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Oh Yawa! Man Proposes To Girlfriend With 99 iPhone 6′s, See What Happens


A Chinese programmer, tired of being single, spent over £50,000 to buy 99 iPhone 6s to propose to his girlfriend, but unfortunately there were no happy endings here as his intended said no.

The worker from Guagzhou spent the equivalent of a two-year annual salary in the country, £51,543 (500,000 yuan) to buy the iPhone 6, Tencent News reported.

He proposed by arranging the iPhones into a heart shape and holding a bouquet of flowers but it was not a match made in heaven.

The proposal was turned down in front of his friends and colleagues. Photos of the unsuccessful proposal went viral on Chinese social media site Weibo with several people dismissing the gesture.

Most users joked saying demand for iPhones in China is on the rise so he can easily resell them with one user wondering how the man was able to afford all the smartphones. “How many kidneys did it take to buy those phones?” remarked the user on Weibo.

The news comes ahead of Singles’ Day in China, which is celebrated by singles trying to woo their love interests.

Singles’ Day is celebrated on 11 November due to the four lonely 1′s in the date: 11/11

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Idiot like u, kwasia, pu**y – licking pastor, Sakawarian and a thief- Afia Schwarzenegger tells Bishop Obinim

Afia ddff7

In a recent video which has already gone viral, the founder of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Obinim, is heard threatening and insulting ex-President Jerry John Rawlings and Afia Schwarzenegger in retaliation to earlier comments which had been made by the two about him (Bishop Obinim).

In the said video, the Bishop said “You Afia Schwarzenegger, You short thing…. You are short and look like a monkey…”

In a quick rebuttal, the no-nonsense woman, Afia Schwarzenegger, took to her facebook account to register her disappointment in Bishop Obinim with some harsh words.

She had these words for the pastor:

“Obinnim…if your wife had my body or my class you will never be the brand ambassador for Barcadi Nite Club, jumping from one hooker to another, if your wife was as intelligent as I am you will never say things like “Knowredge, Kwaaarlebu, creaver, president Rawrings.

“If your wife looked a little like me you will never sleep with your church members in the name of counselling and run after your pastors wives begging them for sex.

“So the next time you decide to insult another man’s wife, in your shrine thinking we are scared of an idiot like u…please think about what you have kept in your house as a wife. ..kwasia.

“Pu**y – licking Pastor, Sakawarian and a thief.

“Your stinking bleach body makes me sick, Pastor Michael Jackson; Stupid brand ambassador for Ama Boahemmaa Condensed Milk…kwasia Kwa.

“# Hope you do get someone to read this to you…empty headed fool!!!!”

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5 tips to get rid of your annoying ex forever

Young Woman Thinking

 We’ve all been there at least once in our dating lives—you breakup for whatever reason and move on, but the ex just can’t seem to let go. It’s tough, really, but what are you supposed to do with an ex who can’t say goodbye?

1. Stop All Contact

Get your ex to move on. As much as you might try to put the ex into the friend zone, whether out of pity or compassion for your ex-lover, all this really does is encourage the behavior you’re trying to stop. Yes, breakups are tough on everyone, but we all have to put on our big kid undies and just deal with it when it happens to us. It sucks, but the best and most compassionate thing you can do for your ex us to stop all contact. Doing so will help them get rid of that glimmer of hope they have of getting you back.

2. Own Your Role

Are you feeding into your ex’s behavior? Are you drunk texting the ex? Are you still connected through social media? Whether it’s consciously or not, your passive aggressive behavior of pushing your ex away, only to pull him or her back in with a text or an update to your social media accounts, is adding fuel to the fire. Tying in with rule #1 of stopping all contact, you also need to break your own habits of reaching out, whether directly or indirectly. Disconnect your lives in all ways: social media, family and friends acting as a third party, and no late night drunk texting.

3. Be Clear

Don’t just be clear, be very clear with your ex. This may mean that you have to be a bit brutal, but honesty is always the best policy. If things are really, truly over between the two of you and he or she has no chance of ever having you again, then you need to be very clear and tell them that. It might hurt your exes feelings, but a little bit of hurt might help them let go.

4. Move On

The best way to show your ex that it really is over between the two of you is to focus on yourself and move on with your own life. Start dating again, go out with other single friends, take a trip, or just take some time to reconnect with yourself. The point is not to hide for fear of running into the ex or out of guilt that you will hurt their feelings. You have to move on with your life, and so do they.

