TV Presenter Vows To Make Sure Prez. Mahama Loses 2016 Election

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Entertainers throwing their weight behind political parties during election season is not new to Ghanaians but these public figures do not have their peace of mind when they come out to declare their support.

Many musicians, actors and other entertainment personalities have suffered for campaigning for political parties but this has not deterred others from endorsing political parties.

After many stars declaring their public approval of a presidential candidate, actor and TV presenter Leo Mensah popularly known as Ntoatoahene joins the train by recommending Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as the best person for the presidential seat. Leo in a chat with condemned president Mahama’s administration stating that “we gave the mandate to Mahama in 2012 but looking at his performance I believe my people deserve better.”

He continued that he does not celebrate mediocrity hence his decision to support the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party.

“First of all I am a Ghanaian. We gave the mandate to Mahama in 2012 but looking at his performance I believe my people deserve better. I do not celebrate mediocrity so then the only choice the masses are calling for is Akuffo Addo. I am with the people and the people want Change so I also want Change.”

He added that Ghanaians do not need rocket science to see how bad His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is performing as a president.

“High cost of living, inflation rate above normal, what annoys me is their continuous blaming of this “Dumsor” issue on their predecessors.

After 8 years of being in power and they still can’t find a lasting solution? Their profligate spending and level of corruption, misuse of the public purse with impunity, 3.6 bus branding, SADA GYEEDA and many other things” he told

He vowed to make sure president Mahama and his party loses this year’s election. When asked about his measures put in place to help NPP win the 2016 general election, the host of “Ntoatoa” TV show on Gh One who said he will not just sit on social media platforms and make noise against the NDC government outlined his ideas.

“I am vigorously going to do everything within my power to contribute my quota to discourse development of my nation and the quota is making sure this government is booted out of office. I am going to my village and I will campaign from village to village, Bomfa to Achiase to it’s neighboring towns and villages to make sure Mahama gets nothing there”

Leo Mensah also talked against the notion that entertainers who declare their support for a political have been given cash to do so. He promised not to take anything from the opposition party should they approach him for talks.

“Most a times people think when you endorse a candidate then your pocket has been filled. I’ve not received anything from anybody. I will not receive anything from anybody but I will use my resources to campaign for Nana Addo” he concluded.


Author: Tiko14

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