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WhatsApp is about to stop working on your phone if you’re one of these unlucky people


WhatsApp is to drop support for many older phones, arguing that they could hold back the app’s growth.

All Blackberry phones, as well as some Nokia and Android ones, are going to stop being supported by the end of the year, the company has announced.

“While these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don’t offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app’s features in the future,” the company wrote in a blog post that made much of the fact that the app launched into a vastly different market.

Every BlackBerry phone will be hit by the decision, including those that run the relatively new BlackBerry 10. It will also hit the Nokia S40, the Nokia Symbian S60 and any phone running Android 2.1 or 2.2 or Windows Phone 7.1.


BlackBerry sold 7 million phones in 2014 alone, meaning that at least tens of millions of phones will be affected by the decision.

The company said that those people that still have the affected phones should get newer ones before the end of the year.

“This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one in order to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp,” the company wrote in its blog post. “If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend upgrading to a newer Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone before the end of 2016 to continue using WhatsApp.”

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Ghanaian deserves better than its trial-and-error politicians

Dear Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,

Yesterday, I heard you on Joy FM’s news at 6PM. You were canvassing for votes at someone’s funeral. But that is not my mutton.
My beef is about your message. After taking your usual jabs at President Mahama and promising better health care and free (SHS) education, you kept on pleading with the voters to try you. You said you had come to them several times and went on to beg passionately and repeatedly that the voters should give you a chance, that they should try you.
I find your message awkward, uninspiring, and a recipe for mediocrity. I humbly submit to you that the presidency at this critical stage in our nation’s life is not a trial-and-error business. You are 72 years old, two dozen years above your retirement age. If you try and fail, you have nothing to lose. But my generation has a lot to lose if you try and fail.
You and your party have called the Mahama administration a mediocre one. But what you must not forget is that a mediocre opposition is bound to produce a mediocre government. And for your information, the stance of people like me on your free SHS has not changed since 2008. Make the nation better so that people can pay for their kids education. And who lied to you that free education at the senior high school level is the biggest problem in our education sector? Schools like Achimota, Mfantsipim and other first class senior high schools are deteriorating and are surviving on the benevolence of old students associations while basic schools across the country lack the most basic infrastructure as well as teaching and learning materials. Wake up to the reality, Mr. Flag Bearer.
In the coming days, you and your team should get a better message that can give hope for Change and transformation. That’s what Ghana needs now, not a trial-and-error President. Besides, when you preach change you should give your audience a good reason to change. Pastor Mensa Otabil said over the weekend that we should not measure our success based on the failure of others. And I have said before that the failure of the Mahama administration is not enough reason ro vote for the NPP.
Yours sincerely,
Manasseh Azure Awuni, concerned Ghanaian who thinks his nation deserves better than its trial-and-error politicians after Nkrumah have done.

Manasseh Azure Awuni writes

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Video: Wanlov and M3nsa’s take on 2016 State of the Nation Address

President John Dramanu Mahama presented the 2016 State of the Nation Address to parliament Thursday highlighting some of the works he has done over the past year.

There have been mixed reactions to the address from different sectors of the country – the general public, policy think tanks and the political divide.

Let’s Talk Entertainment on JoyNews on MultiTV caught up with controversial music duo, FOKN Bois, made up of Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa, to share the views on the State of the Nation Address.

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Pastor Defends Wife Showing Breasts… (Photos)

Actress Meagan Good was brought to tears when someone criticized her clothing choices at a church event, but the actress’ husband, DeVon Franklin, defended his wife’s honor.

On Valentine’s Day, the couple spoke at an event that took place at One Church Los Angeles to promote their new book The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love. During the event that was live streamed all over the world, one woman questioned the 34-year-old “Minority Report” actress about her clothing choices.
“This is not offensive, but I was at the grocery store and I looked at a newsstand and saw you, and you had your breasts showing. I wasn’t going to come here, but the Lord brought me here to see you,” the woman told Good. “You are a beautiful young woman and your testimony is awesome. The Lord let me come and push past the judgement, because you have to make sure what you say and what you do match up, you understand?”
When the woman concluded her statement by asking Good if she would “cover up,” her husband and the president of Franklin Entertainment stepped in.

