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XCLUSIV FOTOS: Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale on stage

Dancehall King Shatta Wale couldn’t resist the seductive dance moves by his female dancers on stage at the Accra Sports Stadium last Sunday December 28, 2014.

The “Enter the Net” hit maker who came on stage wearing boxer shorts lying on a queen size bed with three skimpily dressed ladies, had an erection during his performance.

Even though, patronage for the “Joy Daddy Night with DL” concert was way below expectations, the night saw some memorable moments.

Aside DL and Shatta Wale other artistes who performed on the night include; AB Crentsil, Obrafour, Barima Sidney, Pope Skinny, Edem, KK Fosu and Kaakie with special appearances by Ayeetey Powers, Bukom Banku, Adwoa Smart and Kwaku Manu.

The show was hosted by Koo Fori and Kwame Dzokoto and sponsored by Joy Daddy Bitters.

The bed

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale Gets An Erection On Stage

Shatta Wale


Bukom Banku and Ayeetey Powers

Koo Fori and Kwame Dzokoto




AB Crentsil

KK Fosu

Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/ and Pictures by Edward K. Boateng

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“Atopa” Misidentity…KKD, Next Time; I Beg Run!!


Praise the Lord!!!

Our first bible reading will be taken from Genesis 39 verse 12 and I read:

“…Now it happened one day that he (Joseph) went into the house to do his work and none of the men of the household was there inside. She (Potiphar’s wife) came and grabbed him by his cloak, demanding; ‘Come on, sleep with me!’ Joseph tore himself away and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out.”

Well, this scripture kept running and bubbling inside my head when I suddenly heard one of my most admired role models mess up big time just when most people had over-crowded their church rooms and not bathrooms; singing Christmas carols.

I immediately opened my Facebook and read some interesting comments on some pages, regarding Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, simply called KKD and popularly referred to as “Ghana’s Finest.”

Guess, he’s now Ghana’s hmmmmm…just thinking aloud.

Did KKD really rape a 19 year old? Did KKD really force a 19 year old into having sex with him? I asked myself.

These questions can best be answered if I were at the place the sex incident happened but since I also heard his lawyer, seriously claiming the sex was “consensual”, who am I to answer my own questions?

Did this 19 year old girl shout for help or rather screamed much for more pleasure? Did this 19 year old girl MOURN or MOAN during the sex act?

These questions also can best be answered if only I were the lady in question.

However, just imagine if KKD had gone to Church on that fateful night, sang Christmas Night carols and meditated on John 3:16…”For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son. That whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Good, it didn’t say everlasting sex…that would result in rape!

Imagine how KKD’s entire reputation would not have been so much debased by all the critics on social media. Imagine if he had not been anywhere near a hotel, left alone a hotel bathroom, on that fateful day.

LOL…no wonder a friend of mine wrote on his Facebook page that he always wears “Kalashnikov boxers and only visit the male side of bathrooms and keep a mountain summit distance from 19-year olds with more sass than the constitution should permit in this country.”

My imaginations are not yet complete.

Imagine KKD had not seen the nakedness of this 19 year old beauty. Hmmmm…but like King David and Bathsheba; KKD fell for the apple and ate it with much delight.

Now, enough of KKD’s sexcapades!

A 19 year old girl is mature and capable of voting for the President of Ghana. Ain’t she? She is mature and capable of marrying. Ain’t she? Who forced her into the hotel?

Did she make a decision to go to the hotel where she definitely knew the man, KKD, was absolutely present?

I must say this is not to defend anybody here but like a friend of mine said, “people have got to take responsibility for their actions.”

Though the law may treat a 19 year old as a minor, I don’t think it can deny the fact that this 19 year old is old enough to think for herself.

Was she drugged? I think even the devil will not be blamed for this sexual act.

Again, I’m not justifying any person’s act. Rather, I’m just gathering my thoughts from my imaginative faculty.

Just right after KKD was apprehended by the Airport Police Command; several ladies have also emerged out of nowhere but somewhere alleging rape cases against this dude.

So, all these ladies are victims and they remained silent for years just to wait for a time to shoot their gun? Why didn’t any of them do what this 19 year old girl has honorably done? Simply report to the Police…

Am I then to assume they enjoyed the sex or they just didn’t think it was proof enough to nail him to the wall?

