The Ewes are very passionate about the naming of their children and mostly names reflect events or things that happened at the time the child was born.

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Most names signify a lot and also children are named to be of a particular behaviour that the parents wish and so will name the child after that.

Ewes can also name their children based on situations at the time. They can name the child after an accident, a calamity, a happy moment, grief etc.

Curious huh!! well let’s take a look at some of the names and their meaning then.



1. Yomawu – Call on God
2. Yingor – Forward
3. Bubune – Honour to him
4. Butsorme – Think of tomorrow
5. Gameli – There’s time for everything

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6. Elike – Rooted on solid ground/established
7. Galevo – Money is different
8. Morkporkpor – Hope
9. Kplorla – Shephard
10. Naminya – Let us know


11. Nenor – It should be
12. Nyakpoo – A calm answer
13. Nyuitor – The best
14. Veliene – Companion
15. Tsoene – Leave it to God


16. Towordzor – You’re innocent
17. Tornyeli – Mine Exists
18. Tonyevado – Mine has arrived
19. Ziordope – A place of rest
20. Aleawobenenor – As destined


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