Contrite Songo Kneels Down . . . As Multimedia Grp Apologizes To EC Boss & Dzifa Attivor

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Multimedia Group Limited has rendered an apology to the Electoral Commissioner Charlotte Osei and Former Transport Minister Dzifa Attivor for the unsavory remarks made by renowned Sports Presenter Patrick Osei Agyemang.

Patrick Osei Agyemang, known in the sports circles and on his “Fire for Fire” programme as Countryman Songo, chided the EC Boss and the Former Transport Minister over the “incompetence” of the two leaders.

According to him, the EC Boss doesn’t deserve her position and should be sacked from office, and further accused the former Transport Minister of misappropriation.

“…Tell us the amount…She should get out from there. Sack her from that place. She’s incompetent. She’s indeed dull. The EC Boss Charlotte Osei is incompetent. She doesn’t deserve to be the EC Boss but she is there because of politics…With all due respect, are you crazy?

“Should I tell you that you’re a thief? Are you a thief? Do you want to steal our money?” he blurted out.

Director of Sports for the Multimedia Group Limited, Samuel Yirenkyi assured government and the entire nation that disciplinary measures will be taken against Countryman Songo.

Speaking on the programme “Fire for Fire”, Mr. Yirenkyi said “we want to say that it is unfortunate. We are sorry. The gentleman himself, Patrick Osei Agyemang, has personally acknowledged his fault and as we saw he has knelt down to apologize” to all stakeholders and all viewers.

He continued that his outfit will uphold good journalistic standards and therefore treat the comments by Countryman Songo with contempt.

“Having said that, we want to indicate strongly that disciplinary action has commenced against Patrick Osei Agyemang…We assure our stakeholders, our viewers and all of high journalistic standards.”

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