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Which Race Of Women Do You Think Has The Tightest Vajayjay? Black, Hispanic Or Whites? Study Reveals

Not all study is supposed to make sense or be educative. abi… some people don’t have work. A new medical study titled “Comparison of vaginal shapes in Afro-American, Caucasian and Hispanic women as seen with Vinyl Polysiloxane Casting,” set out to determine which race of women has the tightest vaginas and guess what they arrived at?

According to preliminary findings, black women have the tightest, followed by Hispanic, and then Caucasian women. But how can you they arrive at this conclusion? Did they try out women?

According to reports, the study called for a full vinyl polysiloxane casts of the vagina to be obtained from the subjects – 23 African-American, 39 Caucasian and 15 Hispanic women. The casts were taken in lying, sitting and standing positions.

Here is now the study was described:
Analyses of cast and introital measurements revealed: (1) posterior cast length is significantly longer, anterior cast length is significantly shorter and cast width is significantly larger in Hispanics than in the other two groups and (2) the Caucasian introitus is significantly greater than that of the Afro-American subject.
The shape of the vagina also varies from woman to woman and can be categorized as parallel sides, conical, heart, slug and pumpkin seed [21,23]. When compared among races, the pumpkin seed shape was found to be specific to African-American women [23].
To me, the most interesting data compared vaginal shapes among 23 African-American, 39 Caucasian, and 15 Hispanic women. The researchers found that the Hispanic ladies’ vaginas were wider overall, longer in the back, and shorter in the front than the vaginas of the other women. The study also noted that the Caucasian women had a much larger vaginal opening than did the African American women.
So basically, Caucasian women tend to have longer vaginas at the front of the body (anterior), shorter at the rear. Hispanics tend to have larger overall width (what you would term tightness) with the shortest length. African women tend overall to have the smallest width (tightest).

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog

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I Carried Only $1,500 On My Travel – Allotey Jacobs

Central Regional Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Allotey Jacobs at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom has revealed that he had only $1,500 dollars on him on his travel abroad.

According to him, there was no way he could travel with a whopping €500,000 as has been alleged was found on him leading to his arrest at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom.

He said if he had that much money, he would have built a skyscraper in Ghana and would not have bothered carrying it abroad.

Rumours went viral on social media on Sunday alleging that Mr Allotey Jacobs was busted for carrying cocaine in Britain, where he was expected to have connected to the United States of America later.

Other reports said the NDC bigwig who is abroad for a business transaction was escorted from the plane and questioned when his flight arrived Sunday morning over a tip-off that he was carrying too much money.

The rumours further said Ghana’s High Commissioner to the UK, Victor Smith had dispatched officials of the High Commission to help Chairman Allotey.

But Allotey Jacobs has since denied his arrest and has vowed to deal ruthlessly with Hopeson Adorye, the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) activist who is believed to have started the rumour by publishing it on his Facebook wall.

“I will never allow this rumour to wish away like that, because he cannot destroy my hard won reputation with a figment of his own imagination. How can one manufacture such baseless allegation, and he goes to social media and writes that I’ve been arrested. I traveled with my colleague Board member, Mrs Agbenyeto who’s a former Chief State Attorney, how can I even take this amount being alleged out of Ghana.”

Meanwhile, Hopeson Adorye has insisted that Allotey Jacobs was momentarily arrested and questioned over a case of money laundering Sunday while boarding a flight to the UK.

Adorye claims an account of his friend who was on board the same British airline flight 078 suggested that at Heathrow Airport, UK Security officials approached Jacobs on the flight – questioned him over money laundering issues and for a few minutes walked him out of the craft.

“Of-course I didn’t start this rumours on social media, but a friend who was also travelling to UK on the same flight and was at the business class with Allotey said at Heathrow, some four security officials including three men and a lady walked to Allotey and asked him how much money he was having in his possession. Allotey just told the officials that the money he was carrying was purposely for a government programme; but the officials who were not convinced by Allotey’s response said he’d sometime ago said the same thing. So within some few minutes he was accosted and escorted out with a lady who was sitting beside Allotey on the plane leaving his belongings. The issue even made him delay his next flight to Dallas. And so this person’s account is accurate- he just told me exactly what happened and for me a summary of the whole incidence is that this amounts to questioning and arrest of Allotey Jacobs by UK officials. ” Adorye told Fiifi Banson onAnopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM Monday.

Source: kasapafmonline

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Why Must UK Appoint A “Fool” As A Commissioner To Ghana? – Kofi Jumah Asks

Former Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly boss and New Patriotic Party [NPP] member, Maxwell Kofi Jumah has launched a scathing attack on the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin.

He has described him without any hesitation as a “fool”.

“So if Britain wants someone as a High Commissioner to Ghana, must they appoint a fool like Jon Benjamin as their Commissioner to Ghana? That man is a fool,” he angrily said on NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’.

His invectives comes after the Commissioner denied reports in a series of tweets that the Central Regional Chairman of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Allotey Jacobs has been arrested in the UK.

News went viral on social media on Sunday that Allotey Jacobs was busted at the Heathrow Airport by the UK National Crime Agency on suspected money laundering and cocaine trafficking.

