GoodBye GrandMa

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Sometimes, there are stories & memories written with the hands… Others, with the heart. And some, like this one, with tears…even words can ever express..

If God had intended us to follow recipes,He wouldn’t have given us grandmother.


My dearest Grandma, I will never forget you & sorry that I was not there with you when you passed.

Grandma…I can’t believe you are gone without saying bye! bye!! bye!!! to us,

Your death was a shock, I know that you are gone for now I really just do not believe how. I last time we spoke you were talking about how you were planning to come to Home this xmas, hmmmm now that you are gone who is going organize our xmas parties for us Mama Aunt Aggie ????

You passed away my dear, my best friend, you taught me alot of things There is a grief & void
in my heart now….


You hold a special place right here in my heart & that will never change. You were the best grandma in the world & to me
you still are. I miss & love you dearly. I miss your voice & miss your smile,I miss your warm embrace.

Grandma…I can’t believe you’re gone. I still wait for your call as every day, your telephone ring with warm sound…I am thankful for our wonderful memories we have together, Thank you for all the things, your pure heart, kindness and
love, while I was growing up…

I miss the gently smile on your face I miss the softly warm inviting heart I miss the family love Gathering house
When I look back on these years I wish there were a key I could find I wish there were a sky I could fly
To the past back to those days.


You  were a very good grandma. You will be remembered for your kindness, generosity, and selfless devotion to us.
I shall cherish our memories! I love you Grandma! I’ll never ever stop praying for you..I will always be missing you,
Hope to see you soon in my dreams.

And hopefully one day in heaven but until then, you will always be in my heart. In my heart I hold you inside.

Wonderful memories you left with me, smiling face I can see. We all love you dearly

Bye bye grandma, you are the most wonderful lady purely and truly.


I will always be missing you

Rest in peace dear Grandma

With love
your grandSon
George Nana Yaw Asamani~ September 26, 2015

Author: Tiko14

Welcome to my wORDpreSS. I am a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and has a passion for Ghana, hence talks a lot about Ghana. I blog about entertainment, tourism, politics, arts, culture and football. I am in the media and have the advantage of working both in Accounting firms and I. T firms. I like divergent views so disagree with me but let’s not abuse each other. Enjoy the blog while you are here, your views and topics are most welcome.

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