Ladies: 14 Uncomfortable Questions You Should Never Ask A Guy You Intend To Be With

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Women are, admittedly, quite the inquisitive bunch.

They always want to know things, especially if it’s about the guy they’re dating.

Whether it’s by snooping, by spying or by outright asking, they always seem to find a way to learn what they want to know. The problem with this though is that, sometimes they ask some questions that are better off not asked.

Due to their insistence on knowing anything and everything, they may sometimes put a man off. There are a couple of questions that they ask innocently enough, but from a man’s point of view, they’re quite uncomfortable to answer.

If you’re the type of woman who refuses to give up without getting an answer from your guy, then this trait of yours can easily irk him. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some awkward questions that some women love to ask, but may be uncomfortable for men to answer.

#1 How big is it?

You know what we’re talking about. If you don’t know how big it is, then we assume you haven’t seen it. So why would you ask a guy how big his package is if you’re not even intimate yet? Is this some sort of qualifying question? If he answers with anything less than seven inches, would you dump him? Really, don’t ask. Just find out when you’re at that stage in your relationship.

#2 How many women have you slept with?

The problem with this question is that you may not always get an honest answer. A guy may give you a number based on two things. One, he doesn’t want to give too big a number for fear that you’ll think he’s some sort of womanizer. And two, he wouldn’t want to give too small a number for fear that you’ll start to wonder why he wasn’t able to sleep with more women.

#3 Do you always have women over at your place?

Not only does this sound accusing, but again, it’s hard to be honest with this question. If you ask a guy this question, he’ll start to wonder why you asked. Is it because his place is so testosterone-filled? Is it because it looks like the kind of pad a womanizing bachelor would keep? Even if you’re just asking it innocently, it might already trigger alarm bells in your guy’s mind.

#4 What are you thinking?

This is a pet peeve among many guys, especially when it’s asked right after sex. What do you want him to say? He just had sex with you, sure, but his mind is bound to wander away to other non-you related things.

He might have to make something up off the bat just so you won’t get disappointed when he says anything less than how much he loves you or how good that session was!

#5 Anything about his masturbatory habits.

Let’s face it, guys jack off. Even if they have a girlfriend, they may sometimes feel the need to adjust the antenna for their own satisfaction. With that said, they’re not always too proud of this for fear that you might think your sexual prowess isn’t enough. Asking about it is just going to make him uncomfortable!

#6 Have you ever been attracted to another guy?

It’s okay if your guy is attracted to the male form, that doesn’t make him any less decent. But the thing is, if he wanted to talk about it, it should be at his own volition and not because you asked.

#7 Do you think [name of your female friend] is hot?

If you ask this, you’re just putting him on the spot! On one hand, he wouldn’t want to make it seem like he has the hots for one of your friends. On the other hand, he wouldn’t want to say no for fear that it might come off as insulting to your friend. There’s really no winning with this question.

#8 Which of your friends do you like the least?

Now you’re just asking him to tell you which of his friends he doesn’t like. Just making him think about it would make him feel like he’s about to betray a guy friend simply to satisfy your curiosity. If you’re insisting in finding out which one of his guy friends he’s not that close to, say “Which one of your friends do you hang out with the least?” That should take the edge off this barbed question.

#9 Have you ever cheated/Would you cheat on me?

Do you really expect a guy to answer this question? If he’s totally honest with you and would like to come clean to you, he’ll admit that he has cheated before. And as for asking if he’ll ever cheat on you, of course he’ll say no! If he says yes, you’ll probably dump him there and then!

#10 What are your exes like?

For guys, when something is over, it’s over. It won’t merit another thought unless absolutely necessary. When you ask this question, you’re making the little clerk in his brain go to a dusty old cabinet in the back of his mind, pick out the files for his exes and divulge whatever he can retrieve. You may just be looking to find out if any of them are potential threats, but he’ll probably tell you in his own time. Just be patient.

#11 How much money do you make?

You may probably already be able to deduce if he’s well off based on where he lives, how he carries himself and what kind of job he has. But do you still need a specific number? How much money a guy makes won’t be your business unless you’re either engaged or about to share your finances.

#12 When do you think we’ll get married?

If you ever want a guy to run the other way, this is the question that’s going to get the job done. A seemingly innocent question like this not only puts him on the spot, it practically forces him to promise when he’ll walk down the aisle with you. He may not even be completely sure it’s you he wants to see walking down the aisle yet!

#13 What do you want to change about me?

Are you just begging your guy to start criticizing you? If he says that he doesn’t want to change anything, it may not be completely true. However, whatever it is that he wants to change about you, he probably won’t say what it is if you ask for fear that it will hurt you. He’s more likely to find a subtle way of helping you change that habit that drives him mad, and it’s not by telling you outright.

#14 Me or [hobby]?

Whether your guy’s hobby is sports, online gaming, cars or comic books, it won’t be fair to him to make him choose. We know you’d only ask this if you feel that his hobby is the reason you’re not having enough quality time. But making him choose just like that will lead to him justifying how much he loves his hobby and you berating him for choosing his hobby over you. It’s a lose-lose situation that can only end in an argument.


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