The unconfirmed report also said Ghana’s High Commissioner to the UK, Victor Smith had dispatched officials of the High Commission to rescue the NDC chairman. But Jon Benjamin in responding to the report on Twitter said “the story is not true.”

“I can confirm that the rumor about Mr. Jacobs is definitely not true . . . Mr. Allotey Jacobs transited Heathrow this morning without incident,” he added.

This seems to have provoked the former Asokwa NPP MP and attempts by the host to stop him from further insults again triggered him to hang up in a live radio interview with Kwesi Aboagye.

“If you don’t want me to talk, then bye,” he hung up.

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Will You Fight Over A Woman?

One characteristic of the animal kingdom is that males fight over females to pass on their genes. You find this among insects, birds, reptiles and mammals.

In fact among a species of apes, one in four males is killed by its own kind over territory, more specifically over females. A male lion may kill cubs from other males to hasten ovulation in the female and pass its genes to her.bToday, with advancement in social medial, we hear of many cases of men fighting over women. For example, early this year, two men inflicted severe knife wounds on each other in a fight over a woman.

Again, this month, we heard of two men who fought over a woman. After the fight, one of them went for his car and drove it over his rival and killed him instantly. The power of women! No doubt Akans say emaa beku mmarima or men suffer greatly because of men.

Men fighting over women is not new. In fact, studies show men fighting over women in the prehistoric times could be far worse than today. For example, mass graves of skeleton investigated by the Durban University suggested tribes killed their rivals for their woman.

Men are born competitive and therefore fight over women more than women fighting over men. This is because men get great emotional fulfillment as they provide and protect the women they love. Studies, however, show that when men fight over a woman, it really has little to do with the woman. It is more about expressing their ego.Fighting over women is more common among the young ones. They have higher testosterone levels to be more aggressive to impress others.

It is also known that some women feel empowered by the sight of two men fighting over them and the knowledge that they can drive men into extreme physical measures.

Two Guys fighting over a Girl

The question is; will you fight over a woman?

Yes, always

Some men think they must protect those they love and fight if they have to do so. Some men have invested heavily in women like sponsorship through the university and building properties for them. They can’t see their investment go down the drain without a fight.

Some fight for self-respect or protect the integrity of someone they love. Some think you must fight if you are with your girl and another man emasculates you severely.

No never

It is only men who lack confidence who fight over a woman. If you fight over a woman, it means you have no trust in her being your woman. There is a choice that a woman must make whenever a man comes into the picture. Beating a woman will not automatically sway her to your side.

Will you fight over a woman?

It is normal to have a woman and have some men interested in her. If you think beating other perceived rivals will win you the woman you love, think again. You may win the fight and lose the woman. Fighting over a woman is the ultimate sign of a man losing himself. Instead of looking at your rivals, look into yourself and see what you can do better and differently to get your woman to your side. This is not to say some women are not worth fighting for but you should consider why you need to fight for her in the first place.

Fight yourself to get better and keep your woman instead of fighting other people to keep them away. If your woman wants to go, no fighting can stop her. If you love your woman unconditionally and meet her emotional needs, you will not fight over her because she will not look for less.

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It’s Prostituion…Counsellor Lutterodt On Celebrities Exposing Their Breast & Cleavages (PHOTOS)

He is controversial and it is therefore not surprising that Counsellor George Lutterodt has criticised nudity and exposure in the Ghanaian showbiz industry. He describes the trend as prostitution.

In an interview with Showbiz, Counsellor Lutterodt described the trend of celebrities exposing their breasts and cleavages on red carpet events and other entertainment platforms as insanity and called on women everywhere to rise up and redeem the image of feminism. “I believe our people are getting out of hand and it’s time someone let them know that nudity is prostitution. For me, whatever you show is advert and we only advertise for purposes of sales and marketing. Nudity should never be exchanged for fashion,” he said.

“We are role models, people wish to become like us, and once this is so, we have to bring some sanity in the way we dress. Our celebrities have gone naked in the name of fashion. You go for programmes and see people virtually naked just to be fashionable,” he added.

He mentioned that as role models and people in the public eye, celebrities have a duty to set positive examples in order to train the future generation.

“If you think empowerment of women means they have to go about showing their cleavages, then I beg to differ. If you are, you do not have to show your nakedness, rather you make people assess you based on your work,” he added.

The outspoken counsellor also criticised the increasing trend of leaked sex-tapes and pictures and warned couples to desist from the habit of making and sharing such content among themselves.

“Any man or woman who requests for your nude picture because they have missed you is calling you a harlot, prostitute and has disrespected you. If a man truly respects you, he will never ask you to send him a nude picture. This is disrespect to womanhood’. “If you miss your partner, you have to physically go to them, you do not request for a sex video, which will one day become a shame to them,” he added.

“All these distant relations that people request videos and pictures have led people to become lesbians and homosexuals because they begin to fondle themselves and this leads to other things,” he said.

He warned men to be wary of women who voluntarily record and send such videos to them .

“Only prostitutes will sell themselves for gain. If you are going out with her and she sends you such a video, then know that you are in the biggest danger of your life because she is not a woman but a prostitute in disguise,” he stated.

