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Gospel Musician Gifty Osei a.k.a Empress One Goofs Whilst Responding To Critics Of Her Make-Up


Ghanaian gospel musician Gifty Osei aka Empress One has once again goofed in a new video she shared on social media to respond to critics of her make-up.

The ‘Fefeefe’ hitmaker in a new video, on Instagram, while trying to explain herself and blast critics of her makeup, called trending as ‘Training’.

“It look like yesterday night, I went on social media and it look like am really Training (trending) sic. People are really commenting about my makeup. Why if you are gospel artiste, don’t I have to make-up my face…? Ghanafuo kasa paaa”

Fans of the ‘Aseda’ famed musician lashed her for what they described as ‘horrible and worldly’ makeup for a woman of God.


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I Prefer Prez Mahama But Iam Not NDC

Musician/Rapper, Mzbel is no stranger to controversies and for the past few days she has come under a barrage of attacks on social media for supposedly endorsing the candidature of President John Dramani Mahama.

She has been tagged a supporter of the ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC) but the Awoso Me hitmaker has denied that in a chat with Showbiz on Tuesday.

“I’m not a member of the NDC and I don’t remember saying anywhere that I am,” Mzbel said.

Narrating the story on how she came to be tagged as a member of the ruling NDC party, the mother of one said she was asked in a radio interview of her opinion of the performance of both the NPP and NDC governments and only passed her judgment based on the developmental projects carried out by both governments.

According to her, she was convinced the ruling government has performed better based on the evidence of the many projects they have undertaken in the country on the assumption of office.

“Am I not a citizen of this country to state my opinion on issues concerning this country?

I don’t know why people would attack my personality and even extend the derogatory insults to my family just because I expressed my candid opinion.

“Besides, no one has officially contacted me to campaign for him/her so what’s the point in tagging me NDC.

“I think my critics are rather using my name and brand to campaign for the NDC party since I have never said anywhere that I belong to any particular party,” she said.

But a part of a press statement she released on Monday, the Saucy Girl artiste who has been embroiled in many controversies in the past said, “ It is a shame to see people insult, ridicule and attack my personality just because I was bold enough to voice out my political opinion to endorse H.E. President John Dramani Mahama”.

When Showbiz drew her attention to the above statement, the outspoken artiste had this to say. “ I support Mahama because of the development I have seen during his tenure but that doesn’t make me NDC”.

Probably having had enough of the “negative vibes”, Mzbel asked crusaders for peaceful elections to channel their energies to educate people on the need to be tolerant of the views of their political opponents.

“This is how election violence and chaos starts. That is, our inability to accept that we can’t all be on the same side of the political divide. They would take the least opportunity to denigrate your personality.

Tolerance is very key in having peaceful elections because if you attack a person, the supporters will definitely come after you and this is how violence begins.

“Whiles preaching peace, let’s encourage the electorate to accept different political opinions.

“Besides, the most important thing to do to win votes is to sell your party and candidate and not attack people because they don’t support your choice. That isn’t right,” the Legelege artiste added.


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10 Things Nobody Told You About A Man’s Sperm

Mark Wealth

Sometimes it’s thick, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s whitish or off-white and it contains cells that are responsible for making babies. But is that all?

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Sperm.

The Cells Are Like Animals?

Sperm was actually discovered by a Dutch microscope maker, Antony Van Leeuwenhoek (don’t bite your tongue trying to pronounce that). He described the sperm cells as ‘animals’ moving like eels.

Round Shaped Heads.

Healthy sperm cells have cone-shaped heads while unhealthy cells have round-shaped head. Sperm cells wear a ‘helmet’ called Acrosomes. The Acrosomes contain enzymes that melt the covering of the ova so that the cell can penetrate and fertilise the egg.

Tastes Like Candy

Sperm contains naturally occurring sugar called fructose. This gives it a slightly sweet taste.

A Woman’s Body Needs To Be Co-operative!

Once they have entered, the female body releases progesterone, a hormonal energy drink that supplies the cells with the strength they need to reach, penetrate and fertilize the Ova. Even at the cellular level, the man still needs the woman’s help to fulfil his destiny. It’s a team work!

They are Allergic to Gadgets

When in close proximity, sperm cells react negatively to laptop computers with active wireless internet connections. They die!

They Have Shelf Life.

If sperm stays too long in the testicle, they suffer oxidative stress. That is, they get exposed to harmful toxic reactive oxygen species. This makes it necessary for men to climax (ejaculate) regularly if they want healthy sperm.

Working Out Improves Sperm Count

Havant University researchers carried out studies that show that guys who do regular exercises have 73% more sperm than guys who don’t.

Also, guys who watch 20 hours of TV have about half the amount of sperm that regular exercisers have. I guess exercises are more important than we think.

They Need These Foods To Be Healthy!

Foods and fruits that contain Omega-3 essential fatty acid and vitamin C help improve sperm quality in terms of sperm concentration, sperm count and motility (the ability to move freely and easily).

