MP Involved In JB Danquah’s Murder Exposed

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MP Involved In JB Danquah's Murder Exposed

The young man who is held for allegedly killing Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North in the Eastern Region, has reportedly claimed that he is now relying on his initial statement he gave to the police.

He had earlier claimed that he and other two people were contracted to kill the MP.

Daniel Asiedu, aka Sexy Don Don, a 21 year old native of Laerteh in the Eastern Region, in his first statement, made mind-blowing revelations upon his arrest on February 11; and even mentioned the amount of money paid him by his ‘recruiter (s)’ as well as the role allegedly played by an unnamed MP belonging to a certain political persuasion.

JB’s security man was said to be part of the plot, according to Daniel.

The security man claimed he did not know when the assailants entered the house, suggesting that he was sleeping when they attacked his boss.

BNI Custody

However, when the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) took over the case for furth interrogation, Daniel Asiedu made a sudden u-turn, allegedly changing his thumb-printed statement by claiming that he had gone to the late JB Danquah-Adu’s house to rob and not to kill.

Daniel had allegedly told a team of BNI investigators that he went into the house to rob and that while removing the television set on the wall, the MP, who was then not asleep, tried to arrest him by holding his neck and out of fear, he stabbed the MP in the abdomen and the ribs before escaping.

Major U-turn

Yesterday, Daily Guide leant from police sources that Asiedu was reportedly insisting that the statement he gave to the police on February 11 – two days after the MP was killed at his residence at Shiashie, East Legon in Accra – should be taken as the true reflection of what happened.

In the said statement extracted from him by the police in Accra, Daniel Asiedu, who has been returned to the police from the BNI custody following a court order, had admitted that he committed the gruesome murder for a reward of GHc2,000.

MP’s assignment

He had said emphatically in his statement that it was one Junior Agogo, who appears to have been identified as Vincent Bosso, and Avenger who recruited him for the crime and that he asked about the source of the money, the two had told him it was an MP’s assignment.

Avenger has reportedly been arrested by the police and it is coming at a time Daniel has left BNI custody.

Whilst in BNI custody, he was said to be in solitary confinement and at one point claimed in court that the security operatives wanted to kill him through food poisoning.

Interesting Narration

“I was at Zongo Junction dealing in second-hand mobile phones when my friends, by names Junior and Avenger, approached me and said they had a job for me to execute for an amount of GHC2,000. They did not tell me the type of job and I thought it was a stealing a stealing operation (sic),” Asiedu claimed in his statement.

He had told interrogators that on the following day, Tuesday, Febraury 9, his two friends came in a taxi to pick him up at Madina Zongo Junction, went in the direction of Shiashie and stopped in front of a house and there were flowers planted in front of the house.


“It was Junior who called the security man on duty and told him he had arrived. In the vehicle, Junior was also talking to someone on his phone but I could not tell whether it was the security man or any other person,” he had said, adding that the security man assisted them with a ladder and a table and Junior climbed first, followed by Avenger and then he (Daniel) followed after sometime.

JB’s Room

The three of them entered the room through JB’s window while he was sleeping, according to Daniel. He said Junior took the late MP’s two phones and a catapult and handed over to him.

“It was Junior who stabbed JB with a knife,” he had claimed, adding that he (Sexy Don Don) left the catapult and his slippers behind.

He admitted he was paid the GHC2,000 before they got to the crime scene and that he later used GHC300 out of the GHC2,000 to buy some clothes. He added that he kept the MP’s Samsung mobile phone and told the two what he got from the room.

“When I received the money, I asked them how they got the money and Junior the Avenger told me that it was a certain…MP who gave them the job to do,” he averred.

Suspected Cover-up

On the eve of JB’s funeral recently, NPP MP for Obuasi East, Edward Ennin, lambasted the authorities for not doing enough to bring the perpetrators of the heinous crime to book and said on Adom TV that he suspected an official cover up.

According to the vociferous MP, there is a video recording that appears to show the moment the assailants of the murdered MP left the crime scene at his Shiashie.

CCTV Footage

A close circuit television (CCTV) appears to have captured that moment when Mr Ennin said a white Nissan Altima left the scene after the gruesome murder at dawn that February 9, 2016.

He said what he saw on the video clearly showed that the security agencies investigating the gruesome murder had not done enough to track down the perpetrators of the dastardly crime.

“I am telling you that I have watched a CCTV video footage. The assailant had dressed like someone ready to fight karate. He was in black attire. A resident in the area had his/her CCTV camera capturing the assailant.

“There was a white car (Altima K45) which is popular in town. What was the car doing in the area at that material moment?” he queried.

Source :Daily Guide

Daily Guide


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