English Words Ghanaians Usually Have Difficulty Pronouncing

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There are some words that we’ve had difficulties pronouncing our entire lives.

Let’s see if you agree with us.

1. Parallelogram

There are too many ‘Ls’ in this one and for a country where most people confuse R and L all the time, this turns into a herculean task.



2. Testicles

It is very common to hear Ghanaians pronounce this word as “Tes-ta-kel”, we don’t know where they got the “A” from. It gets worse when they replace the ‘L’ in there with an ‘R’. Just take your time, you will get it.


3. Thistle

This small word can mess you up sometimes. Although it is not a common word, those who come across it always face a challenge.


4. Characteristics

Pronouncing character is enough headache for some Ghanaians, how much more characteristics. If you don’t take your time on this one, you might end up biting your tongue.


5. Cacophony

Ok! Take a look at this word, try pronouncing it, when you’re done listen to the right pronunciation online and laugh at yourself.


6. Cucumber

Please my fellow Ghanaians, it is not “cum-cum-ba” it is “cucumber“.


7. Isthmus

Not so common but has caused a lot of damage to a few who dared to use it.



8. Colonel

If you know you have problems with your ‘R’ and ‘L’, don’t bother pronouncing it before you end up biting your tongue.


9. Crisps

This word might look simple but trust me, it is tough getting it right.


10. Onomatopoeia

Pronouncing this brings a lot of chaos.


11. Deterioration

When you see words like this, you think it will be easy to pronounce till you actually try. If you’ve ever had a problem with this word, don’t worry, that makes you a Ghanaian.


12. Rural

Ever heard someone say, “lulal aleas“? if you have, that makes us two. Most Ghanaians pronounce it “Lulal”.


13. Crocodile

Please if you feel pronouncing this word will give you a hell of time just use croc and be free. It is very common to hear Ghanaians say, cro-cro-die and not crocodile as it is written.



14. Thoroughly

The latter “th” part of this word is silent, pronunciation of this word is “tho-ro-ly


15. Vocabulary

Not wanting trouble with this word, we just say, “vocabs” and we are gone.


16. Miscellaneous

Honestly, if you don’t take time on this word, you will bite your tongue.


17. Otolaryngology

Okay! If you think you’re an expert at pronouncing words, try pronouncing this word, record it and leave it in the comment box. (Ghanaians only).


18. Remuneration

This is the word most Ghanaians love to hear, but how many of us really love to pronounce it? We are okay with Salary, even with that, there is a problem but we will let is pass.


19. Brewery

If you’re a foreigner in the country and you hear people say, “Blu-way“, that’s the word up there. We actually want to say Brewery.


20. Tomorrow



21. Regularly

Pronouncing this word is headache and so just take your time.


22. February

Just like the word above, we face the same challenge when pronouncing February, thanks to the numerous ‘R’ in there.


23. Statistics

Personally, I’ve heard many people say, “Sa-sis-sisis” and I’ve also seen many bite their tongue when pronouncing this word.


24. Library

Just take your time on this one and you will easily get it right.


25. Anesthetist

If you don’t work in the hospital you’re safe from this burden. If you are unfortunate enough to have to pronounce it, we wish you divine mercies.

26. Diphtheria

Not common but when you come across it, just take your time before you cause a blunder.


27. Subtle

The “b” is silent when pronouncing this word. It is pronounced as “sa-tle” and not “sab-tle


Add more, we’ll update our list. You may want to check out words that are used by Ghanaians and are only known to Ghanaians


Author: Tiko14

Welcome to my wORDpreSS. I am a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and has a passion for Ghana, hence talks a lot about Ghana. I blog about entertainment, tourism, politics, arts, culture and football. I am in the media and have the advantage of working both in Accounting firms and I. T firms. I like divergent views so disagree with me but let’s not abuse each other. Enjoy the blog while you are here, your views and topics are most welcome.

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