5. Take Legal Action

Now, I don’t advocate running to your nearest court house for a restraining order on every ex who still has feelings for you, but if things escalate past an ex who can’t say goodbye and turn into an ex who refuses to let go then that’s stalking. If the ex is showing up at your workplace, your home, or the dark corner of the parking lot at the mall, then it’s time to take things a little more seriously and contact the local authorities.

Breakups suck, plain and simple. Sometimes you can both walk away knowing that the end is truly the end, and other times one of you is left hanging on. It’s tough to deal with an ex who can’t say goodbye, but if you are firm and stick to your guns, eventually they will move on.

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Why Ladies Don’t Want You To Check Their Bags Things You Will Find In Their Handbag

We always see lady’s walking around with large handbags all the time and you wonder what they need it for? Men don’t really have time for that, walking around with a handbag…gosh! Too much. And if you ever try going into a woman’s handbag, you will understand the statement, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” You will regret the day you were born. Don’t try it even if she’s your wife.

Interestingly, it’s not like they have a severed head in there, it’s just some normal day to day items, but you just can’t fathom why they get angry, when guys try going through their handbag.

Anyway, if you’re curious as we are and wish to know what women really carry in those big! big!! handbags of theirs, come with us as we reveal to you, 19 things you will find In a lady’s handbag.


Only God knows what they need a blade for? We don’t know whether they wish to shave their pubic hair or armpit hair, whatever they wish to use it for, they are the only ones who can tell. Some say they keep it, so they can sharpen their eye pencil, others agree with what we’ve stated.

For some funny reasons, some also use it for defense. In case of an attack, some say they keep it in there so they can use it to fight back. Funny right? By the time you will go through your bag to get your blade, bam!!!

Cell Phone Batteries

Okay!!! I think we should understand this one. The cell phone of women are always hot, thanks to social media and instant messaging (IM) apps and so there’s a good reason why they will depend on extra battery all the time. Men don’t really have time for that, when it goes off, it goes off, who cares.


They have jewelries in there too, in case they have a party after work. They always come prepared.

images (10)


Most women have extra panties in their handbag, just in case her menstrual cycle skips or beats her and comes at the wrong time, she will know what to do. Another reason is because, her two boyfriends must not determine what the other did and so right after banging Kojo, she freshens up and wears a new panty and goes to meet Kwame. This is the reason why it’s very difficult catching a woman cheating, she always comes fresh.

Body Spray Or Perfume

As we stated earlier, she always come fresh and so to keep that up she has her whole cosmetic shop in there. She can’t visit and use a man’s deodorant or powder so she comes around with her own, just in case she has to bath.

images (9)

About 2 To 3 Sim Cards

It’s very hard to tell which network they really belong to? They have all the networks, including Expresso (Kasapa)…ebbeeeeiii!!! Even Bill Gates wouldn’t use all that. Usually women have more than one phone but a woman with even just one phone wouldn’t have one sim card, there are always more. Want to know why? Simple…Kwame uses Vodafone, Kwasi uses MTN, Kojo uses Tigo, etc. she needs to have all their numbers according to the network…if not, ob3 bo ka!!

So she keeps all the sims in her bag just in case one calls and she doesn’t have credit, she switches to the other one…simplicita.


There’s always an extra earring just in case the one she has on, goes missing during a romance bout.

images (11)

Super Glue

Only God knows oh! But walk to any lady with a handbag and request for super glue, you will be surprised she will just pull one out of her handbag. Interestingly, keeping glue in their handbag has always come in handy, just in case her earring or jewelry breaks, she can mend it, so she doesn’t raise any suspicion.


There is always some number of spectacles in there. As we stated earlier, just in case there’s a party after work, she’s already prepared, usually they are dark spectacles.


They have watches on, more than one mobile phone that shows time, but yet they still have extra watches in their handbag…I dey wonder self.

images (12)


If we didn’t add this, they would have concluded this list is wrong. 99.99% of women with handbags have lipsticks in them to always reapply when the initial application fades.


Eye Pencil

You were expecting this right? If they have a blade and lipstick, of course there should be an eye pencil and it’s used for the same purpose as the lipstick.



There’s always some kind of mirror in there, so to use it during make-up.


Even if she wears dreadlocks, she will still have a comb in there some where. The last time I saw one in a lady with dreadlocks’ handbag, when I asked what she will be using it for because she’s in dread, she said, “someone might need it”…like seriously? Who wakes up in the morning and while packing to go to work, decides to pack things other persons might need…where e concern you?

