#NanaAbaWasThereSome- Nana Aba Asks Dumbest Question At President’s Press Briefing- Perhaps To Drive Attention Back To Herself?

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Nana Aba Anamoah must really be missing her time away from the public eye, because her actions this afternoon has got her right back in that position.

After her reign in the public eye as Miss Photoshop, the presenter has been largely missing. Perhaps she enjoyed that last public attention too much, or she just lost her head when getting on the platform to ask her question.


President Mahama held a press briefing in Accra on Tuesday, in which he attempted tackling several current issues of national import, including the arrival of Guantanamo Bay prisoners and the robbery foiling taxi driver .

Nana Aba, who left TV3 in the aftermath of her old scandal, had her turn during the question and answer session. With the eyes of the entire nation on her, Miss Nana Aba asked this question, which has had many Ghanaians up in arms on social media.

“What you have done to reduce pressure on you and what keeps you awake at night” she quipped on stage, and a nation groaned.

Really? Do we have to go through a list of issues plaguing the country at this very moment, for Nana Aba to choose one from? Do we have to list the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian, whether it is the government worker or informal worker fighting rising cost of living, or other issues crippling the economy. When you talk about the list of issues one could get to ask President Mahama, how he sleeps at night should be very low on the list.

Especially when you consider her supposed stature on the local scene, how important the platform was, and the plethora of options available from the myriad of challenges facing the country at the moment. But we imagine concern for the nocturnal activities of the President is very crucial to maintaining favour with those in the highest corridors of power.

In comparison to journalists like Bernard Avle, who ask thought provoking questions that challenge the politician, as journalists are supposed to do- one sees the complete inanity of Nana Aba Anamoah’s ‘question’.

This just feeds into a problem on the local scene, where reporters rather than challenging politicians, asking them questions and follow up questions- they rather prefer schmoozing up to them to maintain favour. It’s a rotten mentality of the press which has bred politicians who have no respect for the people, knowing they can lie on air and get away with it without any rebuke. It is an issue bigger than Nana Aba’s gaffe this afternoon, but a journalist with the ‘reputation’ of Nana Aba Anamoah should not be feeding into it.

Predictably, a lot of attention has been drawn to that question, and a cross section of Ghanaians on social media are pissed off. Maybe that was what Nana Aba was looking for all along, as the entire country has her back on top of trending issues again.

The overwhelming belief is that like at Old Trafford, Nana Aba Anamoah was just interested in the appearance of being there, but not actually being there. So long as the impression is created of her presence. #NanaAbaWasThereSome

Check out a cross section of some reactions to Nana Aba’s question online…

but that is Nana Aba..I mean what were you expecting? A quantum Physics question?

What a stupid question from Nana Aba. You actually won the dumb question of the day

nana aba and mahama

Clearly Nana Aba is more concerned about the pressure on Mahama than the pressure on the good people of Ghana.whey question this?

Nana Aba thought Mahama will say he’s busy with his wife

Nana Aba and John Mahama two paddies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



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