2 Strong Motivational Messages From KSM

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The founder and CEO of Sapphire Ghana Limited who is also the host of ‘THE KSM SHOW’ on Metro TV, Kwaku Sintim-Misa, known popularly as KSM has taken to his official facebook fan page to share two strong life changing and inspirational messages. I got inspired so I thought it wise you should also have a feel of it. Enjoy KSM’s messages below.


In soccer an “own goal” is a goal you score against yourself. In life the “own goal” you score against yourself is called SELF-PITY. Self-Pity is not listed in any medical book as a disease but it is one. It is one of the most destructive self-inflicted ailments that affects us today.

Self-Pity leads to DEPRESSION. Depression opens the floodgates of negative energy. Negative energy nuetralizes any positive fighting spirit you have in you. When that happens you go downhill till you hit rockbottom. Dont allow yourself to be dragged down through self-pity.

Dust off the SELF-PITY and RISE UP. Stop scoring “own goals” in your life. FACE the world, you have the capacity to OVERCOME and TRIUMPH


Life is a CLASS. You have to learn from the LESSONS it teaches you. The more you learn, the more you understand, the more you understand the more you PASS the TESTS that it gives you. The more you pass the tests, the more MATURE you become.

Those who FAIL in life are the those who refuse to learn from the lessons life throws at them. Dont let the lessons frustrate you. They are there to STRENGTHEN you ,but on one condition. ONLY WHEN YOU LEARN FROM THEM.

Author: Tiko14

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