Abou Booooonge La Bwanaaaaaa_3

Sanitary Pads

If you’re the kind of guy who sneaks into women’s handbag, you are likely to one day pick her used pad…yes! her used pad. They have both used and unused pads in there. Sometimes, when there’s nowhere to dispose the pad, they “parcel” it nicely and keep it in the bag till they find a place they can dispose of it. They also carry unused ones all the time just in case of emergencies.


These days, wipes are not for babies only oh! women have wipes with them all the time just in case there’s a one-night stand under a coconut tree or in your car, she needs to wipe away your mess.

Hand Sanitizers 

Ebola might have made this popular but women had it on them all the time, for hygienic purposes. After eating fufu with aponkye nkrakra, while we pull out handkerchiefs, they pull out hand sanitizers.



There’s always some toilet roll somewhere in there.


Okay! So I don’t know when they decided to start carrying this one too, but there’s a saying that, “since the hunter has decided to learn how to shoot far, the bird has also learned to perch on the highest twig on a branch”. Women are beginning to see through the tricks of many men and so in the case of a hot passion, if they tell you to use a condom, they know, the first thing that will come out from you is, “I don’t have condom”…simple, she carry her own come, oya! take use am.

So for some strange reasons, they always have a condom in their bags…for emergencies.


Women always have hand lotions or body lotions on them, now, you should understand why they keep long in the washroom. In other cases, it helps when they need to give a hand job.

images (9)

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To Be Sincere: The 13 Things Women Do That Ghanaian Guys Don’t Actually Care About

1. The color of your nail polish.

Or lack thereof.
13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

2. Your shoes.


13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

3. Shopping.

There are like a million things we could be doing right now.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

4. Celebrities.

Oh you are famous? Abeg go sit here ____.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

5. Your makeup.

Sure it makes you happy so wear it, as long as you don’t look like your face is painted with my Class 2 crayon we don’t care much.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

6. Stretch marks.

Most of our ladies have it, but we don’t give a lick about them really.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

7. Whether you decide to sleep with him.

Dumping you is not hard koraa. Fact is, if he really likes you then he will see you again whether you sleep with him or not.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

8. How you look when you wake up.

He is going to have an erection so eh.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

9. Necklace.

Only noticeable when it is hanging between your boobs, just being honest here.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

10. If you use the toilet.

Yeah, we like to think that our beautiful women do not excrete themselves, but we know ya’ll do wae.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

11. Designer wear.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

12. If you text him first.

It’s not rocket science, just text him!

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

13. Gossip drama.

Save the drama for yo mama.

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

Just remember, when it comes to guys in this part of town, just be yourself!

13 Things Ghanaian Guy Don't Actually Care About

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment box below…


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Unbelievable Facts About The Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

Thumbnail for 209343

1. You produce about 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime. If you were to save all of that spit, it would fill two swimming pools.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

2. People who dream more tend to have higher IQs.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

3. Your body is hot enough to boil half a gallon of water in just 30 minutes.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

4. A female’s ovaries have just over half a million eggs, but only 400 have the chance to create life.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

5. Men produce about 10 million new sperm every day. Do the math: That’s enough to repopulate the entire planet in six months.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

6. Your heart produces enough energy every day to drive a truck for 32 kilometers.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

7. Excessive body hair is linked to higher IQs.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

8. Your ears and your nose never stop growing.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

9. You have more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

10. An adult human body has 100,000 miles of blood vessels.

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

11. Much like fingerprints, everyone also has a unique tongue print!

Unbelievable Facts About the Human Body Will Blow Your Mind

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11 Things We All Did Growing Up In Ghana – Especially #11

Growing up in Ghana is as raw as there is. We played in the rain, enjoyed each others company, and really just lived!

Here are some of the awesome things we all did as Ghanaian kids!

1. Build something using clay.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

2. Played hopscotch aka. Tumatu.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

3. Veranda football.

Cuz the veranda was our stadium.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

4. Watched Journey to the wesk aka. Shifo with all the neighborhood kids on Sundays.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

5. Saw Diabolo and almost peed in our pants, but saw it anyway.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

6. Made paper replicas of the Captain planet plane and competed during break time in school.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

7. Took cabin biscuit to ‘our day’ aka. last day of school celebration.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

8. Fixed our chalewote by tucking in the strap with the help of a twig; every time we played outdoor games.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

9 .Refresh box drink was our favorite advert and drink!

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

10. Got excited when home phone rang so you could just say ‘hello’.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids

11. Covered all your notebooks with brown paper and your name written boldly on it.

11 Things We All Did As Ghanaian Kids
These are the things we all did as Ghanaian kids and man how we loved every single minute of it. Then times!!! :)

All thanks to omgghana.