How To MC A Wedding Reception The Easy Way

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Have you been asked to MC a wedding reception?  Need some pointers on what to do before, during and after the event?  The following 9 tips should help you and make your job easier.

Before the reception…


  1. Meet with the couple before the big day.  You will get a sense of how they want the function to play out.  Insist that they designate one person to whom you communicate on the day of the event.


  1.      Look sharp. Hair well groomed, clothes well pressed, breath well freshened.  You have no excuse to look or smell out of place.


  1. Get to the venue early.  It will give you the chance to get used to the space you will be using and you will be able to know where the washrooms and other facilities are.  It will also give you an opportunity to meet with the event organizer, DJ, caterer and other suppliers who will contribute to the success of the function.


  1. Go through the programme.  Make sure you pronounce unfamiliar names well.  Find out who will be praying, cutting the cake with the couple and popping the champagne.  It will ensure that you run the event with minimal interruptions.


  1. Check with the couple on the music they prefer for their entrance.  Make sure the DJ has it and if he doesn’t, get permission from the couple for an alternative.  Music plays an important role in creating memories and you want the couple to remember their grand entrance as a happy one.



During the reception…


6. Get the guests to stand up, clap and get excited when the couple arrives.  Why?  It adds to the celebratory atmosphere and is sure to bring broad smiles to the lips of the newlyweds.


  1. Be a step or two ahead of the programme at all times.  By the time of the opening prayer, you should know the names of everyone who will be playing a part in reception.  It will keep you in control of the event.


  1. Watch out for difficult guests.  They could range from disgruntled ex-lovers to drunken uncles dying to sing just one number for their just-married niece.  Use all your powers of tact and diplomacy to steer these troublemakers away from the festivities without alarming the newlyweds.



After the reception…



  1. Meet the guests when it is all over.  As the MC, you are hosting the reception on behalf of the couple.  Shake hands with family and friends and tell them how pleased you were that they accepted the invitation – they will appreciate it and, who knows, maybe even invite you to host their own event.


So there you have it.  9 easy tips to sort you out for your next wedding reception.  Do you have any of your own?  Feel free to share.





Author: Tiko14

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