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It is unfortunate that in Ghana here HARD FACTS are concelled and falsehood allowed.In every Institutions,orginzations and groups or societies,there are rules and regulations but journalists both print and electronics instead of studying and educating their readers and listeners rather prefer to feed them with falsehood.IT IS IN THE GFA RULES BLACK AND WHITE,what befalls a club that fields an unregistered player.I would wish a radio presenter be bold to read the portion about the above.likewise a sports writer publishes that article in his or her paper for every one to read to stop the insults..

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Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Tiwuii on the part of the management of kumasi asante kotoko is first class naivety. Always bluffing and making unnecessary noise without reading the laws that governs the game. All those kotoko supporters crying foul u can go and burn the sea. Remember Charles Taylors saga, ur protest will dwindle….

Comments from some Kotoko Fans

  1. Name: richie
    Kotoko should go to court and place an injuncyion on the league. Is the elite cup competition organised by mosquitoes or antelopes from the bush? is it not a tournament organised by GFA? what kind jungle are we leaving in. I would entreat management of kotoko to go all out and make sure the right thing is done for justice to prevail. And to hearts of oak, win your matches on the field and stop manipulating the GFA to amass dubious points. To the GFA president, stop focusing your attention too much on the black stars and make the local attractive. You are too money conscious. You have sold your mind for money. Reason up and stop the s.t.u.p.1.d things going on in the local league. Posterity will judge you and executives of hearts of oak. I am not a kotoko fan though, but, what has happened is a disgrace to you, hearts and footbal in Ghana as a whole. GFA is not the property of hearts.

2. Name: enemies to the Ashanti kingdom

they say a woman who does not have s man. our leaders have sold their consciences to northerers n ewes .so every          id00t will insult the Ashanti. they hate any good thing from Ashanti that is why this ***barred word*** judgement

3. Name: Efo Emma -HO
joke of the century. do you think we will sit down for this to happen to kotoko? tweaaa apuuu

4. Name: kofi
after trying thuggery and juju to win a match but could not succedd, hearts now resort to shameful conspiracy to                   get cheap points. and this certainly will not wash. otherwise kotoko will pull out of any football competition in                            ghana. afterall we live without football

To my Kotoko fans

This is not tribal issue.myopic minds always find ways to manipulate matches are not between asantes and Northerner ewes pls.young man,you were not around when on TWO OCCASIONS,KOTOKO WERE DECLARED WINNERS BY ABRIDGING THE LEAGUE TO ENABLE GHANA SUBMIT IT REPRESENTATIVE TO AFRICA.No tribal issue came out then.WHY NOW?We were then civilized.IN GHANA HERE,THE TEAM THAT HAD WON THE LEAGUE MOST ON COMPETITIVE BASIS IS HEARTS OF OAK.Go to the achives and check..

Can wait to listen to division one results next season …..

Ghana Division One League Results

RTU 2-1 Bazooka, Baba Yara Stadium

Bofoakwa Tano 0-1 Unity FC, Bekwai Park

Amidaus Professionals 1-1  Kumasi Asante Kotoko                

Danbort 0-1 King Solomon, Robert Mensah Stadium

Kumasi Asante Kotoko 10: 2 Akim Fresh boys

Istanbul 2 : 1 Kumasi Asante Kotoko 

Kumasi Asante Kotoko 2:1 Kropa Youngsters

Bye ooooooh……‪#‎RelegatedKotoko‬


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