Indeed King David even fell for it when he saw Bathsheba nude and alone. King Solomon didn’t want trouble; so he had 1000 women to warm his bed. Though at the end; it destroyed him. President Bill Clinton fell for Monica Lewinsky and it cost his Presidency.


KKD; if only there will be a ‘Next Time’…Next time, I beg behave as Joseph.


Now, where is my Hymnal?

Dear Reader, let’s open our hymnal to Methodist hymn 112: “How sweet the name of Jesus sounds” – Now sing with me…

Off to church, good bye and have a wonderful rape-free day!


Source: Ameyaw Adu Gyamfi

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I Did Not Steal Mzbel’s Boyfriend – Says Nana Ama McBrown


Talented actress Nana Ama McBrown has finally reacted to accusations that she snatched her boyfriend Maxwell Mensah from musician Mzbel.

The award-winning actress on Pluzz FM in an interview with Sammy Flex on Friday made it clear that she has never in her life snatched any man from another woman but the men rather run after her.

The rumor of Nana Ama McBrown stealing Mzbel’s boyfriend gained roots after the actress was seen hanging around with Maxwell three months after he dumped Mzbel.

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How Women “Dry” their Privates with Bleach to increase pleasure for Men


Some women in Central Africa, South Africa, and Indonesia go through harmful practices to “dry” their vag*nas because of a cultural belief that doing so increases the sexual pleasure of men they sleep with.

According to Daily Mail, these women insert materials like sand, chalk, pulverized rock, herbs, sponges, or paper before sexual intercourse. In addition, they douse their privates in bleach, alcohol, detergents, antiseptics. Women in Java, Indonesia are said to “smoke out” their privates, by standing over burning 

In addition to the belief that the practice will give men pleasure, it is also believed that the dryness will make the vagina firmer, as men are thought to reject women whose privates have been “stretched out” due to s#x.

However, drying makes intercourse extremely painful for the females, and can lead to cuts, sores and inflammation in the vag*na, and increases the likelihood of condoms breaking. This in turn puts the women at a higher risk for contracting HIV.

Speaking on the practice, a South African doctor named Marlene Wa​sserman, says:

“It’s definitely a class issue. Basically, a woman’s reputation depends on the size of her vag*na. Among women who are less informed and less educated, there’s an unbelievable ignorance around the idea the vagina adapts to the penis.

There is also an incorrect cultural belief that if a woman has a partner with a large penis, her vag*na will remain permanently ‘stretched’ – and future partners will think she is promiscuous.”

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5 Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana


Boys and girls nyinaa abr3!

In the economy that we have found ourselves in, in Ghana, everyone is looking for ways to pull in a little bit of extra money to support their lifestyle.

Some turn their talents and expertise into a second source of income, providing consulting services on the side while holding on to their full-time jobs.

But all who call themselves successful share similar characteristic: a rock-solid work ethic and a willingness to roll up their sleeves. If you count yourself among them, the following money-making opportunities might help give you the raise you deserve.

1. Share knowledge for profits

Use what you know and know how-to-do to create a side business you can engage in at nights or weekends. Can you speak French? Are you good at math, science? Start a tutoring gig with the kids in your community. Cake decorating, wedding photography, really the opportunities are endless and those who can stand out can generate an extra 1000 GHC a month.

If you are handy you can double that amount with computers. Web and Graphic designers charge anywhere from GHC 500 to several thousands of cedis to create websites for companies.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

2. Speak for success

There is a reason why public speaking is everywhere in Ghana. Why not get in on the fun? Get over the hump of being shy and flat out afraid of public speaking. Politicians and celebrities rake in hefty amount of speaking gigs around the country. However, you and i can make enough to cover up our monthly expenses, but you have to bring something refreshing to the table. Don’t worry if you have to start speaking for free, look at the bigger picture.

