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All You Need To Know About The Air Force One, US Presidential Jet Vs. Ghana’s Presidential Jet – Photos


Every country’s president has the luxury to fly in and out of his country in a private jet.

But in the United States, their presidential jet is not just any jet but a full spec jet, customized to not just fly their President but protect him from any attacks.

With the help of the photos below, here is all you need to know about President Obama’s Air Force One.

Are presidential jets of African leaders “pimped” like this? Check below for Ghana’s presidential jet.

Check out Ghana’s presidential jet below;

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The Top 10 Coolest Cars In Ghana Right Now


Don’t be fooled. Despite the current hardship in Ghana, there are still some ridiculously rich people in the country.

(I’m sure you’ve all seen the list of the richest people in Ghana)

We’ve managed to sample some of the most expensive cars in Ghana that have made a trip to Auto Jewelling, the number 1 premium detailing and body shop in the country.

Feast your eyes on these beauties.

1. Aston Martin v12 Vanquish.


2. Rolls Royce Wraith


3. Rolls Royce Ghost


4. Bentley Mulsanne


5. Maserati Grand Turismo


6. Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead


5. Maserati Grand Turismo


6. Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead



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Small Penis? Don’t Worry Koraa, Science Says Length Isn’t Really All That Important

penis__Most guys worry that their penises aren’t big enough

However, a new study titled “What is a Good Looking Penis” shows women only rank length as the sixth most vital characteristic when determining whether or not they’re attracted to guys’ penises.

Doctors from the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland conducted the study published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The doctors originally set out to determine whether or not women could identify penises that had undergone surgery for hypospadias (which affects the overall size and the urethra) from ones that had not. However, they decided to also unveil what women constitute as a good-looking penis.

small penis

The research was collected by having 105 women of different age groups (16-20, 25-30 and 40-45) fill out questionnaires about their sexualities, ages and what was important to them when it comes to penises.

Women rated the importance of eight aspects of a penis — penile length, penile girth, position and shape of the meatus (urethra), shape of glans, appearance of scrotum, shape of penile skin, appearance of pubic hair and general cosmetic appearance — on a scale of 1 (very unimportant) to 5 (very important).

The results revealed most women couldn’t tell if a penis had undergone surgery, and as women aged and became more sexually mature, they were more accepting of the procedure.

As for what a woman cares about in a penis, the most important factor is its general cosmetic appearance, and the least important is the position and shape of the meatus.

Here’s a table with detailed results.

So, boys, next time someone tries to tease you about your dick being small, just remember it’s only the sixth most important aspect of what makes it attractive.

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Don’t Swim In Public Pools! They’re Full Of Poop & Urine.


That sparkling blue water looks cool and inviting on a hot Ghanaian weekend

But do you really know what you’re getting when you dive into a pool such as this?


Let’s try pee and poop for starters. And if you think chlorine totally protects you from that and other yucky stuff, think again.

People believe that the water is sterile because it’s a pool with chlorine in it, but the reality is as soon as you stick a human body in water, it’s no longer sterile. There are bacteria and germs that can get in the water,” says Thomas Lachocki, PhD, CEO of the National Swimming Pool Foundation , USA.

Those bacteria and germs which come from you and your fellow swimmers, can make it harder for chlorine to do its job.

One major culprit: urine. The true reason swimmers get red, irritated eyes is not the chlorine itself, but from a reaction caused when pee mixes with chlorine, Lachocki says.

When chlorine is battling urine and other wastes, it loses the ability to fully protect us from other lingering pool germs, says Michele Hlavsa, RN, MPH, chief of the CDC’s Healthy Swimming Program.

The chlorine is busy mixing with what we bring into the water, and there is less chlorine to kill the germs. We are kind of using up the chlorine with what’s washing off of our bodies,” Hlavsa says.

Studies show the average person brings into the pool:

  • 0.14 grams of poop
  • One or two coke cans’ worth of sweat
  • One cup of pee
  • And billions of skin microbes

Pool water can also carry diseases such as norovirus, E. coli, and legionella. Chlorine kills those, but in the small window of time before the germs die, swallowing even a small amount of water can make you sick.

