Flashback Video and Pictures :Am In Love With Bomaye: I Had Séx With Bomaye – Promzy

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Bomaye and his chosen lover, Promzy

Winner of the maiden edition of “Am In Love with Bamaye” reality show, Promise Naa Okasai better known as Promzy has disclosed that she and her Television lover Alex Biney did things couples do even though they were not yet be a couple.

Speaking on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” Promzy who has been dumped by Bomaye said “Yes we were dating so definitely we did what couples do”, Promzy answered when she was asked whether they had sex whiles they were dating. However, she stated on record that she didn’t have any sexual relation with Alex whiles they were in the reality house adding that they got intimate when they came out of the East Legon based house and started dating.

Alex Biney aka Bomaye, the king in the 13-week ‘I’m in love with Bomaye” reality show which ended some months ago on Multi TV, who chose Promzy out of 13 beautiful ladies has called it quits with Promzy via the social media.

Alex pasted on his facebook wall – “My dear fans and friends, it’s with deep displeasure that I address you. Firstly I want to personally thank all of you who supported me from the big brother platform to the I’m in love with… Project to any future endeavor I may pursue, I appreciate you guys a great deal because your support has established my presence in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Thank you and I love you. Promzy and I have ended our engagement, the decision was mutual, I’ll always adore her and we will remain great friends, the split marks a new chapter for both of us. I wish you and your loved ones all a happy new and a prosperous 2013.

Meanwhile contrary to Alex’s claim in his statement that the decision for them to split was mutual, Promzy said “It was not mutual because I don’t know anything about it. He did it on his own accord trust me I didn’t know anything about it”.

According Promzy when she contacted Alex to ask why he didn’t discuss with her before putting it on facebook, Alex said he was trying reach her but she didn’t answer. “I believe breaking up is something we both have to sit, talk and come to some level of understanding before you do it. You can’t just wake up and put it out there that you have ended it. Maybe he has his reasons but I didn’t know about it and it was not mutual”.

Though Promzy admitted on air that they had problems in their relationship, she never thought it would get to the extent of a break-up. “Our relationship wasn’t really smooth because we were having ups and downs. In the house the way I saw things when we came out to reality, things were not as I was expecting but it was all relationship problems I didn’t think it would go as far as he braking up with me because we were still trying to work things out and he decided to break up”.

Promzy denied earlier reports that she was pressuring Alex to buy her a new car. “I was just trying to make our relationship perfect telling him to get a permanent job and do things on his own so that everything will be easy in our relationship. I never said he should buy a car for me because he doesn’t even have a car himself for him to buy me one”.

Promzy said it was not about money or material things “It was really not about money a lot of things happened like the normal relationship problems like selfishness, not being truthful and other petty problems. I was really trying to make things work because I chose love over money. So if Alex could just wake up one day and break up with me and put it on facebook, that he has ended our engagement without me knowing then he didn’t really value the relationship, Promzy lamented.

Promzy used the opportunity to apologize to her fans, all those followed the reality show and voted during the show “I really want to apologize to all my fans and those who voted for what has happened. He is the one who broke up with me so there is nothing I can do”.

Asked if she has accepted the break up, Promzy said “yes” adding that she is now single. Asked whether they (Promzy and Bomaye) should be taken serious, she said Alex should be made to answer that because everything was going on as planned until he decided to end it all.

When contacted Alex Biney aka Bomaye he confirmed pasting the break up statement on facebook but he refused to explain or answer any further questions stating that he would come to explain at the right time.

Promzy and Alex were scheduled to get married this February, after Alex went against the rules of the show to choose Promzy who had been evicted at the time over four finalists who genuinely qualified through public voting.


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