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Python bites Thai man’s penis in terrifying toilet encounter

(CNN)A man in Thailand is recovering in hospital after a python latched its fangs onto his penis while he was using his toilet earlier this week.

Rescuers arrived to find the python’s head hanging from the bathroom door, secured by a rope, with the rest of the snake still stuck in the squat toilet at the man’s home in Chachoengsao Province, east of Bangkok.
Blood is splattered across the bathroom floor where the man was bitten by the python.

The man lost a lot of blood but is now recovering at Chularat Hospital, according to hospital officials.
Emergency workers had to dismantle the toilet to remove the snake, which also survived the ordeal, according to rescue officer Danupol Tapo.
Emergency workers had to dismantle the toilet to dislodge the snake.

Tapo, who has been working in rescue for more than six years, said he’s seen snakes in toilets before, but never witnessed a scene quite like this one.
“This is all bizarre,” he told CNN. “I had witnessed snakes [come] out of toilets many times, and when they bit [it] mostly would be at legs or butts. Not the penis, this is the first time.”
The snake and the man both survived the ordeal.

Last year two pythons made their way into two Australian toilets in an attempt to find water.
“They’re non-venomous, these snakes,” Queensland snake catcher Elliot Budd told CNN in September. “They’re not something to fear but it’s best if you come across them to leave them alone.”

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Meet Pappu: The Crorepati beggar who gives loans to businessmen

meet pappu the crorepati beggar who gives loans to businessmen- India Tv

Patna: Seeing the life of a beggar usually saddens people but we have a story for you which will make you feel sorry for yourself. This is a tale of a beggar in Patna who owns property of around Rs 1.25 crore.

Patna-based tramp Pappu kumar is a handicapped beggar who has four banks accounts. Kumar is an educated boy and once he was an aspirant of engineering.

The reality of this vagrant surfaced during the beggar removal drive by Railway Protection Force at Patna Railway Station.

RPF personnel recovered various essential things including four ATM cards and Rs 10 lakh from him.

According to the media reports, Kumar told the RPF that he has also given loan of Rs 10 lakh to the local traders in a new market area at a high rate of simple interest.

On further investigations, it was found that he has Rs 5 lakh balance in his bank account.

When a RPF official asked him to get treatment for his paralysed hand and leg, Pappu replied, ‘If I am cured, how will I continue begging?’

Besides having a land of nearly 2000 square feet and five lakh cash in bank, Pappu has still no plans of giving up begging.

Feeling bad about yourself, much?


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6 Romantic Gestures That Look Annoying To The Public

1 : Stalking


Like seriously I personally hate this. Why stalk your partner and it’s most annoying when this is done by just one party. You see some people’s timeline on social medias filled with a particular person comments all the time. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that’s Bae.
When you do it all the time it can get annoying especially if your partner is not the outgoing type.

2 : Public show of affection.

Shatta Mitchy Hails Shatta Wale For ‘WMT” Song
Yea it’s quite good to hold hands about,act all cozy and do the winks like you both got your eyes on fleek but seriously not all the time . Give yourself a break in public sometimes and actually in the real sense some do this for show off like they are trying to get back at an ex or so. Also remember this same people you are showing off to will be there to laugh their ass off when things ain’t working.

3 playful spanks :

Moesha Boudong’s Pictures You Love To Hate

You don’t want your partner shedding tears all because of your silly tantrums.
I see this as a childish romance and not romantic at all.

4 : Visiting at Work place :

Turning 30 was depressing – Yvonne Nelson

Okay this can be good and so romantic when it’s done for certain and specific occasions but not when it becomes a regular routine. Just know you are becoming a snitch and people around are beginning to see it annoying.

5. Trying to make other couple around jealous


We all know everything isn’t that rosy behind the scenes so you trying to prove a point by being overly dramatic about being romantic gets annoying. Keep your cuddles to yourselves in the real sense no one really cares.

6 : Pulling dangerous stunts.


Okay now this got me laughing. You hear the guy say ” baby I gat your back,trust me” .
And he told you to do something dangerous when both of you actually know you can’t do that thing. Trust me he ain’t got nothing. Who are you both deceiving ?

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It’s not Sinful for Female Gospel Singer to wear Short dress-Prophet Kobi

The Leader and Founder of Glorious Waves Church International Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has revealed that he sees nothing wrong with female gospel musicians wearing short and skimpy dresses.
Some gospel musicians in the country have recently received a lot of public flak from their skin toning to dressing indecently.

Some of the singers have been harshly criticized by relatives, fans and the public concerning their makeup and skimpy dressings.

But Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi says it’s not ungodly for female gospel singer to wear short dresses on stage.

According to him, there is nothing wrong with short dresses unless the person goes nude.

He told Roman Fada of Atinka Fm in one of his interviews that, wining souls for Christ is not about decent or indecent dressings but what is in the heart. ‘’ Christianity is not about how you dress to church but it’s about dedicating your soul and heart to God’’.
Prophet Kobi stated that he has no beef with the conduct of gospel musicians.

‘’If they have the Holy Spirit in them that is all, dressings are for shows ‘’ he noted