How Abeiku Santana, Criss Waddle, Reggie Rockstone Others Reacted to Nana Aba’s Suspension

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TV3 in a recent statement disclosed that “after preliminary investigations internally, and in accordance with TV3’s own commitment to the highest level of professionalism, Management has decided to take Nana Aba Anamoah off air until further notice.”

Personalities in the spotlight including Reggie Rockstone, Criss Waddle, Abeiku Santana and many others have voiced out on the suspension.

Abeiku Santana via Twitter – “I strongly disagree with the management of TV 3 wit e decision of taking Nana Aba off air.Except they want to tell us they ve never erred b4.”

Reggie Rockstone via Twitter – “Damm! Tv3 YALL did nanaba cold yo! Not since Judas did Jesus! Smh! #NOTSKOLOM! #JUSTHINKINGOUTLOUD! #notthatserious”

JOT Agyeman via Facebook – An amazing Broadcasting talent. Total support for Nana Aba. Wrong decision by TV3. @thenanaaba @newsontv3 ‪#‎restoreNanaAba

Criss Waddle“If TV3 has really sacked Nana Aba over the recent soccer picture issue,then that’s so unfair on their part”

Beatrice Bee Arthur via Facebook – “So yesterday as I was busy chatting away with Wanlov and Lydia Forson, I heard about the TV3 presenter photoshopping herself into someone’s pictures with the intention of impressing her followers. She got busted and lost her job as a consequence. At moments like these, I feel very sorry for folks like the presenter in question. The need for constant validation and desire to keep up with Jones’s often leads to embarrassments. I also realized once more why I appreciated Wanlov and Lydia – Authentic Characters. They don’t buy followers on Instagram . They don’t wear fake Louis ChingChong. They are talented and intelligent. And they got style….”


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