“Wait a minute. No! That is not what we’re here for,” Franklin firmly told the woman. “She’s not gonna cover up, she is gonna wear what she wants to wear in the name of Jesus, amen. Amen?”

The exchange left Good emotional, and she was seen wiping tears from her face. Franklin, the 37-year-old preacher who co-authored The Wait with his wife made sure to express love with the woman while defending his wife’s Christian faith.

“God bless you, we love you. I love you dearly, but she has been a Christian as she is right now. She wore whatever she wanted to wear. So no, we ain’t doing that,” he said. “Y’all about to see another Devon that y’all ain’t never seen! Remember, I’m from Oakland now!”

While the audience was amused at Franklin’s response, Good decided to address the issue firsthand.

“I’d like to say one thing. I could’ve addressed what she said and it would take me a while to address it because I have very specific feelings about that,” she said. “But I just want to say to that young lady, however you feel, if that’s how you really feel, then pray for me. And God bless you.”

Good has not shied away from choosing clothing options with a plunging neckline or exposed skin and admitted to being upset with her critics from within the Church after receiving their negative responses. Last year the couple appeared as speakers at the Essence Festival empowerment panel where they spoke about overcoming harsh criticism from the Church.

“It kind of made me upset with the Church for a while. People don’t know what they do, but you have to love them regardless,” she said at Essence Festival. “But you have to own your truth.”

Although her husband is a preacher, he supported his wife and shared his perspective on the matter.

“So many people try to live by a label, but that’s not the box God put us in,” he said while serving on the panel with his wife. “Who we are is not defined by a box. When I live by your expectations of what I should do, then I limit who I am and then I become depressed because I can’t be my true self.”

During an interview with The Christian Post last month, the couple, who married in the summer of 2012, spoke about their views on dating, love, and keeping God at the center of it all. For the actress, honoring God by waiting to have sex before her wedding night helped her find a newfound confidence in her marriage.

“I’ve seen so many marriages around me deteriorate. The short term thought was a great one but the long term one was very scary to me,” Good revealed to CP. “I think the difference is with implementing The Wait, the foundation that we have is so solid that it makes me feel so much safer and gives me so much more confidence — not just in our marriage but in what God is doing in us and through us. He honors our marriage because we took the time to honor Him with our foundation.”

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20 sinners in Ghana who need to be arrested immediately

Just for laughs.

  1. The Fanti kenkey seller whose fist-sized kenkey is made to look extraordinarily big because it is wrapped with leaves large enough to be my bed sheet!

 2. Ghallywood and Kumawood movie producers (or is it directors?) who keep on telling us the same story over and over again… only with different titles, actors and actresses!

3. Social media users, especially ladies, who upload overly edited pictures as their profile pictures when they know they look nothing near it!

4. Trotro conductors (mates, to wit) who keep on telling us “last two” when indeed there are only two people seated in the 33-seater bus!

5. Our parent-in-law who never tell us the market value of their daughters only for us to marry them and they slam us with the condition ‘goods bought/sold are not returnable’!

6. Our self-styled girlfriends who have stolen others’ identity with the help of Brazilian hair, Chinese make-up and what have you, such that even today we can’t make them out without these ‘identity-stealing accessories’!

7. The audience at weddings and funerals who take as much food and wine as one can’t imagine into their stomachs and homes yet… drop a wrinkled GH1 note into the offertory basket!

8. Our wives who know our children are not ours and our houseboys who know they do more than just cleaning!

9. Ladies who courtesy skin toning creams re-package themselves such that we date them again and again without even knowing we had dated them earlier!

10. The policeman who insists on getting us change even if we have the largest Ghana cedi denomination as ‘something for the boys’ when he is old enough to be our step father!

 11. The lecturer who knows that he is what he is courtesy ‘copy and paste’ yet stands in the way of students who try to do same!

12. Our educational system which knew that we would eventually be rendered jobless after all the many years of draining our pockets of our wealth, yet watched on as we were battered with abstract theories we can only apply in space!

13. Our employers who emotionally burden us with big titles/positions in our workplaces yet slap us with a scanty, inversely proportional salary!