Look within you to find your areas of expertise and start developing your message, do no limit yourself to the cliche financial workshops and motivational gibberish.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

3. Create passive income

If you want financial freedom, you will have to go after passive sources of income, which simple is investing to generate wealth with little to no involvements from you. Eg: profits for business partnerships.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

4. Rent your things

This is something that people just don’t think about in our part of the world. Your possessions can help supplement your income. Just keep it to those in your community, you can rent out your tools, appliances to those wanting to use them without having to buy.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

5. Office cleaning

If you’re naturally tidy, you might find the idea of office cleaning an appealing option. Banks, schools, business offices are willing to pay for a little extra help in organizing their space.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

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15 Foods For Healthy Hair

Beautiful and healthy hair is usually a result of a healthy diet and a healthy body in general. If your body misses some of the essential nutrients, it can lead to hair problems like dryness, dandruff, brittleness or even hair loss. However, there are some foods that can improve the condition of your hair. Have in mind that hair is largely made up of protein. Therefore, foods that are rich in protein are definitely good for the health of your hair. Besides healthy food, exercising, getting enough sleep and reducing stress can also make your hair look and feel better. This is the list of 15 foods that will make your hair look more fabulous than ever and maximize your hair growth potential!


1. Eating carbohydrates is an essential source of energy for your body, but also it will help the growth of your hair. It is recommended that around 50-60 % of your daily calories come from eating carbohydrates. Therefore, you should eat more complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits, brown rice and whole grains, instead of simple sugars and food based on white flours. Food rich in complex carbohydrates is a source of B complex vitamins, and these vitamins are very important for the health of your hair. So get rid of the junk food and start eating carbohydrates in order to make your hair grow stronger.


2. As we have already mentioned, protein is essential to hair. That being said, try involving as much protein in your diet as you can. According to some studies, a diet for healthier hair should make up at least 20 % of your daily calories. Thanks to the protein diet, your hair becomes stringer and chances of hair fall are reduced. If you don’t eat enough protein, your hair will become more prone to snapping and splitting. Not to mention that inadequate protein intake actually has a great impact on major hair losses in future. So invest in your hair today and change your diet to more protein, which will affect the texture and the quality of your hair in general.


3. One of the ingredients your health diet must contain are essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are very good to brittle hair because they improve hair texture. These fatty acids usually come from vegetable oils, legumes, fresh nuts, oil seeds, whole grains, spirulina, flaxseed oil and pumpkin seeds. But don’t exaggerate. About 15-20 % of your daily calories should come from these sources in order to maintain healthy amounts of nutrients in your body. Keep in mind that exaggerating is as harmful as neglecting, so balance is the key to healthy body and mind.


4. Food rich in the different B vitamins will ensure that your hair does not split and it will influence the overall health of your body tissue. Foods rich in vitamin B are beans, lentils, whole grains, many fresh fruits and vegetables but especially tomatoes and citrus fruits. Also, biotin rich foods are brown rice, green peas, oats, cracked wheat, lentils, soybeans, sunflower seeds and walnuts. Deficiency of B complex vitamins has been linked to hair loss. Besides this, if you don’t incorporate enough vitamin B in your daily diet, your hair might get more greasy, you will notice dandruff, hair loss and even gray hair.


5. Vitamin C is of course very important for your hair. It has a positive impact on circulation, hair color and hair growth. By eating enough vitamin C you improve the strength of your hair and you reduce the splitting ends. Vitamin C is a very important antioxidant for the human body. It promotes cell and tissue repair besides improving the immune system. For more vitamin C try citrus fruits like oranges, lime, berries, lemon and vegetables like cucumber, tomato, brussel sprouts, red peppers, cauliflower and green leafy vegetables. Putting some lemon juice on your hair will make it brighter, according to some people so next time you are on the beach try putting some vitamin C directly on your hair if you want it brighter.


6. Foods rich in iron help to carry oxygen to the hair. And oxygen is essential for the health of our cells. If your body misses iron, hair and its follicles are literally starved of oxygen. This makes all the good parts of the root of your hair much less effective along the length of the strand. In order to increase the iron intake, you should eat more dark green vegetables like spinach, whole grains, garden cress seeds. Another way to take iron is by adding iron supplements. However, be careful to do this only under professional supervision.