But cryptosporidium, a type of parasite found in diarrhea, can survive in chlorinated water for up to 10 days and make you sick for weeks.

So there you have it, anytime you think of going swimming, think twice.


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Government airlifts cash to pay junior doctors

An undisclosed amount of cash will be sent by plane to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) to pay outstanding debts to junior doctors, according to government sources.

The latest development in this unpaid salaries row comes only a few days after the junior doctors handed over negotiations to former Black Stars player Sulley Muntari- a man who has acquired extensive experience in the recovery of unpaid salaries from his time with the national football team. It also brings back memories of government’s bizarre decision to send a plane containing more than $3m in cash to Brazil to pay members of the national team during the group stages of last year’s World Cup.

The 91 junior doctors who have already attempted to pitch camp outside the Controller and Accountant General’s Department say they have not received any pay since September 2014.

A government spokesman communicating via his Facebook page- which doubles as the government’s official communications and propaganda channel said “a private jet belonging to a friend of the government will be used to dispatch the cash from some big man’s secret bank account to the CAGD.”

A spokesman for the junior doctors said they “insisted they want physical cash” since government has, on several occasions, failed to honour it promise to pay the doctors’ salaries into their bank accounts.


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Government bans light plastic materials


Government has finally placed a ban on light plastic materials with less than 20 microns (one millionth of a metre in terms of density): such as ones used in packaging sugar, gari and porridge.

The ban takes effect from November 1, Minister of Environment, Innovation Science and Technology, Mahama Ayariga has announced.

Manufacturers of these plastic bags, he said, must ensure that all products that do not meet the standards are disposed of before the November deadline.

“We have placed a ban on up to 20 microns. Nobody can manufacture plastic products of below 20 microns,” he said.

He further stated: “Every plastic that is produced for packaging, you have to put a biodegradable material in it so that the plastic that would be produced would be biodegradable.”

Mahama Ayariga insisted, “after 90 days [starting from August 1] no plastic should be in the market unless it is biodegradable.”

“The ones that they put Gari, kulikuli, those products – the plain, transparent ones – you see that they are so light and when the wind blows they float, it’s because they have very low microns and they are so light so managing it is so difficult so we need to increase the micron level.”

This forms part of government’s efforts at addressing the sanitation challenges the country is grappling with.

President John Mahama early this month warned that Ghana may be forced to take after the example of Rwanda and completely ban the use of plastics if the polluting effects of the non-biodegradable substance is not contained.

But the Environmental Service Providers Association was concerned about health implications of the ban and the loss of jobs.

Ghana was recently rated the 7th dirtiest country in the world due to its poor sanitary conditions, and this followed a recent deadly flood in Accra attributed to poor and choked drainage system.

Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur following the disaster has been pushing for a national debate on the usage of plastic materials in the country.

According to him, it has become imperative for a national consensus to be built on the use of the polythene product.

The insanitary condition in the country, according to some experts, are to a large extent being exacerbated by the unbridled disposal of waste, particularly, plastics.

Environmentalists have been debating the effect of plastic products in Ghana, especially in choked gutters. They believe it was one of the major causes of the recent flood in the country which led to the death of over 150 people.
Meanwhile, Mr. Ayariga said what is still under discussion is “the length within which the product should not degrade and beyond which it automatically degrades into the environment. Plastic manufacturers according to him have been engaged extensively to capture their inputs and they are satisfied with the decisions that have been taken so far.”


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Top sex positions women enjoy

 Lap dance

Most women love being on top for one simple reason: it makes them feel like they’re in charge, and power is always a heady aphrodisiac. Being on top is not limited to one style, however.

If you’re old-school, lie on your back and have her straddle your waist before lowering herself onto you; don’t forget to lend her some support by holding her hips while she rides you.