They Things Make Them Unhealthy.

The federal ministry of health warns that tobacco smoking and frequent alcohol consumption is bad for your sperms health! Men who drink as much as 3 cups of coffee a day are also guilty of committing sperm genocide.

A Woman’s Body Sees Them As Invaders!

This is also interesting. The body’s immune system sees sperm cells as foreign invaders because of their weird shape. Of course they respond by attacking the sperm cells.

Luckily, the testicle have hired bodyguard cells that prevent any harmful attack. Some action movie drama going on down there, right?


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Fans ‘Attack’ Gospel Musician Gifty Osei a.k.a Empress 1 After Posting a VIDEO on Facebook.


Nana Akua Oheneba How can we say Amen when u have such makeup on eeeii, I thought such people like yourself will leave such things for us to do not you pastors wives and gospel musicians as well, this is not dressing oo madam, I wonder if some kids made some art on ur face. Her speech though. Lol
Elorm Chi-Wali Dzolalian You driving and videoing yourself at same time. If you’re involved in accident right now, your grandmother/aunties/enemies will surely be blamed for bewitching you. Anyway, what’s the current market price for azar paint? I guess it’s so cheap huh. lol

Nana Slim Josh Ok wait, where from that accent
Na who did that to her face… And see her seductive talks hahahaha..

Quadwo Bee see ur Gospel singer o

Victor Nice Eeeiiiii Gifty Osei 😳
These are some of e reasons y I always listen to old gospel tracks (noble Nketiah,oware Jnr,tago sisters

Racheal Opoku Achiaa Am sorry but u r empress 2 wai the only empress is nana ama mcbrown 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

Quaci Kyei No seat belt, driving and recording a video at the same time is the dumbest thing any celeb has done this year……whose role model is this again?smh

Kwaku Hinson Spy the way she do the makeup as if she is going for witches meeting why gospel musician paaaa why ebi you wey God bless you aaah

Bra Qwame had to read the comments to be sure she was indeed Gifty Osei.

Awurabena Gyamfuaa Dacosta U r kakai personified…tweaaa. Ad3n aaa Empress 1. Tcheeeew

Sandra Nana Oye I see nothing wrong with her makeup. Absolutely nothing !!!
What’s the problem with video anyway????
Mo kasa ooo!!!

Frema Shows Hahahaha when Ghanaians hate you, they hate everything about you chaiiiii ma sre saaaaaaaaa

Elikplim Ama U people don’t disappoint with the comments hahahahahaha empress my ass

Akwesi Asiedu Dankwah When did lil kim become a pastors wife??😂

Kwaku Poku Gifty Osei, like this comment if you read all the comments above and don’t regret a thing😂

Ajay Aj Bye bye from empress 1 chao chao . muuaahh

Akua Brago By force empress paa ni

Nana Kofi Obrempong Hai hai empress come lyk kakai

Rhin Khan Make up paaaa nie…n the fuck from the Empress…Tsew….

Nyamegreat Boachie Danquah Empress Gyae Asera ne Ewiasesem no, U can’t be smart n intelligent than ya Maker mind U……😳😳😳

Mooky Mills Fritzkoko Williams Gifty u force urslf too much.
Accent from Pluto.u wan flex who?
Sesie de3 wo hy3 nk)m? Boi

Lucy Oheneba Cudjoe Hahaha I don’t think madness eyiii my stomach. God have mercy on us

Emelia Barbok Gifty, in my opinion, I think u have diverted from the word of God. Is better u start doing hip life and hip hop

Araba Sagoe Gh yonki borns koraa no go take that accent give us…. #IRunGoInfixShp Ameyaw paying dou

Ewura Ama Kwaakyewaa Mama Gifty plss kindly take it cool in life waiii. Be simple n move on

Kofi Justice Eiii Ghana gospel singer. ..You call your self gospel singer? can this singer win souls for GOD? ????????????nonsense. Mbelesam

Mathews Appiah Worshiping God has become so cheap that every monkey can polish and say what she likes.may God bless ur MOTHER gitfy osei.fool

Horis Naa Amoo Lol 😁 she mks me laugh all de tym..frm dresses to wat wat now see her face…asem oo

Owusuwah De Loner U deserve to be featured in Shatawale’s Kakai song … Not here seducing people with ur so called Goodmorning gospel 😏😏

Dzifa Kporxah I don’t even like you anymore go to hell that is where you belong

Abigail Kye-Mensah are you preaching seduction or what,madam,save that for yourself.

Jenny Forson Gh Lil kim

Carter Richmond Clark did she went to sikkens for that facial paint job ??? de devil sef dey fear u. sia

Source: facebook

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Man Trapped In Deadly Floods Forced To Make A Hard Choice – Save His Wife Or Mother…His Choice Cost Him

A man trapped in devastating floods was forced to make a split second decision – whether to save his mum or his wife.

At least 112 people dead and 91 others have gone missing as torrential rains swept through China.