7.  Zinc is very important for the health of your hair because it builds hair protein. Therefore, it has an essential role in maintaining good condition and looks of your hair. Zinc has a stimulating effect on hair growth by improving immunity of your whole body. If you don’t take enough zinc into your organism, your hair will grow slower and you may experience some hair loss. You can find zinc in legumes, mushrooms, spinach, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. So besides being very good for your hair growth, zinc is actually very good for your whole body (nails especially).


8. Water makes one fourth of a strand hair. Therefore, hydration is vital for the supple hair. It is also essential for detoxification and elimination of all chemical wastes and other bad stuff in our bodies. This means that water is not only good for hydrating our bodies, it is also very good for our hair since it makes hair silky and shiny. It is recommended that we drink between eight and ten glasses of water a day. So try drinking as much fluids as you (and your bladder) can, because the moisture is very important when it comes to maintaining your hair strong, healthy and beautiful.


9. Certain lifestyle changes can improve you health more than you think. Living healthy and trying to avoid as much stress as you can will not only put your body into a better condition, but you will also notice that your hair looks better than ever. One of these lifestyle changes you can make is to exercise regularly in order to ensure that proper amounts of blood flow right to your scalp which enhances the hair growth. Also, try avoiding unnecessary brushing and combing. Treat your hair delicately and use softer bristles brushes. Be sure to get plenty of rest which will allow your body to grow hair. And of course, make a good and healthy food plan.


10. Healthy food plan should be consisted of quality ingredients that will make you feel and look better. So try eating healthy during the whole day and you will see how your body changes to better, including your hair. For breakfast, try drinking soy or skim milk and eat a bowl of fresh fruit or whole grain bread. For lunch you can choose between green veggies, fresh vegetable soup, tofu and brown rice. Snacks are also allowed! Instead of chips, try eating kurmura or roasted channa or even popcorn! For dinner, your menu should include more vegetables, chapati, buttermilk and fresh veggie soup or a nice fresh salad with sprouts. With this kind of menu your whole body will start looking better, including your hair!


11. You probably haven’t heard so much about vitamin K. But the truth is, this lesser known vitamin is very important for maintaining healthy hair. Foods that have vitamin K are figs, dairy foods, asparagus and broccoli. You can also find significant amounts of vitamin K in lettuce, brussel sprouts, cabbage, dark green leafy vegetables but also in  oatmeal, rye, wheat and yogurt!  Vitamin K will have a positive impact on the overall condition of your hair- it will become more shiny and the ends won’t split so much.


12. If you want your hair to look better, try to avoid junk food as much as you can. It is hard to stop eating junk food for good, especially if you are somehow addicted to it, but you should take baby steps in getting rid of this unhealthy food. Not only that junk food has no nutrients at all, it also makes you more anxious and therefore- more stressed. Hair fall is often caused by anxiety, insomnia, too much hair abuse and use of chemicals. Bleaching treatments, perming and coloring have negative impact on your hair as well. But if dying your hair is the part of your style, try avoiding junk food for starters.


13. Try to avoid sugar. This one may sound too harsh, but the truth is- sugar is not doing any good to your hair. On the contrary, sugar is highly acidic, which destroys B vitamins and decreases minerals, which eventually leads to bad hair condition. Also, soft drinks and snacks that are fried or overcooked also have detrimental effects on your hair. Sugar is also present in alcohol drinks and in most drinks with coffee. You should avoid caffeine and nicotine if you want your hair to grow faster and to be silkier than ever. Finally don’t forget- we are what we eat.


14. Magnesium is one of the minerals that is very important for hair growth. Magnesium is generally vital for the overall functioning of our health system. Among other things, magnesium is very good for your heart. If you don’t take enough magnesium you will probably feel a bit sleepy and tired. So be sure to include foods like whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts, pulses, fruits and dairy products in order to ensure a healthy hair growth.


15. And the last, but not the least important among the vitamins, vitamin A! Vitamin A is actually essential for a healthy scalp. Beta-carotene which is found in green and yellow vegetables, sweet potatoes, broccoli and apricots i very good for our sight, skin, hair and nails. Many cosmetic products for skin, hair and nails consist beta-carotene, including SPF creams. Besides these reasons, vitamin A is vital for hair growth as well. Therefore, if you want your hair to look shinier and to grow faster, eat more carrots and apricots,

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15 Foods That People Refrigerate But Shouldn’t

Modern way of life helps us conserve our food easily. The whole point of having a large refrigerating systems is not having to think about food going bad two days after we spent money on buying it. However, there are some types of food that shouldn’t be stored in refrigerator because your food will change flavor. The worst case scenario is when your refrigerator alters the quality of the food you store in it. There are even some cases when storing food makes it moldy faster. This is the list of foods you definitely should not refrigerate!


