Top 10 English Words That Most Ghanaians Wrongly Interchange

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English is one hell of a complex language.

There are words that may sound similar but have different spellings and obviously different meanings. However, the temptation to use them interchangeably is very strong and some Ghanaians are heavy culprits.

Below are some English words that Ghanaians use wrongly.

1. Effect and Affect


2. Advice and Advise

Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

3. Then and Than

Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

4. Weather and Whether
Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

5. Definitely and Definately

Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

6. Its and It’s


Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

7. Lose and Loose

Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

8. Weird and Wierd

Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

9. Their/They’re and There

Image: GreenYatra/Facebook

10. Your and You’re

Image: GreenYatra/Facebook




Author: Tiko14

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