10 Words Only Known To Ghanaians

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Ghana is a super interesting country where we come up with our own special terms and phrases.

We don’t know how some of these words came to existence but interestingly, they’ve been accepted by the masses.

If you’re a foreigner, you may never know what these words actually mean.

So what are some of these words we are talking about? Let’s have a look.

1. Item 13 – Refreshment

After meetings in Ghana, there is something known as “Item 13” which actually means, refreshment. It is widely used by Ghanaians but this might stump foreigners because they can hardly tell what it means.

This came about because, usually in meetings, number 13 on the list of the agenda is usually refreshment.

Photo: Olumo/Wordpress

2. Agartha – Sweeties/Candies

In Ghana, most of us used to refer to candies/sweeties as “Agartha”. As to how we got the name, only God knows.


3. Mate – Bus Conductor

Every bus conductor in Ghana is popularly known as a “mate”, may be what we trying to say is, he’s the driver’s mate.


4. Graphic – Newspaper

There are many newspapers in the country but unfortunately we refer to them all as graphic.


5. Knock out – Fireworks or Firecrackers

Every Ghanaian calls every kind of fireworks(the correct name) “knock out”. This moniker gained ubiquity when during a certain period, the most popular firework brand sold in Ghana was Knockout.



6. Home-Used – Used [insert product]

This actually refers to slightly-used products. Interestingly, we believe overseas is rather “Home” than our native land.

7. Cambuu – Sneakers

If you should hear this anywhere, don’t panic, it simply means sneakers.



8. Chale Wote – Flip-flops 

Flip-flops do not come with the English word as you know it, it has a special name in Ghana, “Charle Wote” which means “Charle let’s go” denoting how easy it is to wear.



9. Borga – Returnee

If you’re in Ghana and you hear people call you “Borga”, please don’t be offended. This is used for those who traveled abroad and returned to the country.



10. Dropping – Charter

Please don’t go fighting over this word, it is just a simple word that means “charter” and not the droppings of an animal.

Author: Tiko14

Welcome to my wORDpreSS. I am a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and has a passion for Ghana, hence talks a lot about Ghana. I blog about entertainment, tourism, politics, arts, culture and football. I am in the media and have the advantage of working both in Accounting firms and I. T firms. I like divergent views so disagree with me but let’s not abuse each other. Enjoy the blog while you are here, your views and topics are most welcome.

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