2015 Christmas Hit Songs: 10 Songs To Rock Us This Year

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Bisa Kdei BreakThrough Album 4

Since we’re in the eve month of the yuletide, we’ve decided to bring to you some songs that Ghana will be “bogeying” to this Christmas.

There have been many releases this year but not all songs have really captivated the hearts of Ghanaians, except some few.

It seems these songs are poised to be the “bangers” this Christmas.

Come with us as we reveal to you 10 of such songs.

Shatta Wale – Hol’ It

Shatta Wale’s, “hol’ it” seems to be making more impact since it’s release though he’s released many songs after it. Many are those who love to bogey to this song and we believe it will be one of the most played at joints and clubs this yuletide.



Ofori Amponsah – Alewa

Ofori Amponsah is popular for making hits every Christmas till he decided to join the “clergy” and was missing for a while but he pulled a surprise on all of us this year by releasing a high life song titled, “Alewa” which features Sarkodie.

Without a doubt, this song became an instant hit and will drift all the way to Christmas. It is already played in most popular joints and at wedding and funeral events all over the country.

ofori amponsah kofi nti


Gasmilla – Telemo

Telemo has been in the system for quite a while now but never seems to die and so we wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it into Christmas.

When it is not played for a while, you might assume the song has died off till a DJ slots it in at an event and you see how it pulls the crowd to the dance floor. This song will still have the same impact during Christmas, no doubt about that.



Daddy Lumba – Ye Nea Wo Ho Be To Wo

This song seems never to die off. Since it’s release, it has been making all the waves and though Lumba is out with a new one with Isaac Ampong (Hosanna), Ye Nea Wo Ho Be To Wo still seems to have rooted itself deep in the hearts of most Ghanaians and we believe it will still pop up with gusto this Christmas.

daddy lumba nana addo


Bisa KDei – Brother Brother

Well! need we say more? This song obviously is cut for Christmas and already has all the elements of a song for Christmas. It carries with it all the euphoria of a good Christmas song which will easily make Ghanaians move to the dance at every event.

Any event without this man and his song is likely to flop.

Bisa Kdei BreakThrough Album 4


Flowking Stone – Fire Bon Dem

Nobody actually expected a song of this sort from the “Simple” man but lo and behold, he ventured into the dancehall realm and he indeed proved his worth.

His latest song, Fire Bon Dem seems to be making a lot of waves and we had the surprise of our lives when it was played in the night club and almost everybody jumped to it and sang along, obviously there’s no doubt it will be a song to behold during this Christmas.

flowking stone


R2Bees – Concert Party

R2Bees never ceases to amaze us every Christmas and we are confident that their new banger “Concert party” will definitely make a lot of noise this Christmas. It is already receiving a lot of attention from Ghanaians and could be heard at most popular joints and night clubs in the country.



Bisa KDei – Mansa

Bisa seems to be making all the hits this season. He’s already released two songs and they all seem to be making it a par.

Mansa just like Brother Brother will be something Ghanaians will love to dance to at most events this Christmas….talk about twin luck.

Bisa Kdei BreakThrough Album 2


Kofi Kinaata – Susuka

Upon it’s release, this song has taken the country by storm and it’s making a lot of waves. This we believe will make it to Christmas but it will not be your regular for the night clubs, it will mostly be at social events or parties.



Atom – Yewo Krom

If it’s your first time listening to this song, you’re likely to have a smirk on your face which is also likely to develop into a big laugh because the song sounds like a joke.

But you will be surprised to know that this song is making a lot of waves and Christmas will be the right that the term “yewo krom” will be most used because this is the time people actually step out in town and so the song will surely get more attention during the Christmas season.





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