8 Effective Exercises to Restore Your Vision at Home

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Having perfect eye sight is the dream of many. With the increased trend towards unhealthy eating and careless lifestyle, humankind now has many members with defective vision, and corrective measures such as surgeries and laser treatments are expensive. Also, the usage of contact lenses presents various other problems such as eye infections; whereas using spectacles is a burden cosmetically and makes you dependent on the tool. There are effective ways to improve and restore your vision, for example by exercising all the ocular muscles on a daily basis as shown in these eight effective exercises.

1. The Pencil Push Ups

Improve eyesight - Wikihow

Mark a pencil in the middle and fixate your eyes on this point. Now keep moving the pencil up and down for a total of ten sets. Then start rotating the pencil in a clockwise direction and then in the anti clockwise direction. This will increase the focus as well as the rate of movement of the ocular muscles. This exercise is most suitable for correcting double vision as well as crossed eyes. You can also add more varieties to this exercise by changing the distance of the pencil.

2. Palming

Palming -homeremediess

Do visual training exercises such as palming. For this, lie down on the floor with your elbows gently propped on a cushioned surface. Now place your palms over your closed eyes in a lateral fashion so that the fingers of one hand cross with those of the other. Do not apply pressure. In this state, you will witness a black field that will instill a state of relaxation in you. However, if you see a spectrum of colors or gray patches, you are in a tense state of mind. Visualize a happy memory with your eyes covered with your palms. Gradually, increase the time for this exercise

3. Swinging

warm up - tiradar

For this exercise, you have to stand straight with your feet about 12 inches apart. Now rotate your body including your head towards the left and then to the right. Do not make any swift movements. Shift your weight to the foot that corresponds with the direction of the movement. This exercise should be done twice daily for a hundred rotations for increased relaxation and blood flow to the eyes.

4. Blinking

blink -

In order to increase your visual capabilities, make it a habit to blink frequently. This increases the lubrication of the eye and rids it of any infections. Also, it makes the ocular muscles more relaxed by shifting the focus of the eyes. It also provides the muscles with a break from the constant stress of staying alert.

5. Sunning

eye - skoeber

This exercise has to be done in the day since it requires sunlight. You may sit or stand according to your convenience. Close your eyes and try to relax while basking in the sun. This will ease the tension of not only your ocular muscles but also the muscle fibers of all your body. Also, it will initiate the release of endorphins and make you feel elated. Focus on deep breathing during this exercise

6. Central Fixation

door - Ben.Millett

This exercise focuses on strengthening the central part of the retina that is responsible for the formation of acute images within the eye. It is the characteristic of defective eyes to try to envision the entire existence of a large given object which puts an incredible amount of strain on the orbital muscles. For this exercise, try to focus on a single point of a very large object. For instance, try looking at the top part of a door and keep your focus towards it. Move to the next section of the door after twenty seconds. This exercise will make it easy for you to adapt to transitions and reduce stress on the eyes

7. Shifting

vision correction - compasscayman

In order to correct a wide variety of visual disorders including astigmatism and squint, it is mandatory to ‘teach’ your eyes to shift their focus from one object to the other quickly. This exercise is in complete contrast to central fixation. Here, you are required to keep shifting your focus from one object to the next within four seconds.

8. Visual Treat

le Marche - After the storm - Luigi Alesi
Perhaps the most important exercise is to treat your eyes with greenery and fresh air. Make it a habit to enjoy crisp morning air every day or going out for a walk on a lush green lawn. The very sight of greenery sets off a series of constructive processes inside your body that consequently improve eyesight and the feeling of joy increases Dopamine and Serotonin in your bloodstream.

Practicing the above mentioned exercises, you can improve your vision through natural methods without having to pay or undertake the risk of surgery..


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