Reasons Why Married Men Cheat The Most

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Many married Ghanaian women complain bitterly about their men cheating on them after settling down.
Most have come to accept that this is a normal issue but it’s not. Honestly (we believe), it’s because most married women ‘stop trying’ after marriage. To them, the knot has been tied so what’s the point in stressing.

Here are the simple reasons why most married men cheat and how you may prevent it.

Most women do not take care of themselves well (physical appearance)
Especially after birth, most Ghanaian women won’t work out or do anything to tone out their bodies. This results in the general reduction of sex appeal. Maybe you should consult Confidence Haugen on how she maintained her awesome figure.

Photo Credit: Confidence Haugen/Instagram

Wife stops dressing attractively after marriage

A wise man ones said, “men are attracted to what they see” and it’s true, every married woman should be trendy in their fashion. Don’t let the “small small” girls win.

Photo Credit: AmaSays/OABPhotography

Wife brings little to the table

Most often, the only thing women bring unto the marriage table is intimacy and good looks, sorry to burst your bubble but those things are very common and can be ‘bought’ these days. Every man appreciates a woman who can support him during hard times, provide when he doesn’t have and generally meets his man halfway in almost everything. Men do not play with these kinds of women.


The romance stops coming

All work and no play makes Afia Serwaa a dull woman, intimacy is essential in every relationship, most importantly in marriage. When it stops, well where else do you want the men to seek it?


You don’t appeal to them sexually anymore

What happened to the lingerie, sexy shorts, sexy nightie, thongs etc. you used to wear when we were dating?



As we all know, Ghanaians detest the truth. Women tend to be worst when it comes to accepting the truth; they will act a victim every damn time which makes men afraid to talk about some things bothering them. The men have no other choice than to resort to those afianga girls who’ll actually listen.


Keep all ‘rooms’ clean (Poor hygiene)

As stated earlier some women drop the ball after they get married and stop grooming themselves properly. Your husband may still deeply love you but this is a big turn-off. The female body was made to go through lots of changes, make sure all ‘rooms’ are clean and welcoming enough to be munched every two secs *naughty giggles*


You are not versatile or you are boring

Marriage is like signing a life-long contract, you will be with these people you married for the rest of your life. Why make everyday be the same, switch the style up, be it sexual positions, outing, dates, show the man you got game and you will blow their minds every goddamn day.

Image: Communityjournal

You take more than you give

During Ghanaian weddings, there is this popular saying they usually use,

“when a man gets, he gives to his wife, when a woman gets, he gives to her family”

Sorry to say but that is one of the most ridiculous sayings ever. If I’m gonna give my all, i expect reciprocation.

Image: IbakaTV/YouTube

Because you are overly-troublesome

Constant fighting in the house, your household is on fire, 99% of the time …

Things you shouldn't say to a Nigerian mom

The young girls are just trying to hard

This is beyond your control and it’s where you turn to the Most High (pray). Also be sure to keep all the above in check and we are sure you are gonna have a 90% infidelity-free marriage. Trust us!


Did we miss anything? Add more and we’ll add to our list. We wish all our beautiful Ghanaian happy and prosperous marriages. 


Author: Tiko14

Welcome to my wORDpreSS. I am a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and has a passion for Ghana, hence talks a lot about Ghana. I blog about entertainment, tourism, politics, arts, culture and football. I am in the media and have the advantage of working both in Accounting firms and I. T firms. I like divergent views so disagree with me but let’s not abuse each other. Enjoy the blog while you are here, your views and topics are most welcome.

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