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When a man wants you, the last thing you’ll ever have to do is “audition.”

Now I’m no relationship expert,Lord knows I’m not, but I’m a growing woman, and if I’m not able to learn anything from my life experiences then, ah well, I’m probably not the “growing” woman I think I am.

The thing about us ladies is that, when we see a man, we’re already looking into the potential of him and all that he and you two together can be.

Once we have our eyes set on that vision, sometimes it will take an army of people to drag us kicking and screaming by the hair to let him go. (even that may not work)

We’re so fixated on what “could be” that we refuse to see what it is.

No Matter How Good Of A Woman You Are, You Will Never Be Good Enough To A Man Who Isn’t ‘Ready’

And because of that, even when a man hold up a sign with “I DON’T WANT TO”, we still try make excuses for why he doesn’t want us, and believe that maybe, just maybe with the right amount of love and convincing he may just come to “see the light”.

I don’t know why we’re this way, but I sometimes believe that it’s probably because we’re naturally the nurturing gender, have the tendency to want to see and believe there’s some hidden good in them that we have the power to bring out. Yes I know I know, as pathetic as that may sound, it’s the only reason why a lot of you men get away with some of the sh** you should be hanged for.

But it’s time to wise up ladies, I know it’s hard, especially the feeling of rejection, but hey you can get over rejection (however long it may take), what you may not be able to get over is the years you’ve wasted pinning for a man who doesn’t want you.

Perhaps this piece I chances upon by Lincoln Anthony will give you more insight on what you’re doing wrong, I mean we…?

If A Man Wants You, Nothing Can Keep Away, If He Doesn’t, Nothing Can Make Him Stay

When it comes to relationship advice articles, there’s nothing worse than those damn, “Fifty’leven Ways Love Was Better For Our Grandparents Than It Is Today” pieces that insist on comparing different generations without any of the substantive nuance or context. These articles sadly proclaim the impossibility of finding a quality mate in 2016, while acting like everything was nice and easy back when dudes were rocking zoot suits and conks, as if divorce, cheating and general unhappiness didn’t exist.

But, as much as I’m against comparing how love impacts different generations, there’s one thing I will give the people who cling to the assertion that dating is more difficult now. We definitely have more stages of dating than any previous generation. From chilling, to getting to know each other, to seeing each other, to talking to each other, we’ve inundated ourselves with a plethora of different steps we must achieve before we can finally just say we’re together in a committed relationship.

Basically, most of us are in complicated relationships, not because anything is wrong, but because it just seems to take longer to “graduate” to monogamy.

With that said, there’s one problematic belief that I see too many dudes pushing on social media that far too many women are easily falling for. And it’s the idea that a woman must be loyal during the “talking” stage in order to prove that she’s loyal enough to take it to the next level.

While cowardly dudes push this cheap ploy to extract unearned exclusivity, many women are flocking to this idea as being gospel when it’s complete and utter crap.

Ladies, let me keep it completely real with you. When you’re seeing a mature, honest, grown ass man during the early parts of the “getting to know each other stage,” we really don’t want your monogamy. Now, that doesn’t mean that we won’t want it later on down the line, but it definitely means that if we’re not officially together, we’re single. And non-cowardly adult males love the idea of being single, because it means we can do whatever the hell we want, with whomever the hell we want.

So, with that in mind, why in the world would I want a woman to be uniquely loyal to me, especially when I’m damn sure not providing that favour to her? I’ve had that happen to me in the past, and all it did was create problems, because she expected me to treat her like my woman. And it broke her heart when I told her, “I never wanted your loyalty” because she thought I meant she wasn’t good enough for me, but that wasn’t the case at all.

What I meant was that relationship-minded single women should never settle for the BS ideology that the minimal title of “girlfriend” must be exhaustively auditioned for during an undefined situationship. The idea that a woman should give a man her loyalty, her trust, her body, her soul and her spirit to a dude in order to gauge whether or not she “deserves” to receive monogamy is disrespectful. No woman should be out here “trying out” to become a man’s woman, giving all of herself to a guy who doesn’t have the courage or conviction to commit to her in the most basic way.