If your woman doesn’t enjoy this style, it’s likely for one of two reasons: she may feel overexposed during the act, or her legs might be a bit too short to pull it off comfortably. The easy fix for this dilemma? Move to the sofa. Sit yourself down, lean back and pull her astride you.

This is definitely one of the sex positions women enjoy because it allows her to brace herself against the back of the couch, giving her excellent leverage to ride you to orgasm. She can even brace herself with one hand, leaving the other free to play with her clit.

Sex position savvy: It may be tempting to just sit back and enjoy the scenery, but if you’d like to really rock her world, tease her breasts and nipples with your tongue and trace the curve of her waist with your fingers; these moves will magnify her pleasure.

The comfort zone

More commonly known as the missionary position, the comfort zone is not to be overlooked; nor should any man ignore its tremendous potential for scorching hot sex. Yes, it can also be boring if only you refuse to add spice to it or you are lacking passion and creativity.

The comfort zone is one of the top sex positions women enjoy, and for good reason too: the permutations for pleasure are virtually endless, and none of them involve discomfort or the skills of a gymnast.

Take charge: Lay her down on the bed, spread her legs apart by sliding your knee between her thighs, place her wrists above her head and show her what you’re made of. Women love displays of dominance in the bedroom, and this one can be either subtle or overt.

Sex position savvy: Take it to the next level by talking dirty to her. Bring your lips close to her ear and whisper what you’re going to do to her; let her know she’ll be screaming your name before it’s over.

Stand at ‘erection’

This sexual position women enjoy is pretty self-evident in the title: your woman is going to sit on a surface (table, raised platform, etc), that stands level with your waist, and then you’re going to penetrate her as deeply as you possibly can.

The further her legs are spread apart, the better, and you can maximise this by drawing her legs around your waist. This will place her vagina directly against your groin, and will make deep thrusting incredibly easy for you, thereby increasing her odds of having a G-spot orgasm.

Where can you put this sexual position women enjoy to good use? Try the kitchen counter, the bathroom counter, the washing machine, the piano, the hood of your car – get as naughty as you like.

Sex position savvy: Some men come relatively quickly in this position, thanks to it’s deep-thrusting potential. Don’t be afraid to slow down and take a break to get yourself back under control. Use that time to stimulate her clitoris and bring her closer to the edge. When you start thrusting again, she’ll be just as ready as you are.

Spooning it

The spoon position makes for fabulous sex, and it’s really no wonder that it’s on this list of sexual positions women enjoy. A woman loves the feel of a man’s chest against her back, she loves the feel of your arms wrapped around her and she loves the feel of being penetrated from behind.

She especially enjoys it in the spoon position, because it’s incredibly comfortable and still allows you to play with her breasts and clitoris, which, frankly, most women can never get enough of.

Slide behind your woman, pull her bottom backward against your groin, and slip her top leg over your hip, drawing it slightly backward as you do so. Having her thighs spread apart like this will make her feel deliciously naughty and she’ll probably arch her body to give you even further access.

This is a very comfortable sexual position women enjoy, and you can expect a great deal of moaning to ensue.

Sex position savvy: Take advantage of this position by reaching around and stimulating her clitoris, and don’t forget to talk dirty to her as you do; this is one of the best positions for pillow talk.

Stoop doggy dog

You may be surprised to see doggy style making the list, but it really is one of the sexual positions women enjoy. That said, the doggy style you see in the average porn movie isn’t really what we’re talking about here: we’re after something a bit more intimate and far more pleasurable.

Yes, women do like being bent forward on all fours and taken from behind, but they like it even more when you bend forward as well, sliding your fingers between her thighs and toying with her clit.

And women simply love it when you switch things up by pulling them into a kneeling position while you continue to thrust deeply. Women definitely enjoy doggy style, as long as they aren’t made to feel like objects.

Sex position savvy: While bending forward, gently nip your woman’s shoulders with your teeth; this area is very sensitive and most women enjoy being nibbled there, as it greatly intensifies the sexual pleasure.