Man climbs 80ft tree refuses to come down until someone gives him cigarette

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A man who has been stranded in an 80ft sequoia tree for more than 24 hours in downtown Seattle is refusing to come down.

Despite hours of negotiations, the unidentified man has stayed perching on a branch above one of the busiest streets in the city.

Since he climbed the tree at around 11am on Wednesday, he has flipped off the cops and thrown fruit at the people trying to rescue him.

He is also believed to have gone to the bathroom from his position.

Police, medics and firefighters at the scene say he is ‘agitated’ and refusing to cooperate with attempts to reach him, but has requested a pack of Camel Crush cigarettes.

A man is causing a stir in Seattle after climbing an 80ft tree and refusing to come down

Despite being at the top of the tree for more than seven hours, the man is still refusing to come down, and has even been pictured hanging upside down from a branch.

Meanwhile #ManInTree has gone viral on Twitter, with people from across the city posting pictures and videos of the man as they pass him in the street.

Pictures from the scene show he has now stripped the top of the tree of branches, leading some to fear for the health of the iconic sequoia.

The tree, planted at the site in the 1970s, deteriorated around six years ago leading to a campaign to save it from dying.

Seattle officials say they will review the health of the tree once the ordeal is over.

Credit:Daily Mail


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