The truth is, the dudes who proclaim the delayed benefits for women who do the most while waiting out the “talking” stage, are mostly men who just want to sleep with as many women as possible while knowing that the woman they’re with is not out there doing the same. I know this because I’ve done it. It’s a selfish and weak ploy that men use to discourage women from weighing multiple options at once, because if that happened, she might realize that she doesn’t have to stand for the garbage ol’ boy is putting her through. I mean damn, what happens if she meets a guy who falls for her and actually decides she’s worth the title of girlfriend? That will completely mess up my rotation.

If You Find Yourself Constantly Trying To Prove Your Worth To Someone, You Have Already Forgotten Your Value

Look ladies, if you want to give a man the world to prove to him that you deserve to be his girl, do you. But, just know that we men intensely pursue the women that we really want in our lives. We don’t make them jump through hoops or complete arbitrary potential-girlfriend assessments. When we see her and like her, we commit. So, the next time you hear a dude tell you that you need to prove your worth as his future significant other during the “Netflix and chilling with no title” stage, please understand that just because he wants to be in you, doesn’t mean that he’s into you.

Source: On Lydia Forson’s Facebook Wall..

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Ford Gift Saga: Mahama Violated Gift Policy; But…- CHRAJ

President John Dramani Mahama contravened the gift policy with regards to his decision to accept a ford vehicle gift from a Burkinabe contractor, the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has concluded.

According to CHRAJ, it was satisfied that the gift in question formed part of gifts prohibited under the Gift Policy under the Code of Conduct and that although the evidence show that President Mahama subsequently surrendered the gift to the State, the action nonetheless contravened the gift policy.

That notwithstanding, the commission has also concluded that the President’s action did not amount to accepting a bribe.

This is because, upon evidence, the President submitted the Ford Expedition gift from the Burkinabe contractor, Mr Djibril Freres Kanazoe to the state.

CHRAJ, however, also established that the President was not culpable of conflict of interest, bribery or fraud in relation to the manner in which the vehicle was given to him.

A 78-page extensive decision by CHRAJ on the matter, a copy of which was available toGraphic Online covered the genesis of the saga from the time the story was aired by Joy FM in June this year, to the various media publications, the subsequent petitions by individuals and groups, and the in-depth investigations by CHRAJ, which included the review of audio and video footages and various extensive interviews with ministers and public servants.

It also included recommendations with the Commission concluding that “full or further investigations into the allegations are not warranted. The allegations therefore, are hereby dismissed.”

Source: Daily Graphic

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I Will Abolish “Wedding Ceremonies” If . . . – Mahama’s Challenger

For those who don’t fancy Western nuptial ceremonies, dubbed ‘white wedding’, you are safe – but those who do will perhaps end up in jail if 45-year-old youth organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Oyarifa, who challenged President Mahama during the party’s presidential primaries becomes Ghana’s next vice president.

Mr. George Boateng who on phone accepted to be the running mate of Lawrence Jamial Kutin, an independent presidential candidate for the 2016 elections has vowed to abolish wedding ceremonies in the country.

“I will introduce social reform life and will abolish wedding ceremonies. I will also install discipline in family life. Wedding is not our traditional culture. Wedding has never brought peace to Ghana.

” . . The court is full of divorce case because of wedding. I won’t tolerate that,” he said in an interview with NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’

He also assured that – “There will be a law to back traditional marriage”

Lawrence Jamial Kutin, the 41-year-old Electrician who hails from the Volta region recently picked forms to contest in the 2016 election.

According to Kutin who is also an NDC member – he is contesting the 2016 presidential polls because the NDC government led by President John Dramani Mahama has failed Ghanaians woefully.

And George Boateng says he is more than prepared to help boot President Mahama out of power as running mate to Kutin.


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Stowaway Would Be Rampant Under Prez Mahama If He Continues- Agya Koo (Photos)

Actor and comedian Kofi Adu affectionately called Agya Koo has had it easier switching into the political mood as he has accused President Mahama and his NDC team of not being better mangers of Ghana’s economy.

Agya Koo was at the Techiman North Constituency of the Brong Ahafo Region to the NPP’s parliamentary candidate for the area Martin Oti Gyarko, as he launched his campaign. In view of the veteran actor, President Mahama’s continuous stay in office after the 2016 election would lead to unprecedented number of stowaway among Ghanaians.

