I will chase Obinim out of Ghana – Owusu Bempah

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The founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministry International, Rev. Dr. Owusu Bempah has asked Bishop Daniel Obinim to desist from making a mockery of Jesus Christ.
According to him, his Obinim’s claim that he and Jesus Christ change into any form of animal and visit people at night is an embarrassment to Christianity.

The Reverend Minister believes no one should have the temerity to equate themselves to Jesus Christ the way Bishop Daniel Obinim has done, “unless Obinim is making a reference to another ‘Jesus’ other than the Savior of the world as the Bible has described.”
The General Overseer of the International Godsway Ministries has been chided by large sections of the populace after he claimed on TV channel OBTV that he has supernatural powers with which he can transform himself into any animal in the spiritual realm.
In the video interview, the pastor claims he can among others transform into a snake, enter any room, bite his target and disappear after the mission.

He also claimed that he once transformed into a tiger with Jesus by his side (who also changed into a lion) and visited someone.
After people who found his claims awkward took various forms to condemn him, Bishop Obinim issued a warning saying, anyone who speaks evil against him will face destruction. He also called on members of his congregation to ‘deal with’ such persons.

Rev Owusu Bempah warned Bishop Daniel Obinim to stop throwing dust into the eyes of Ghanaians else he would direct his ‘smaller pastors’ to silence him.
“I’m sure Obinim is not referring to the Jesus Christ we all know because you don’t make mockery of Him (Jesus). Jesus is not your class mate, Obinim.

“If he continues like that, trust me, I will direct my smaller pastors to chase him out of the country” he said on Accra based radio Okay fm.

He continued: “I am older than Obinim and will not allow him to use his charm and destroy the nation”.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Florence Obinim, wife of Bishop Daniel Obinim has backed her husband’s controversial claim that he is able to turn into objects and animals.
Speaking at a women’s fellowsihp session, she strongly backed her husband’s claims of having spiritual powers which allow him to enlarge or reduce various parts of the body or turn into objects and animals.


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