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“Occasionally I pick one or two young girls out”- Nana Addo

Nana Akufo-Addo

The Flag bearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo has dismissed claims that he drove a Mercedes Benz while he studied in the university.

According to him, several stories have been told about his childhood by his detractors which are untrue just to create an image of him which is totally different from his personality.

Speaking to Kasapa FM’s Fiifi Banson at his Nima residence in Accra, Nana Akufo-Addo who comes from an influential family stated that he is proud of his father who did very well to lay a good foundation for him and his siblings.

“I never drove a Mercedes , I rather sometimes went for my mum’s Volks Wagon car and will occasionally pick one or two young girls out during the weekends. People say all manner of things about me most of which are not true. My father was a very successful man, one of the most successful lawyers of his time and I’m very proud of him. If that is why people say I was born with a golden spoon in my mouth then I don’t have a problem with that. He did very well to provide for his children, he did what any of us will like to do for his children given the opportunity.”

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GES condemns ‘all die be die’ mock questions

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has condemned education heads at Pusiga in the Upper East Region, for allowing a mock examination question which told students that the Presidential Candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, is also known as “all die be die.”  A picture of the controversial political question in an English Mock paper, meant to prepare students for this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) went viral last week. Describing the question as substandard, the Public Relations Officer of GES, Reverend Jonathan Bettey, told Citi News education authorities in the area should have been circumspect in setting the questions.  “It has come to the limelight that the schools in that district were writing a mock and that question came which is related to the flagbearer of the NPP, Nana Akufo Addo being nicknamed as ‘all die be die.’ Ghana Education Service has a standard in setting questions and for that matter WAEC that supervises our examination also has a standard.” He said “I don’t think and believe that WAEC will set such questions for our candidates to answer in BECE.”  While condemning the questions set for the mock exams, Mr. Bettey said “we will not encourage anybody to set political questions.” “…We have condemned it and we have decided that we will speak to the district director and the headmaster of that school because as part of our routine practice, anytime a question of that nature for mock exams are set, we expect the headmaster to go through the questions to make sure they are standard before the children write,” he added.


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XCLUSIVE FOTOS: Fashion @ 2016 Kwahu Easter

The 2016 Kwahu Easter Celebration has ended with Thousands of people from all walks of life attending.

Some of those people went to reunite with their family and friends, others went to just have fun and the majority went to take part in the popular paragliding festival.

Young men and women were seen enjoying themselves or just walking in various attires.

Check out some of the pictures below



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PHOTOS From Kwahu Easter

Thousands of revelers defied hours of rain at Obomeng on the Kwahu Ridge to party all night during Easter.

As of 12:30am on Saturday when the Graphic Online team, which was locked up in heavy traffic for over an hour finally got to the slopes of the Kwahu Mountain, there was a bumper-to-bumper traffic of more revelers coming up, all the way to about half way down.
In view of the un-moving vehicular traffic, some passengers, especially those on board Metro Mass Transit buses, got off and preferred to walk up so as not to miss the action.

Obomeng is the entry point on the Kwahu Ridge and in view of that most of the merrymakers converged on the town to enjoy the Easter festivities.

Road block

However, due to the many activities that were ongoing alongside the main street, the main entrance to the town was blocked by the police and traffic diverted through other routes behind the town, but that still created a heavy traffic, as most of the vehicles and their occupants eventually ended up at the nerve centre of the celebrations – Obomeng.

In spite of heavy rains amidst brief pauses, the hordes of people from all across the country and some parts of the world were not bothered.

Those on the streets sought shelter from the many stands and spots that virtually covered about 1km stretch of street that runs through the Obomeng town when the rains intensified, but would return to party when it eased up.

Mostly made up of youth, the revelers crowded several drinking spots and eateries erected for the Easter festivities on the ridge and jammed all night to loud music.

Drenched but not bothered, revelers danced and made merry in a cacophonic atmosphere of loud music from every spot along the street.

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Man climbs 80ft tree refuses to come down until someone gives him cigarette

A man who has been stranded in an 80ft sequoia tree for more than 24 hours in downtown Seattle is refusing to come down.

Despite hours of negotiations, the unidentified man has stayed perching on a branch above one of the busiest streets in the city.

Since he climbed the tree at around 11am on Wednesday, he has flipped off the cops and thrown fruit at the people trying to rescue him.

He is also believed to have gone to the bathroom from his position.

Police, medics and firefighters at the scene say he is ‘agitated’ and refusing to cooperate with attempts to reach him, but has requested a pack of Camel Crush cigarettes.

A man is causing a stir in Seattle after climbing an 80ft tree and refusing to come down

Despite being at the top of the tree for more than seven hours, the man is still refusing to come down, and has even been pictured hanging upside down from a branch.

Meanwhile #ManInTree has gone viral on Twitter, with people from across the city posting pictures and videos of the man as they pass him in the street.

Pictures from the scene show he has now stripped the top of the tree of branches, leading some to fear for the health of the iconic sequoia.

The tree, planted at the site in the 1970s, deteriorated around six years ago leading to a campaign to save it from dying.

Seattle officials say they will review the health of the tree once the ordeal is over.

Credit:Daily Mail

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I have had sex with Kofi Amoabeng a lot of times – Mzbel confesses

Controversial and outspoken hiplife songstress Mzbel has finally opened up on her relationship with businessman and Founder of UT Bank Kofi Amoabeng.

The ‘Legelege’ singer told TV host Deloris Frimpong-Manso in a yet to air episode of theDelay Show on Viasat 1 that she had a sexual relationship with Amoabeng as was speculated previously.






“Oh yeah a lot of times,” she said when asked by the host if she got intimate with Kofi Amoabeng.

Mzbel’s admission may be news to some people while it may not be to others who knew of their union.

In the past, the two kept their relationship very private.

Mzbel has also had to respond to questions surrounding the paternity of her son Aaron.