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18 images Eccentricities Billionaires in Dubai

Located in the famous Arabian Desert, on the beautiful shores of the Persian Gulf is Dubai; perhaps the most famous (with permission from Abu Dhabi) of the seven regions that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There is much documented information about his old age, however, if it is known that the first inhabitants settled in the present territory of the emirate is primarily devoted to trade in pearls.

Yes, pearls; clearly an object of luxury, the truth is that sounds pretty foreboding … especially when you consider where it comes from the tremendous reputation of this small, almost remote. And everyone knows that Dubai is a different place with its mega structures and, why not, also its mega eccentricities. A gold plated car? Is driving with a cheetah as co-pilot? A vending machine for small gold bars?

Discover this curious selection of images that show how far they can get the extravagance of the appearance of Sheikh billionaires who live; an exercise in ostentation shaped city.

In Dubai is not unusual to see a cheetah as copilot


                                                                                   … or a lion

Dubai es diferente (3)

                                                                            … Tigers also, of course


                                                             There is a good express shuttle

Dubai es diferente (5)

                                                                          There, the Lions sail boat

Dubai es diferente (6)

                                                                     … and rest on luxury cars

Dubai es diferente (7)

                                                           The same luxury cars used by police

Dubai es diferente (8)


Dubai es diferente (9)

                                                                              also bathe gold

Dubai es diferente (11)

Dubai es diferente (2)

                                                           Gold is issued in automatic machines, typical

Dubai es diferente (14)

                                                  And the Luxury is up in the trash

Dubai es diferente (12)

                                                                 Tigers in traffic jams greet

Dubai es diferente (16)

                                                                           Riding on a lion? Clear

Dubai es diferente

                                             But you better not hit the road, there may be too much traffic


                                                              But will it take to go to the bathroom


                                                                Or get something to take


                                                                   And taking it waiting in the car

Dubai es diferente


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Types Of Se X You Should Try At The Age Between 20 And 30


Since people between the ages of 20 and 30 are mostly busy exploring their options, it does involve a decent amount of se’x that tends to be anything but uniform, and so experts have given 15 types of se’x that you probably have had or will have during your prime years.

1.Creatively-located se’x -the stacks, an airplane bathroom, a hostel hallway, your parents’ bed, a bar, the park, an alley, your car – the possibilities are endless and while it’s fun to hope that you will still be this adventurous in your 30s, a carpe diem approach is probably advisable here. Also, these are not moments to hold back.

2.Drunk se’x – often combined with bad se’x and/or one-night-stand, this type of se’xual experience is usually less than amazing. Great se’x usually requires some amount of athleticism, and a bunch of uncoordinated flailing limbs, plus an alcohol-sedated nervous system, does not a mind-blowing orga’sm make.

3.Friend se’x- at some point during your 20s you’ll likely reach a point with a previously platonic friend in which you both agree that it’s a great idea to sleep together. If the se’x is great you’ll either become gray area “friends with benefits” or just laugh about it a lot for years to come. If the se’x is bad you’ll probably never ever speak of it again.

4.Se’x for one – se’x by yourself is a great way to learn what it is you want from a sexual experience with a partner. It’s healthy, it relieves stress and women deserve orga’sms in or out of relationships. By the time you leave your 20s you’ll hopefully know exactly how to make yourself feel good without the assistance from another person.

5.Nonexistent se’x – there are times when you’re just not having se’x at all. It might be frustrating but it’s also a great time to reflect on what you actually want from your se’xual experiences when they inevitably begin again. Plus, just when you’ve become totally convinced that you will never have another non-self-bestowed orga’sm in your life, you’ll be proven wrong.


6.Make-up se’x – if you find yourself in a relationship during
your 20-something years, the odds are pretty good that you’ll get into some fights, you’ll get extremely frustrated at your significant other for being inattentive or letting work consume him or her, scream at each other, perhaps shed a few tears and then channel all of that anger into some really excellent sexual play.

7.Vindication se’x – At some point during your 20s you’ll probably find yourself in the position to sleep with someone who previously rejected you or considered you below their notice. It probably won’t be all that great, and you may not feel great morally afterwards. You will, however, leave with the satisfaction that you didn’t peak in your teen years.

8.Home-for-the-holidays se’x – during your 20s you’re likely travelling back to your hometown for the November and December holidays each year. During these awkward few weeks you’ll probably run into any number of people from earlier in your life, including one or more ghosts of friends-with-benefits past. You may find it uniquely satisfying to have a short, no-strings-attached fling with said them each time you return.


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5 Dirty Things Abuja Big Babes Do To Get Money


Do you know that quite a lot of babes who live in Abuja do not have any correct job that they do. Do you also know that very few of them have shops or any tangible work place they can point to as office, yes they live big and they drive flashy and exotic cars, live in very expensive apartments, dress to kill, buy expensive things and travel abroad for holidays.

Some of those babes do not have their parents or relatives in Abuja. Some are students but still engage in dirt acts, while some don’t even have anything doing.

We can tell you what they do that gets them the big bucks they spend. They are dirty things. Below are the 5 dirty things they do for money according to Citypeople;

1) Sleeping With Dogs;

This debasing acts are mostly put together to form a part of the p**ngraphy business worldwide and the ladies involved are mostly paid in dollars.

The men mostly ask them to sleep with dogs while they record it with a camera.

2) Buying Mobile Numbers Of Top Celebrities;

Some of them go as far as buying mobile numbers of top celebrities and politicians from their friends and some family members for as high as N50,000 just to have a close contact with them. After achieving their aim, they tell the politician they have once met and he personally gave them his private line. Some of these men have believed them and have falling prey afterwards.

3) Dating White Guys

They purposely go around hanging out at places were rich white guys hang around just to meet them.

4) Giving Birth and selling their babies for money

5) Hanging out around high brow hotels. Hmm go and buy the paper for more explanations…lol.

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Married Woman Caught Pants down Doing ‘IT’ In The Bush With Boss


This woman’s husband was said to have begged the man on the bed to employ his wife so they could have money to feed until he could sort out his financial problems. The man accepted after several pleas.

But unfortunately, because her husband no longer has money the woman started disrespecting him and keeping late nights. Acting on a tip off, the husband and his friends caught her live in the act with her boss. What’s more annoying, according to the source who sent the photo is that she didn’t even look for an handsome man to sleep with but one who’s “uglier” than her husband.

Hmmm how could you? money the root of all……………………