PHOTOS + VIDEO: Obinim ‘wins’ spiritual contest

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The Founder and Leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim declared himself the winner of a spiritual contest he arranged with one traditional priest, Okomfo Yaw Appiah.

The controversial man of God declared himself the winner of the contest which was scheduled to take place at the Jubilee Park in Kumasi after the traditional priest failed to turn up at the venue.

The contest attracted more than 2000 inhabitants of the Kumasi metropolis to the venue; majority of who were members of his congregation.

Bishop Obiinim according to Nhyira FM’s Taameawu arrived at the location at 11:20 am in an all white atttire with two VIP Buses full of his congregation.

He was accompanied to the venue by his junior pastors who were gathered the congregation to pray to support their man of God whose image was being tarnished by the priest.

Arriving at the Jubilee Park in a convoy, the light skinned man of God was said to have been poised for action upon seeing an ambulance come to the venue later with two white coffins.

Genesis of the contest

According to Taameawu, the contest arose after the traditional priest claimed that he offered the controversial man of God the power to perform miracles.

Enraged by the comments from Okomfo Yaw Appiah, ‘Angel’ Obinim was said to have challenged the priest to come for his powers if he indeed was the one who offered them to him.

Thus on a local radio station, the two agreed to go for a contest to prove each others supremacy.

The Nhyira FM reporter said that the duo agreed that they would all lie in a coffin for a period of 30 minutes in turns.

The person who could resurrect after the thirty minute period would be acclaimed the ‘true’ man of God.

Below is an amatuer video of happenings at the Jubilee Park

However, after more than an hour of waiting, the traditional priest failed to turn up with media reports indicating that he was busy engaging some high profile persons that has come to his house.

The MD of Sumsum FM, the station that organised the contest disagreed with claims by Okomfo Appiah that policemen were in his house to prevent him from attending the contest.

And when all pointed to the fact that the servant of the gods would not appear at the venue for the contest, Bishop Obinim was said to have gathered his congregation and declared himslef the winner.

Bishop Obinim later drove off in a convoy to an unknown venue.



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