14. Tenants who ‘intentionally’ get cholera/diarrhea to exhaust every toilet bill they pay monthly to their landlords!

15. Remedial schools who pray for failure of WASSCE candidates so business can boom for them!

16. Restaurants which insert ‘leaves’ into half a loaf of bread (which costs less than a Ghana cedis) and deceptively call it another name, sandwich perhaps, selling it to us over ten times its original cost!

17. Spiritualists who claim to have solutions to every financial headache yet watch on as the nation drowns in a sea of debt!

18. Herbalists who won’t stop fuelling rape by selling drugs that supposedly make ‘feeble men’ supermen overnight, thus, driving them to try their potency on anything in earrings!

19. Prophets who are the brain behind the brains who would travel even through the deserts to get to the white man’s land because such prophets won’t stop prophesying to such that they can see God giving them visas!

20. Ladies who have lost hope in young men of today because they think we can’t keep our promise… like ECG!

Over to you AMA (Accra Metropolitan Assembly). Effect the arrests since that’s what you have been doing lately, aside all your troubles.

BY: Kobina Amoa Ansah, Chief Scribe, Scribe Communications, Accra. (

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Here comes the Moesha of Kumawood… [Photos]

Actress, Moesha has come under heavy criticisms for exposing her boobs at events and in all photos she releases.

However, she cares less about those as she has on all occasions defended why her boobs were exposed.

At a point, she claimed it was a wardrobe malfunction while at other times, she explained that she flaunts them because they are firm and round.

Well, at the Kumawood Akoben Film Festival Awards which came off last Saturday at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi, I captured this lady who seemed to have “Moeshaded”. [wink]







Moesha [left]





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Okraku-Mantey details why Shatta Wale was booted out of VGMA

A member of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards board, Mark Okraku-Mantey, has stated that the board’s decision not to nominate Shatta Wale for this year’s event unless he completes the process of officially apologising for maligning it “has nothing” to do with the artiste’s issue with Yola Ayewode of Charterhouse Productions Limited.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz on Wednesday, Okraku-Mantey said the artiste has been disrespectful to the board and the scheme, hence the decision not to include him until he renders an unqualified apology.

He mentioned that Shatta Wale sometime ago tweeted he was auctioning his 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards plaques for two Ghana Cedis because he did not value it.

“He wanted to sell his plaque for GH¢ 2; we all know what that means. It’s a sort of ridicule. He also said he didn’t need the awards. I want to emphasize that it has nothing to do with his issue with Yola. These are personal stuffs. He disrespected the board and the scheme,” Okraku-Mantey noted.

READ MORE: >>> “Why should I apologise?” – Shatta Wale fires back at Charterhouse for disqualifying him?

It would be recalled that prior to the 2015 edition of the event, Shatta Wale came out to ask the organizers not to nominate him and that if they did nominate him, he would sue them.

This was after Charterhouse hauled him to court over a video he posted on social media that the latter felt was defamatory to its Yola Ayewode and the company.

Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer of Charterhouse, George Quaye has responded to concerns by a section of the public on why the board did not prompt Shatta Wale earlier to apologise than to wait till few days to the release of the nomination list.

According to him, there was no need to prompt the artiste earlier since he is old enough to see the need to apologise for his actions.

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Shatta Wale Reacts To His VGMA Disqualification

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has reacted to his disqualification from this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

The “Kakai” hitmaker was barred from contesting in this year’s edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, at a news conference on Tuesday, where the leadership of the VGMA board, announced that since Shatta Wale was yet to apologise to them for insults he hurled at them last year, he was ineligible to contest in the awards scheme.

According to the Board, Shatta Wale can only be part of this year’s awards unless he completes the process of officially apologizing publicly for maligning the VGMA Board and the awards scheme, delete all defamatory videos and statements on social media among other things.

Charter House had dragged Shatta Wale to court for posting four videos considered defamatory on social media.

Reacting to his disqualification, Shatta Wale posted the message below on Facebook on Tuesday evening, February 23, 2016, after the 2016 VGMA board disclosed that he would not be part of this year’s nominees.

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Watch the announcement below: