Manasseh Azure Awuni On How He Met His Wife (PHOTOS)

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On February 14, 2015, I asked a pretty young woman out on a date. We had met in July 2014 in Essiama in the Western Region. I was on an assignment there and she was visiting her mother.

We did not talk but I realised she was looking at me. She was a Facebook friend, but I didn’t know. About 30 minutes later, she sent me a message on Facebook asking whether I was the one she had seen. We got connected. Interacted briefly and there was a lull in our friendship. We didn’t think of each other as potential lovers.

We started talking on February 9, 2015 when she published an article on why young women should strive to achieve their dreams and not kill them because of men. I liked that piece because, unlike the antagonistic and rebellious rants that some often attach with feminism, this young female law student made her point without pitching the sexes against each other.

On Valentine’s Day of 2015, we were about the last to leave Aburi Garden. It was getting dark and we sat on one of the garden benches.

“You know we have to go back to Accra now,” I said.

“Yes,” she agreed. “It’s getting late.”

“But the light of the car on which we will depend to get back to Accra can only see about a hundred metres away,” I said.

“Yes,” she agreed. “But we have to have faith that the light will continue with us as we travel along.” You mentioned the word “faith” without knowing that it was exactly what I wanted to build on to drive home my point.

“I want us to take the step of faith together in life. I know it won’t be easy, we have not known each other for that long but we can still take a step of faith together. I want to live the rest of my life with you.”

“Manasseh, I don’t know what you will think of me. You know in Ghana, a lady would normally say, I am going to think about it before I give an answer. But I have nothing to think about.”

“So are you saying yes?” I wanted to be sure.

“Yes,” she confirmed what appeared to me like a dream.

On August 20, 2016, we returned to Aburi Botanical Garden. This time, we did not go alone. We went with a few friends and family members. We went there to formalize what started right there in Aburi. A week earlier, we had an impressive traditional marriage ceremony in Takoradi.

We were honoured to have Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil, the founder and General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church officiate the wedding. It was my wish that he would officiate my wedding, a wish I thought would never materialise. Then when I visited him early this year, I had the difficulty putting that request to him. Fortunately, before I left, the issue of marriage came up. And I said “Serwaa” would be happy to have him officiate our wedding.

“When is it? I will be honoured to officiate your wedding,” Rev. Dr. Mensa Otabil said. And it came to pass, that we were highly honoured by his presence. And the presence of good friends and families.

The power outage just before the start of the programme, the transition from the national grid to the standby generator and the initial hitches in the sound as a result of that alarmed me. Just as when we were being blessed, it started to rain and with the thunder that accompanied it, I felt God had let us down. Why would he keep the rain all this while and allow it to come at this crucial moment?

But he held it. Perhaps, he listened to the numerous prayers that were said. Or rather, he was blessing the Bongo boy and pretty gem of Cape Coast and Half Assini, with those showers.

At the end of the day, we had the cause to give glory to the Almighty God. Mr. and Mrs. Awuni are grateful for those who were able to make it to our memorable day.

To my numerous friends and followers who would have loved to come if I had opened it up to everyone, I’m sorry. My wife and I wanted it private and solemn. I have, however, uploaded a few of the pictures here of what happened in Aburi when the glory of the gracious and merciful God shone on Manasseh and “Serwaa”.

Enjoy what Samuel Moore Photography captured. You can contact him on 0243 156 889. The traditional marriage was shot by Joshua Sackey.




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