NICE COMMENTS FROM GHANAIAN MEN ON (Juliet Ibrahim-Men are quick to use and dump fair girls)

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Name: Nana Asempa
its a matter of finding descent guys not necessarily the so called celebrities or cash cows and they gonna make you queens.

Name: @ Unkown person who added his/her voice
Thank you so much for adding the point of bleaching. Please, I wouldn’t be interested in someone who has bleached, though I can hardly tell the difference between a bleached skin and a natural one due to environmental conditions.

Name: Lewis (Looking for a Serious Relationship)
I meant to write black chocolatish skin type. no bleach skin please. Women who bleach stink

Name: Lewis (Looking for a Serious Relationship)
My name is Lewis, a Ghanaian, a working professional and a responsible guy. I’m looking to date a beautiful lady, God fearing, responsible, home trained and fair/chocolate in complexion (to compliment my skin color). Kindly send me an email: ( and let’s get to know each other. Only serious ladies (Single of course). Thank You

Name: I am natural girl
I am black african natural girl and I am proud. I would rather commit suicide than bleach my skin

Name: Fake things are costly
Jeremiah 4:30 “And when thou art spoiled, what wilt thou do? Though thou clothest thyself with crimson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thy face with painting, in vain shalt thou make thyself fair; thy lovers will despise thee, they will seek thy life”. It’s a prophecy and the earlier we understood the better. If you are fake, you will always get a fake man because both of you have the same goal…to deceive. People will come into your life pretending they love you, have their share, maltreat you and despise you…just because you are fake. You do cosmetic surgeries just to attract men who desire after flashy women…what do you expect? Some men are wicked for sure…but some women are equally wicked. You divorced your husband and he has kept mute..but you will always want paint the man the bad one so that you will win public sympathy…Lie lie…I know some women are bitter against men because of their experiences. But equal number of men have also been maltreated by some women, so let stop this bitterness and see how to live genuine lives to get genuine wives and husbands.

Name: Tico
The only evil people women see around are men. If some men are to open up and tell you how badly they have been treated by some women, you will be shocked. I have been a victim and I know of a lot of male friends who have been victims. It is not our nature to be talking about how we suffer at the hands of some women. But always you hear from women this generalisation about men…Men this…men that. If a man comes out to say anything concerning women, he is branded a sexist. What pains me is…these women who are always ranting this anthem do not deserve good men, because they themselves are FAKE. After being maltreated by 3 consecutive women, I now found my wife – a perfect woman whom I worship. She doesn’t take my meekness and humility as weakness, but rather reciprocates them with submissive service. NOW those women have been doing anything possible just to have a come back. But as a fundamental Christian, no room for a garden, let alone polygamy. Stop blaming men for every problem you face, avoid treating humble men as dull men and it shall be well with you. We men respect genuine decent women and are afraid to hurt them…It’s our secret…and that is why I worship my wife.

Name: Ericous
Fair color haha they dont even know how to cook, what most of them like is high life, Look at how you have painted your face and you expect me to lead you to my parents? never…. Black is beauty, hardworking, wife material and dedicated

Name: Ghana Movie?
We never had a problem with women bleaching their skin until Ghanaian movie producers started producing nigerian-style movies with flashy lifestyles and bleached women who were not representative of the Ghanaian women or the lifestyle of the Ghanaian.

Name: Obaasima
What happened to the Ghanaian Obaasima? Black and Beautiful!!!! We need a cultural revolution in Ghana. One that places huge emphasis on who we are as a people. Ghanaian movies which have more than one bleached woman should be banned because it is not reflective of the total population and this will be a start to averting what is a time bomb of skin cancer cases waiting to happen. So God help us.

Name: Describe
the fact that a black woman is chosen over you because the parents in the movie are black is neither here nor there because how many of those situations will you find yourself in??? a majority of the roles you mixed or bleached women get is because of how yellow you look and not because you are talented and for me that is not even the problem but bleaching has become an epidemic in Ghana oh GOD and its a sad spectacle to behold. soo many of otherwise very beautiful women are seriously bleaching their skin because they are always bombarded with these bleached women images in Ghanaian movies that increasingly have nothing Ghanaian about them.

Name: Fact
The fact remains that you got a lot of your roles because you are fair looking and not because of your talent and most proper black men seem to have a complex towards fair women and most producers in Ghana are men and they are showing these videos on tv and enticing unsuspecting Ghanaian women to bleach their skin and die from cancer.

Name: Fair?? I am sorry
Fair woman??? I am sorry, not interested. It will be easy to drink my own urine instead.

Name: Black
Black men place too much premium on fair women and are prepared to lose an arm and a leg just to get fair women. Ask afriyie acquah if in doubt

Name: Ladipo
some women here are so bitter. all your assertions concerning the opinion of this lady has no merits. do know how many good men out there who are treated unfairly by women who are not even Beautiful if i may borrow such a word as description. There is nothing like a perfection out there. you do your best and meet someone you feel is a friend and get hooked up and deal with their flaws. some of our mothers were bethrothed to their husbands and they have lived ever Happily After.

Name: @Hmmmm
You are 100% right… it’s not us oh!

Name: most men treat pretty ladies like trash
my dear. that depends on the kind of men you go after. most of these gals u describe as pretty like to have what they describe as fun and so give in to men who can provide this kind of fun. and you know the fun loving men just like you yourselves are in for the fun as well. so they move on to the next lady they see whiles you wait for the next fun man to come for you. so in the end you will be rightly described as a slut. just try the humble serious God fearing ones …build something with Him and it shall be well with you…….frisky

Name: Assem
I don’t know why a woman in 2015 wants to be a wife anyway. After all, the feminists who speak for all women without these same women protesting, assert that being a wife is subjugation. That is what I’m hearing from women. I agree that women of this day are independent and equal to men so they don’t need marriage.

Name: Hmmm
To some extent, I agree with her. The reality is, it’s not just fair skinned ladies, but also the pretty ones..whether black, white, mixed, caramel, tan or what have u. Unbeknownst to many, Most men treat pretty ladies like trash. Like she rightly said, they used as decorative accessories, just to show them off to their friends or enemies who their latest conquest is and when that is achieved, they are of no use to them, moving on to the next victim. There are pretty women/ladies who are hardworking, good moral behaviours, trustworthy, faithful yet humble who have to work hard to get anything they have and not given to them on a silver platter as many would have u believe. It almost feels as if it is a curse to be pretty. U are hated for no reasons by your fellow women, u are called all sorts of horrible names under the sun, judged unreasonably, u are perceived to be dumb or a slut, accused of things u genuinely have no knowledge of. The list is endless. It’s a shame though and I think some pretty women out there should come out and speak out and also educate the ill informed members of our society.

Name: @Yes
So if a relationship is not working well one should stay in it? Men are dogs that is why they take women for a ride and lie and cheat on decent girls because he has taken what was never his in the first place and the man decides he needs to see the next ladies underwear. When a woman is dumped but a man she should never date any man again. So that ***barred word*** people on the side should not call her cheap.

Name: Men don’t treat women fairly despite or skin color
It does not matter the color of your skin. Black African men just do not know how to treat women or a lady well. See the many white women who marry black men? the run away and leave their children behind for the white woman to raise. The difference is the Dark skinned women just don’t mind how their men treat them and stick around for all kinds of abuse because they think if they move on they will not find a better man to treat them well. The men know this and take advantage and treat women anyhow.

Name: yes
coss 99% of them are so cheap. hopping from one bed to the other


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