1. Tomatoes definitely do not belong to your fridge because they will lose their flavor. The reason for this is the cold air in the refrigerator that stops their ripening process and therefore their flavor is endangered. Also, cold air has an impact in the texture of tomatoes because it breaks down the membranes inside the tomatoes and turns them mealy. The best way to keep your tomatoes is in a basket or a glass bowl on the kitchen counter.


2. The biggest problem with keeping basil in the fridge is that he will absorb all the smells of the food that surrounds it. Instead, try keeping it outside the fridge, in a cup of fresh water. If you really need to keep the basil for a longer period of time, try some of the freezing tips for basil on the internet.


3. There is a big misunderstanding with keeping potatoes in a cool and not cold place. Cold temperatures turn the starch of potato into sugar more quickly than you think. Try putting potatoes in a paper bag in a cool and dark place in your home instead. It is better to put potatoes in paper and not plastic bags because  potatoes can receive more air in paper bags, which will slow the deterioration process.


4. Garlic has the same problem with fridge that potatoes have. You should keep it in a cool and dark place instead of the fridge. In cold temperatures, garlic will start to sprout and it may become moldy too.


5. The moisture in onions makes them soft and eventually moldy of you put them in the fridge. Instead, keep them in a dry, cool and dark place. However, keep potatoes and onions separate when placing them in that dark and cool place at your home. The reason for this is because when stored together- onions and potatoes deteriorate faster.


6. There’s a catch with keeping avocados in the fridge. If you bought them ripe and you don’t need to use them right away, they can go to fridge. However, if you want your avocados to ripen, don’t put them in the refrigerator. The cold air will stop the ripening.


7. Most of people agree on this one- do not put your olive oil in the fridge. In low temperatures the olive oil condenses and turns into a harder consistency, similar to butter. Instead, keep your favorite olive oil in a cool and dark place.


8. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with keeping your food fresh is to put bread in the fridge. You should keep bread out on the counter because the fridge will dry out your bread very quickly. Generally, the bread that you will eat in the next four days should be sliced and ready to be eaten and the rest should be frozen. Be sure to wrap the bread in the freezer so it keeps its moisture. Also, when removing it from the freezer, let it thaw slowly and completely before you toast it or eat it.


9. Coffee will lose its flavor when put in the refrigerator. Just like basil, it may take on some smells of other food in the fridge. Instead, you should store coffee in a dark and cool place so it retains its freshness and full flavor. However, you can store larger quantities of coffee in the freezer!


10.  You should not keep honey in the fridge because- there is no need to if you keep it tightly sealed. This way it will be good forever. On the other hand, if you keep honey in refrigerator it may crystalize.


11. Lemons, oranges and limes should be stored at room temperatures and on your kitchen counter. Cold air can damage the quality of these fruits. Be sure not to keep them too closely outside the fridge, though. Keeping them to tight together can make them mold more quickly.


12. Pickles are high in preservatives, mainly vinegar. This makes them crisp even when you leave them in the pantry. However, if you demand your pickles cold, you should store them in the refrigerator door, because you leave the coldest places if the fridge for some items that need them more than pickles do.


13. There is actually no need to place those nice herbs you bought at the market in the fridge. Instead of killing its flavor in cold temperatures, place them in a water-filled glass jar and keep them on the kitchen counter. This way your kitchen will look nicer and your herbs will appreciate it too.


14. Most salad dressings, just like other condiments, can be stored outside the refrigerator, especially ones that are vinegar or oil based. Have in mind that salad dressings that are cream, mayo or yogurt based should be kept in the fridge.


15. Don’t be surprised! Even when opened, ketchup can be kept in the pantry. Because it contains large amounts of vinegar and preservatives, it will not go off outside the fridge. And if you don’t believe us, just think of the ketchup packets at fast food restaurants.