anything beyond months is a lie, some guys can even have two in a day. Just to convince you that we’ve been good, we say we haven’t had it in a while just to make you feel pity on us.


Women are highly fascinated by how big a man is, as much as they say it’s irrelevant. These days women don’t believe this lie anymore, they only prefer seeing/feeling before judging but it’s one of the big lies we tell just to mess with your head on what to expect if you give us the cookie.


Most females are not heavy on sex, by that I mean they prefer to just cuddle, kiss, chill, watch movies and have laughs together but when a guy say they want to chill, it means nothing but sex, maybe we can do the above after we have sex thus if I don’t fall asleep after that “good good”




That thought means he actually plans to be, 1 out a 1,000 guys want to go home with you, have a drink, talk, laugh, watch movies and all. The rest all wants to get that cookie by any means.



According to experts women get super-horny and naughty when they are drunk and ever since we the guys got to know this, trying to get a lady drunk is one of the tactics we use to get what we have always wanted from you. The moment you hear, let’s get drunk baby, think about where you are going to sleep when you get wasted obviously, MY HOUSE :)

Ladies, have you heard any of these lies before? Did I hit the nail right on the head? Guys sorry! :)




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Wife Catches Husband In The Act With Lover On Christmas Day




This married woman caught her husband red handed enjoying himself in his car with the lover on Christmas day.

According to information,The woman became suspicious when the husband told her, he wanted to travel alone to the village to spend the Christmas with the mother.

According to the wife, they normally travel to the village together with the kids to see her Mother-In-Law and so she was surprise when the husband wanted to travel alone this time around.

As soon as the husband went into the bathroom, the woman took his phone and found love messages between his husband and the lover. She also found out the husband was going to meet his lover at a secret location that day.

A source said that when the husband went out in his private car, the wife was secretly following him in a Taxi.

The husband picked up his girlfriend and then took her to the secret location and parked his car. Instead of going to a hotel, these two love birds decided to enjoy themselves in the car.

As they were enjoying themselves, the wife caught them red handed in the act and she immediately pounced on the lady with punches and slaps.






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Take notes, guys: eight reasons to date a journalist


If you’re ready to put yourself out there and see where love takes you, it’s time to start spreading the news. When you find that special someone who you just click with on different levels, walking away would be foolish.

If the thought of someone putting pen to paper to express her feelings for you sounds incredibly sweet and romantic, why not choose to become exclusive with a journalist? We’re willing to bet that falling for these connoisseurs of the written word will be one of the greatest things to happen to your love life.

If you’re prepared for your spicy romance to make headlines, check out these eight compelling reasons to let a journalist be your only subscriber.

1. They’re Not Afraid To Take Risks

Being a journalist is all about using any means necessary to not only find the perfect story but to back it up with credible sources. In a survey conducted by Bliss Integrated, 2/3 of the journalists questioned stated that they would rather “get thoroughly vetted statistics rather than preliminary data more quickly”. Getting the information right is more important than getting the information right now. Her sheer determination to get all of the facts straight in spite of any backlash she may face is a great reflection of her ambitious (and honest) nature. When it comes to your relationship,  you won’t have to worry about scaring her off with those rumors of your past; she would rather get to know you first before making any hasty decisions.

What’s sexier than a woman who loves a good challenge?

2. Their IQ Is Above Normal

According to Jonathan Wai of Psychology Today, the average IQ of a journalist falls between the 137 to 160 range, which translates into the top 1 percent to .01 percent; this places journalists on the same intelligence level as other respected professions such as the top performing lawyers, engineers, academics, computer science professors, etc. He also went on to say that “If the top 5 percent are the normal smart, then the top 1 percent are the super smart and the top .01 percent are the scary smart.” Gentlemen, if you like a lady who is absurdly brilliant and can definitely hold her own when it comes to debates, form an orderly line.

3. They’re Great Listeners

Being attentive is practically embedded into the job description. As she is trained to read between the lines, knowing when to interject or simply listen comes easily to her. In fact, being understanding when having a heart to heart is her specialty. If she’s really the one, you can trust that your secrets will be off the record.

4. They Are Experts At Multitasking

Thirty-one percent of journalists surveyed by Bliss Integrated indicated that they are in charge of three distinct media channels (i.e. social media platforms, websites, print) while 17 percent reported that they are responsible for five. The fact that she is a pro at multitasking means that she’s more than capble of balancing work and her relationship. After a long and stressful day at the office, she’ll be more than happy to pencil you in for some much needed TLC.

5. They’re Outgoing

As a journalist, a large portion of her day is spent contacting sources for interviews or inspiration for her next article. She’s great at making conversation with strangers (how else would she score exclusive details on trending topics?). You won’t have to be nervous about introducing this confident social butterfly to your family and friends; whether she’s an introvert or extrovert, she’ll be ecstatic to take the next step because she knows how much it means to you. She’ll be the life of the party; being outgoing as well as open-minded is a part of her charm.

6. They’re Creative

Whether it’s brainstorming a clickable headline, finding new story ideas or taking a fresh spin on an event, journalists are constantly crafting interesting, clever stories. And her way with words extends out of the newsroom, too. Whether she writes you love letters, funny texts or birthday cards, you can guarantee they’ll be one-of-a-kind.

7. They’re Plugged In

As busy as she may be with her job, you’ll have no problem getting a hold of your journalist gal. She’s social media-savvy, always checking her email and has her phone with her, always. Her job is all about communication, so you can count on your lady to be there when you need her. 

8. They’re Not Money-Obsessed

Gold diggers? No way. If you’ve ever seen salary reports by profession, you’ll know journalists aren’t in it to get rich. Instead, they’re passionate about what they do. But that’s not to say they don’t enjoy some of the free perks. They’ll surely bring home some cool freebies from PR companies and invites to events, parties and movie screenings. Plus one, much?