Gyan’s Sex Scandal: “Who Doesn’t Womanize In This Country?” – Lawyer Ampaw Quizzes

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The cliché “All men are the same” is believed to have been said by a Chinese woman after missing her husband in a massive crowd due to resemblance of China nationals – but the same phrase annoys most Africa men for reasons best known to them.

But should you hear “All men are womanizers” from a fellow, how would you feel?

Well, one of Ghana’s most controversial lawyer and a married man, Dr. Maurice Ampaw has admitted that indeed ‘all men’ including himself are philanderers.

He made this clear in an interview with NEAT FM’s morning show dubbed ‘Ghana Montie’ when discussing Ghana’s Black Star skipper, Asamoah Gyan’s recent sexual encounter with Sarah Kwablah.

The Asamoah-Sarah Kwabla sex saga which is recently in court has been a talk in town – with several arrests which include, entertainment journalist Osarfo Anthony who allegedly extorted money from management of Asamoah Gyan to ‘kill’ the case in the media.

Lawyer Dr. Maurice Ampaw who is the counsel for Sarah Kwablah – even though in court defending his client told host Kwasi Aboagye that, he has prayed to Asamoah Gyan also known as “Baby Jet” and management to settle the issue out of court.

But according to him, his plea was unsuccessful – “People think I hate Asamoah Gyan, ask him if I did not plead with him to settle the issue outside court.”

Lawyer Ampaw expressed worry that, dragging the Shanghai SIPG striker name in court whiles plying his profession in China has never been his contrive – “He [Asamoah Gyan] need his peace of mind to play his football.”

According to him – Asamoah Gyan’s involvement in the sex scandal was ill-fated – explaining that, the issue would have been solved cordially if not some “smart tricks” approach used by his business manager, Samuel Anim Addo to declare their innocence.

“Who don’t do womanizing in this country? Who don’t chase ladies in this country, even me Maurice Ampaw, am I clean? I have issues but you must know how to deal with such issues as and when it comes. There are so many scandals going on in this country, from politicians to lawyers, musicians to policemen and media men. Do you know what people are doing?” he questioned.

“I was pleading with Asamoah Gyan to solve the issue at home but they [Gyan and his management] did not listen to me. His media propaganda approach they took has rather destroyed him [Gyan]. I will drill him [Anim Addo. Gyan’s manager] in court. He will cry with a watery nose waa waa waa,” – the popular Ghanaian lawyer, Maurice Ampaw said on NEAT FM.


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