Sarkodie Reveals Why He Is Fighting Peace FM’s Kwasi Aboagye

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We reported about Sarkodie throwing jabs at Peace FM entertainment show host, Kwasi Aboagye in his latest song ‘Mans World’..

The rapper in the song also showed love to music producer Mark Okreku Mantey for continuously talking about him.

Obidi in the song stated clearly that he does not need Kwasi Aboagye as a musician. According to him, he was just visiting him on the Despite Group of Companies owned radio station but he didn’t know Kwasi Aboagye had issues with him.

Before the song was released, we reported in September 2015 that Kwasi Aboagye deprived Sarkodie an interview on Peace FM when he was touring radio stations to promote his “Mary” album launch. The entertainment show host explaining why he stopped the raper from coming on his show, revealed that he sees no reason to give him airtime to promote his album when he (Sarkodie) does not open his gates when they call him for radio interview.


Well Sarkodie also has something to tell us about Kwasi Aboagye telling the world that he sacked him from Peace FM. The ‘Adonai’ hitmaker in a conversation with Tim Westwood denied that he was sacked from Peace FM.

He revealed that he was at the station waiting to be interviewed but he was informed an hour after that the show has ended. He continued that he later read online that he was sacked from Peace FM, a report that was false.

“I went to a radio station (Peace FM) and I was sitting there getting to one hour and a guy came out to tell me “the show is done, we are late” and I’m like okay we are cool. I actually heard him (Kwasi Aboagye) in the studio screaming so when I came out, I saw on twitter that “I sacked Sarkodie from the studio” which didn’t happen because I didn’t even see you.”

He quickly added that “I love them, Peace FM, they are actually on my top five. I listen to them a lot but I was trying to address an issue that the fans didn’t really get to understand.”


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