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The Tertiary Education Institutional Network (TEIN) of NDC of the University College of Management Studies, (UCOMS) Accra campus, wishes to strongly Condemn in no uncertain terms the unsavory, uncivilized, and unwarranted comments and attack made by the MP for Assin North, Mr. Kennedy Agypapong , against the person of the very respectful, hardworking, competent and a learned individual, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Madam Charlotte Osei. We also wish to use this opportune moment to call on all Ghanaians most especially the Christian Council, the Peace Council, Women groups etc to condemn the actions of Hon Kennedy Agyepong which is becoming more of him as a legislator and an honourable member of the the second arm of government, and to call on Mr Agyepong to withdraw and issue an unqualified apology to the hardworking Chairperson of the EC.

TEIN UCOMS condemns his disparaging comments which borders on sexism, discrimination against women empowerment, disrespect for womanhood and disregard for our culture and traditions. His comment seems to suggest that women can only to rise in our society when they offer their bodies to men in authority. This is unethical and unprofessional to have come from a law maker. It is shameful, medieval and it will only come from an uncultured person.

We are not surprised about the misconduct and the behavior of both Mr Kennedy Agyepong and the NPP. In this peaceful country of ours, an MP would open his mouth wild to chant “All die be die” again as his party flagbearer did prior to the 2012 general elections. It is now clear that it has become their brand because their Grandpa and flagbearer started it. But we are happy Ghanaians are very much aware of the calculated attempt being adopted by the NPP and their surrogates to systematically denigrate and tarnish the hard won image and reputation of the Electoral Commission and the Commissioner. The misconduct of Mr Agyepong is only an echo of what the NPP, which in recent times is becoming notoriously noted for with such unsavory behaviors such as acid baths, sacking of key Northerners and Gas from their party, unwarranted attacks on Voltarians as foreigners, damaging people’s cars, attacking people at radio stations and for which NPP is widely noted for as Ghana’s most violent political tradition.

We therefore call on parliament to haul him before the Privileges Committee for bringing the image and integrity of the law house into disrepute and shame. We also call on all women wings of political parties, Non-Governmental Organisations, Human Rights bodies and societies, Queen Mothers and other traditional rulers, religious bodies and Ghanaians in general to condemn this distasteful comments by all means possible.
The personality and credibility of Mrs Charlotte Osei are not in doubt since her track records speak for itself. Being the former head of the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) and a legal luminary, she has the capacity and integrity to head such a respectable and delicate position as the Electoral Commissioner without any form of inducement. As the first female Commissioner which obviously empowers women, we thought it is an inspiration for other women to emulate but Kennedy Agyapong’s statement can be seen as a draw back to our growing democracy.


We wish to remind Mr Agyepong and the NPP that Ghanaians will not allow them to plunge this great country of ours into chaos just to satisfy one person’s selfish political ego. Ghanaians will vote for continuation of massive developmental projects as can be seen by all except those in NPP wearing wooden spectacles. Change is already happening and fellow Ghanaians believed in Sugar factory and not the so called copy copy to build “dog factory”as they NPP alluded to.

TEIN UCOMS CHAPTER wish to urge all women not to be discouraged by these comments from an uncultured men like Kennedy Agyapong but strive to reach greater and enviable heights in society and become good mothers for our beloved country.
Thank you
God bless Ghana
God bless NDC
God bless TEIN UCOMS
God bless women

To all media houses

Signed by

George Enimil


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