Ghanaian Celebrities Who Don’t Spare Their Critics

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They are straight to the point and wont pamper you if you try getting on their bad side.

They know they are celebrities and role models but if you step on their toes, they wont waste time to put you in your place. These celebrities do not have any problem going public with their issues or descending into the gutter with you.

However, on a good day when they don’t feel like “dirtying” themselves, ask them a question they deem stupid and you’re sure to get a very sarcastic answer which wouldn’t be too far from an insult.

Here are 10 most sarcastic Ghanaian celebrities.

1. Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia is noted for her public outbursts which are mostly against colleague celebrities. She is the queen of hard talk and insults. She wont let you go free without a comment that’ll sting you. Aside being outright abusive verbally, she has mastered the art of being sarcastic.



2. Yvonne Nelson

She’s not like Afia Schwarzenegger but her words are acidic. Yvonne can go straight insultive but sarcasm is more like her thing. Tell her something silly and she’ll respond with a much sillier answer that’ll get you thinking for days.



3. Juliet Ibrahim

She comes across as a very quiet and unassuming person but take a walk through her social media pages and you’ll get to know her well. She’s the fire-4-fire kind of person. Make a bad remark or comment on her post and you’ll regret.

image: Juliet Ibrahim/Instagram


4. Lydia Forson

For someone who writes a letter to Arch Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams asking him to come marry her to make her complete, you’ll know that she’s a very sarcastic person. Her letters which she writes to address certain issues are always full of sarcasm.

lydia forson


5. MzBel

A lot of people say she’s very arrogant. This is simply because she wouldn’t let anyone bring her down with a negative or bad comment. She’ll respond with equal fire power. She can be very abusive verbally but on a good day, you’ll get away with a sarcastic response from her.



6. Shatta Wale

Need we say anything about this gentleman? He’s the king of verbal abuse.

shatta wale


7. Nana Aba Anamoah

She’s not straight insulting but very sarcastic. Any issue that she’s got to respond, she does so with a sarcastic response that rather worsens issues.

Image: Elliot Grandberry/1Grandberry/Instagram


8. Kennedy Agyapong

So he’s not one without controversy over his public outbursts. He is always ready to match anyone boot for boot. He’s a rich Ashanti man so sarcasm is not something new to him.



9. Abeiku Santana

He looks cool and all but one word from this gentleman can kill thousand people. He doesn’t go down the insults avenue but his words will hurt you. Listen to his radio programme and you’ll get to understand what I’m talking about.


10. Asiedu Nketiah

He’s the ultimate definition of sarcasm. Ask him any question or his response to anything and his sarcasm comes to play without any hesitation.

aseidu nketia

Author: Tiko14

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