5 Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

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Boys and girls nyinaa abr3!

In the economy that we have found ourselves in, in Ghana, everyone is looking for ways to pull in a little bit of extra money to support their lifestyle.

Some turn their talents and expertise into a second source of income, providing consulting services on the side while holding on to their full-time jobs.

But all who call themselves successful share similar characteristic: a rock-solid work ethic and a willingness to roll up their sleeves. If you count yourself among them, the following money-making opportunities might help give you the raise you deserve.

1. Share knowledge for profits

Use what you know and know how-to-do to create a side business you can engage in at nights or weekends. Can you speak French? Are you good at math, science? Start a tutoring gig with the kids in your community. Cake decorating, wedding photography, really the opportunities are endless and those who can stand out can generate an extra 1000 GHC a month.

If you are handy you can double that amount with computers. Web and Graphic designers charge anywhere from GHC 500 to several thousands of cedis to create websites for companies.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

2. Speak for success

There is a reason why public speaking is everywhere in Ghana. Why not get in on the fun? Get over the hump of being shy and flat out afraid of public speaking. Politicians and celebrities rake in hefty amount of speaking gigs around the country. However, you and i can make enough to cover up our monthly expenses, but you have to bring something refreshing to the table. Don’t worry if you have to start speaking for free, look at the bigger picture.

Look within you to find your areas of expertise and start developing your message, do no limit yourself to the cliche financial workshops and motivational gibberish.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

3. Create passive income

If you want financial freedom, you will have to go after passive sources of income, which simple is investing to generate wealth with little to no involvements from you. Eg: profits for business partnerships.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

4. Rent your things

This is something that people just don’t think about in our part of the world. Your possessions can help supplement your income. Just keep it to those in your community, you can rent out your tools, appliances to those wanting to use them without having to buy.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

5. Office cleaning

If you’re naturally tidy, you might find the idea of office cleaning an appealing option. Banks, schools, business offices are willing to pay for a little extra help in organizing their space.

Ways To Increase Your Income In Ghana

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