I have come of age so I don’t just grant interviews – Sarkodie

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Ghanaian rapper Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known for his stage name, Sarkodie, has revealed that he does not readily grant interviews because he is now grown.
That decision, he said, has unfortunately made enemies for him. Many people, he said, see him as arrogant.
For some years now, the talented rapper has been branded as “arrogant” with some people saying he is a braggart due to some of his utterances.

Recently, Sarkodie was chastised by the public for bragging that American rapper, Ace Hood, contacted him for a collaboration when in fact, he rather paid the musician for the song, New Guy.
Reacting to accusations that he no longer grants interviews as he used to, some time back, the Black Entertainment

Television (BET) Award winner said he is cautious about interviews because he has come of age.
“One thing about Ghana which is a problem is” when someone gives birth to his child, “it’s hard for them to understand” that the child has grown,” he told Dr Pound on Hitz Gallery on Hitz FM.
Sarkodie said if you call someone for an interview and the person expresses an opinion, “then he is arrogant so I’m not supposed to have an opinion till I’m dead which is bad.”

The rapper wondered, “why don’t you want to understand from the point of view that” kids grow “and why don’t you want to understand and accept [that] maybe Sarkodie has done something for himself that he knows what is best sometimes and he has options”?

The Tema-based musician said sometimes he explains that he would like to stay interviews and reschedule them to coincide with his upcoming up projects so he can talk about them. Irrespective of how he says it, people still perceive him to be arrogant, he said.

The two-time Ghana music awards artiste of the year winner urged people to stop criticising him unduly for his stance on granting interviews.

He added contrary to perceptions, he is “not a mean person. I’m a very calm person but then, I, of course, know what I have and I have grown to be a bit more confident so when I say something,” people need to understand.
Sarkodie recounted that, “First, you don’t have an option, of course you are starting, you are a baby…” and urged that, “the media should in a way take things deeper and go like understand.”


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