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15+ Quotes from Counsellor George Lutterodt that will make your day

15 Quotes from Counsellor George Lutterodt that will make your day

Hate him or love him, Counsellor George Lutterodt will always be him and nobody else. He is for now Ghana’s most pooular relationship and marriage consellor. His popularity was made possible due to his controversial, thought-provoking, traditional and cultural views he has always had and shared about relationship and marriage and other social issues. And most of the time his utterances seem to always favour the women leaving the men to wonder why he does that. I think, maybe, he does not want the women to be taken for granted and suffer in the hands of unscrupulous and irresponsible men.

Few days ago, the relationship expert made some bold comments about marriage and some people took offense; calling him all sorts of names with others calling for him to be banned from the media. It did not shake him one bit. However, as some of you knew him already, Counsellor Lutterodt is not a man who backs down. He always stand by his words and move on.

So below are some of his recent quotes SasuGhana has assembled for you. Enjoy and after reading all of it, tell us what you think about it in the comment box down below. Do you agree with him?

“Women should never contribute to the upkeep of the house. If the chop money is not enough to buy salt, cook without salt.”

“Any married man should be worried if people stop hitting on his wife because it could be the woman is letting herself go….or losing her beauty.”

“Children born out of wedlock are demonic.”

“When a National Service Personnel proposes to marry a woman, that lady should report him to the nearest Police Station.”

“Dating is not a relationship.”

“If you are a woman and you date one man for more than two weeks then there is something wrong with you.”

“You don’t marry for yourself, you marry for your family. Don’t marry because of love, marry because of feeling.”

“A man who is not ready for marriage is a man who cannot feed himself 3 times a day plus snack.”

“A man who is not ready for marriage is a man who wakes up in the morning and cannot eat the food ‘his neck loves.’ He waits until 11AM and he eats banku, tuna, groundnut soup and drinks more water.”

“Never allow a poor man to marry you. A poor man’s marriage will kill you early. And when you die you will go to hell.”

“If a man has reached the stage of marriage and his mother and father are afraid to tell him to go and marry, both parents are witches and wizards.”

“If you are a beautiful woman and you walk around and men are afraid to ask you out or hit on you, buy a big mirror and fix it in your room and cry.”

“Report any man who is not married to you but uses your picture as his DP(display picture) to the police and get him arrested.”

“A man is not ready for marriage when he lives in ‘obey the wind’ self contain. ‘Obey the wind’ self contain is a room you partition with cast-off (‘foes’) curtains and you hold the middle with pegs and when the wind blows, you see chamber and hall.”

“When a man is doing attachment(perching) and he proposes to marry you, report him to the police and get him arrested.”

“Report any man who says he will marry you but he does not have a room he sleeps in or he sleeps in a room that he says ‘lets sleep in’ to the police and get him arrested.”

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My Bed Alone Is Worth $80,000…


MP for Assin North, Kennedy Agyepong says the bed in his bedroom alone is worth $80,000. Yes, you heard right, EIGHTY THOUSAND AMERICAN DOLLARS-that is 3.12billion old Ghana Cedis.

His wife, according to him, did not believe him when he opened up on the cost of his bed. She only believed him when he took her shopping in a store in China where he showed her the bed’s worth.

He was speaking on Badwam, about the lavish lifestyle of pastors at the expense of poor church members who cannot even afford 3 square meals or pay their kids school fees. According to him, Mensah Otabil and the Catholic Church are the only religious bodies which are true.

Many have touted him as a loudmouth but he has always kept to his claim that talking about what he has has nothing to do with being a loudmouth. He has said that he pays $50,000 a year as tuition fees for her daughter in a US college and his slippers alone is worth thousands of dollars. He owns a Rolls Royce which he bought for close to 8billion old Ghana cedi as well.

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(VIDEO) Rice Producers In China Exposed For Exporting Plastic Rice To African Countries…Including Ghana



Reports from Spy News Agency indicates that most if not all producers of long gran rice in China are resorting to the production of rice granules from the illegal use plastic – thus mixing the said plastic rice with natural rice for commercial exportation to African countries including Ghana.

The plastic rice, which is feared to be a major causative factor in gastritis and other stomach related disease are been produced through the use of biotechnological systems is feared to be, if not immediately impounded, consumed largely by Africa which happens to be the continent with the largest Chinese rice consumption rate.

So far, experts say there is no scientific rice testing method developed yet to detect this artificial rice from the original ones produced at the various points of entry into countries. Scientists are therefore being called upon all over the world to help avert the cancerous agenda being embarked on by some industry players to cause disease and death on mass scale.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) is to begin checking samples of rice on the market, especially those from China and also to educate importers on the dangers of importing unwholesome food substances into the country.

Below is a leaked video of a rice mill in China largely producing the said plastic rice:-

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“Wee Can Help Ghana Economically” – Blakk Rasta


Radio personality and reggae musician, Blakk Rasta has emphasized that he loves marijuana.

According to the outspoken ‘Salaga soldier’, although he has never smoked, he has on many occasions, used marijuana.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review on Saturday concerning his issue with Parliament, Blakk Rasta said after he apologised to the legislative body for his alleged claims that about 80% of them use marijuana, he was asked if he will continue talking about the leaf.

“I replied ‘yes’. I’m so passionate about it. I love wee so much and it is what is going to help this country grow. I have never smoked wee but I have used several times,” he stated.

Blakk Rasta affirmed that the country can have positive gains by legalising marijuana.

“Wee is something which can help us economically. Cocoa has disappointed us, gold has disappointed us small so let’s legalise it. Kofi Annan of all people has called for its legalisation,” he said.

A number of musicians have given various reasons to back why they think marijuana should be legalised in Ghana. They have argued that it is highly medicinal and legal in most developed countries..