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I’m glad by the mere thought of mentioning Mr Kwesi Twum, the CEO of Multimedia Broadcasting Company and ‘Owner’ of Joy fm in my write-up for the first time. Unfortunately and sadly instead my original and earlier intention to write to congratulate him for his recently won EMY Award, one of his charges (presenter) by name kojo yankson, the current host of the Super Morning Show, has decided to snatch that opportunity from Kwesi Twum his employer.

This morning on Joy fm at the start of the Super morning Show (SMS), in an interaction with the morning devotion Pastor who usually hands over that segment of the Programme kojo yankson. kojo pieced three media issues that have made headlines attributed to President Mahama, The Motorbike ride, The Ford Expedition issue and the president acquiring a Pistol. He drew conclusions that suggest that the president is an ARMED ROBBER, yes Armed robber, that’s what kojo yankson said this morning.

The sad bit of it is that, much as this issue has received a wide condemnation from a wide section on social media, the Management of Joy fm has not seen the need to render any apology for such disrespectful, alien, crude and uncouth behavior from the that pompous presenter who thinks he has the sole preserve for spewing out nonsense on the people he hates.

My sadness has to do with the nostalgic memories that I often stroll my mind through, the era the Tommy Annan Forsons, the Dusty Waynes, the Komla Dumors, (MHSRIP), the Kofi Owusus, the Kojo Oppong Nkrumahs, the Bernad Saibus, just to mention a few, with Programme managers like the Samuel Attah Mensahs, again the Kofi Owusus, Cox Tamakloes etc. news casters, like the Fred Chidis, the Sena Atoklos, the Akosua Larbis, Eugenia Appiahs, Ivy Heward-Mills, just to mention a few.
This were the days I knew and nursed the hope of Joy fm becoming one of the best in Africa and were nurturing international class broadcasters.

With the likes of kojo yankson as the presenter of Joy fm’s flagship Programme, then SMS is gradually becoming a pedestrian one directional Programme with each segment of the Programme per-produced to elicit HATRED and BAD PRESS towards President Mahama and the NDC government officials. Whatever the motivation for such regime-change agenda I cannot hazard any guesses for now but I can only draw the attention of Kwesi Twum to it this time, and to tell him that Joy fm is slowly losing its first choice place on daily basis. kojo yankson is so warped in his judgement on matters relating to the sitting president and probably has a fixation towards him whatever might be the reason, but I think he should not be allowed to denigrate the number one Gentleman of the land. These behavior tells some of us that some of these modern day “dreamers without brains” who have found fame on a silver platter owing to hardwork by their predecessors, do not only lack homely training of how to respect the elderly and people in leadership, but also feel a certain sense of false stardom predicated on hollowness of sound thinking.
To think that it is when you are seen to be ‘taking on’ the president head-on and passing off cheeky remarks about him on daily bases with some ‘concert party’ fashioned newspaper review, that make one a star? Tweaa….


I said it last week that the reason I still keep listening to the Super Morning Show is for me to test my patience, endurance and perseverance levels each morning and secondly to listen to views from resource persons and presenters of segments like ‘food for thought’ and hotline documentaries etc. other times I manage to feel at ease a bit with Nhyira Addo when he takes over the console. He is much much better compared to that self-conceited man with over-bloated ego. I dont know which other radio station will want to poach such a presenter even here in Ghana let alone anywhere else beyond this country, and he has such an irritating voice that is unradio-like, especially for morning shows. Anyway let me stop here before I say anything unplanned.

It is my hope that Kwesi Twum and his management will find it appropriate to write and deliver an official letter of apology to the president and let a member of management read a copy on air to their discerning listeners, and for kojo yankson to personally render an apology to the President first and to us the listeners whose sensibilities he effusively offended with those unsavory words.

My final words to Kwesi Twum is that, he should know by now that Joy fm is a brand, and patrons want to stick with their choice of brands. I love Joy fm from the bottom of my heart and I have never shifted my dial since April 1995 from the first day of test transmission, when some of these current presenter were just about to enter JSS till now, I’m still a loyal listener but trust me I’m not alone with these views on kojo yankson, so pls be advised according. I wish Joy fm a blessed future……and CONGRATULATIONS KWESI TWUM on winning the EMY award.

Source: Hon. Kojo Adu-Asare (facebook)

Author: Tiko14

Welcome to my wORDpreSS. I am a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and has a passion for Ghana, hence talks a lot about Ghana. I blog about entertainment, tourism, politics, arts, culture and football. I am in the media and have the advantage of working both in Accounting firms and I. T firms. I like divergent views so disagree with me but let’s not abuse each other. Enjoy the blog while you are here, your views and topics are most welcome.

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