The Daxian village was almost completely wiped out – but faced with the terrible choice one man in abandoned his wife to dash across town and save his mother.

He is now begging for his spouse’s forgiveness after she dumped him.

The man left his home, where his wife, two kids and ailing father live, and bolted across his village to save his mum, leaving his other family members to fend for themselves.

CENGao Fengshou decided to save his mother instead of his wife during flooding in Daxian, China. Pictured - flood damage in Daxian
Gao Fengshou’s village was completely devastated by flooding
CENGao Fengshou decided to save his mother instead of his wife during flooding in Daxian, China. Pictured - flood damage in Daxian
Instead of getting his wife and children out of the house, he rushed to save his mum

Gao Fengshou, the 39-year-old husband, had known that a serious storm was on its way to Daxian Village, in Xingtai City of North China’s Hebei Province.

But while the rest of his family stayed up worrying, he made no plans and went to sleep instead until he was woken by his wife, Zhang Xiaoyan, aged 30.

But instead of getting Zhang, his children and his elderly father out of the house, he left the home in a hurry and dashed across the village to save his mum, whose old family home was already waist-deep in water.

Gao Fengshou decided to save his mother instead of his wife during flooding in Daxian, China. Pictured - flood damage in Daxian
He is now begging for his wife’s forgiveness after abandoning her
2016 Rex Features
At least 112 people have died in the flooding in China

Gao successfully saved his mum, but then found he could not return to his home as the floodwaters were already up to his chest.

After waiting several hours for the water to recede, he rushed back to his house and was relieved to find Zhang, the kids, aged four and two, and his dad huddled on the roof, having survived the flood.

But reports said his wife who had been married to him for five years immediately took the kids and what little remained of her belongings and left the village.

She apparently felt betrayed by her husband, who chose his mum over her.

Zhang reportedly returned to her parents’ home in East China’s Shandong Province, where Gao has now gone to beg for her forgiveness.

More than 9 million people across China have also been affected by the season’s freak weather.

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Not Even The President Can Control Judges – Justice Sophia Akufo

Presiding Judge Sophia Akuffo reading the sentences said the third and fourth contemnors Alister and Ako Gunn wilfully attacked the Chief Justice and lowered the authority of the court by insisting that they will not accept its judgment on a controversial matter of the voter’s register.

She said they also callously reminded the court of the gruesome murder of three High Court judges more than 30 years ago. She pointed out that there is an element of criminality in their uttterances which the Attorney-General should have noticed and acted upon.

She quoted constitutional provisions that establish the independence of the judiciary and noted that even the President cannot control judges.

The court is deserving of utmost respect if the coutnry’s democracy is to be safeguarded. Any conduct that seeks to interfere with the judiciary is an act against the community. She recites the judicial oath.

She refers to Lord Acton saying that the court has been very circumspect so as not to be seen as stifling media freedom and freedom of speech. “But we have been forced to act”, she said.

The court summoned the direcotrs because they created the conditions for the scandalous comments to be made but the court has not been impressed by the explanations of the Directors who say they are not directly involved in the running of station.

The court says the Directors were irresponsible and careless because as Board members they direct the broad vision of the station.

She noted that the host spurred the panelists on to ‘open fire’. The host and panelists were reckless and insenstive in their commentary. The panelists were by all means in the studio to attack the judges and could not be bothered that it was the eve of Matrtr’s Day.

Sophia said the court has taken note of their guilty pleas and plea for mitigation. However they realise that reckless attacks on the court and judges have become rampant even after four politicians were dealt with in 2013 during the Elections Petition after they made contemptuous comments.

Sophia says there is the need to hand out punishment deterring enough.

A Director Harry Zakkour and the company must pay 30,000 cedis by close of day Thursday.



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VIDEO: Any unmarried lady who cuts her hair is showing signs of frustration – Counselor Lutterodt


Controversial marriage Counselor, George Lutterodt isn’t ready to back down on his stance on some issues relating to marriage.

He has claimed that any lady who decides to cut her hair while preparing to marry, has inferiority issues and suffering from poverty mentality.

Speaking on Kasapa FM’s Efisem programme on Saturday, Counselor Lutterodt argued that such a choice of hairstyle by a lady should not be mistaken to be good fashion sense, as it rather represents the lady’s frustration of waiting to get married after several years of remaining a spinster.

“Why are you changing your image, a young lady who is just at the prime age of marriage there is somebody you should attract, all of a sudden you become a JHS girl then you blame the devil. You have you hair on and then suddenly you cut the off, look men are attracted by what they see and not your character. You cut your hair and you reduce to a level of a JHS girl and when young boys propose love to you, then you blame the devil for that. Ask yourself what image are you carrying.”

Click on this link to watch the video..




ADVERTISE WITH US offers clients the ability to target marketing campaigns that are web-only.

These ad opportunities will give your products and services high exposure of our web users.

With more than 1 million average monthly unique users per month1, is the news destination for web advertising.

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 Whatsapp: +233-0277741517