Photos – Compare: Obama’s ‘Beast’ and the Pope’s FIAT 500

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Pope Francis begun his tour of the United States of America Tuesday.

He is expected during his stay to greet millions of American Catholics and address difficult issues like climate change and income inequality.

President Barack Obama was at the Airforce base to welcome the Pope as he landed – a situation which almost never occurs.

The Pontiff will visit Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia.

But one of the interesting things about the Pope as he landed in the US is the car he chose to be driven in.

While, Obama drove off in his million dollar armoured car ‘The Beast’, the Pope chose a modest FIAT 500 which costs $19,685.

Pope Francis waving the crowd that gathered at the Airforce base to welcome him.


The Pope’s FIAT 500 (L) and The Beast

The 78-year old spiritual leader was driven away in the Italian-made FIAT 500

On the road, the pope’s FIAT 500 looks like an ant in the midst of Obama’s fleet

The Beast

A small car for a big man

The pope waves as he was driven away from the airport

Pope Francis en route to his next engagement from the airport

President Obama was there to welcome the pope

The First Lady, Michelle Obama and her two daughters, Sasha and Malia were also present to welcome the Pope.


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