He advised the gathering to support the candidature of Martin Oti Gyarko and vote out the incumbent MP who is also and Deputy Minister of Education, Alex Kyeremeh. According to him, Hon. Kyeremeh is part of the group of the people who ill advised President Mahama to scrap allowances for student nurses.

Matilda Asare, another popular actress based in Ashanti Region, was also there to support Martin Oti Gyarko

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I Killed My 2 Sisters and 114 babies for 500billion- Sakawa Boy, Nana Wan

He is Nana Wan, aka Mr Wealth and he has a Lamborghini, Range Rover, Chrysler, BMW X6 and more in his garage. Go to Madina and his name is the one name which moves Sakawa Boys. It is more like everyone wants to be like Nana Wan. According to him, he killed his 2 sisters, son and some 114 babies to make 500billion old cedis in a week. He is the Chairman/C.E.O of Waife Group Of Companies and the president of the biggest movement 2hype music & clothing. As it turns out, he evil deeds has caught up with him and this is how Ghbase.Com reported his sakawa deals.

Nana Wan confessed at the Resurrection Power Chapel, Weija that his wealth was not real and that they were all given to him by a Marine spirit from the underworld. Confessing how he got into the act, Nana Wan who was very emotional and full of remorse disclosed that, he was pushed into the act because his father abandoned his mother and his 5 other siblings some 6 years ago and times were very hard for him. He couldn’t bare the pain his mother had to go through to cater for all six of them, as the mother kept running into debts after debts. He wanted to do something in his will to save his family from disgrace so he seeked counsel from one elderly man he went to stay with and he assured him that he could help him with his financial woes if he was ready to do what it takes.


According to him, he was desperate at the time and accepted the man’s offer and he followed the man and 11 other people to some place in Benin. According to him, the place was an Island and as they sat in the boat going to the place, a room emerged from nowhere and an old man welcomed them, telling them he knew what had brought them there.

He said that they were led into a room, where a Mermaid (maame water) came and told them to drop Ghc1,500 on the floor for the rituals to begin. He disclosed that a crocodile came to pick their monies away and when the crocodile does not bring back the money, then it meant, they were qualified to go through the next step.

( The Mermaid did something again but we can’t put that here for now so we would fast forward the story) Those of them who survived the other stage of the ritual were then asked to go back and find any kind of job to do for a week and that, they would receive money after the week.

He disclosed that, he worked with a woman who sold kelewele in their neighborhood for the week and then when the time was up, he quitted the job

His other colleagues who went with him informed him that they had received their money. He had his big Ghana-Must Go bag in his room that faithful day waiting for his money to come. After several minutes of waiting, he felt a strong wind blowing in the room and then a very beautiful woman from the underworld asked him how much he wanted. He mentioned that, the woman was the first daughter of the Mermaid and she expressed interest in him. He requested for 200Billion old cedis and the Mermaid asked him to leave the room and come back after some time. He came back after some 30 minutes to see the amount he had requested for in the bag.

He was more than overjoyed and decided to leave the house that night after telling his mum, he wanted to go stay with a friend so there can be enough space for his other siblings in the chamber and hall apartment.

That was the beginning of wealth for him. He disclosed that, every week he got another 200 Billion old cedis and the first daughter of the mermaid would visit him every week for several sexual bouts. He mentioned that, she was like any normal human being but very very beautiful and he even went out with her several times. For the first 3 years, he performed no rituals and lived life to the fullest, getting his wealth increased every week.

After the 3 years, that was when the horror started….


Nana Wan disclosed that, after the first 3 years, the goddess started making demands that he needs to make some sacrifices or he would die just like the other people he started with who had already died. The goddess demanded that he brought her new babies every two months for the rituals.

He said he bought the babies from a nurse who helped her at the 37 Military Hospital for 1 billion cedis each. He bought 114 new babies for the rituals within a certain period until he was unable to get the babies anymore because the nurse said she was tired of stealing babies for him.

He then pleaded with the goddess to change the sacrifice he has to make for him and she accepted and asked that he sleep with her 20 times a day from Friday to

Monday, if he still needed to be alive. He further disclosed that, the goddess told him, she wasn’t satisfied with the sex and that she wants 40 times a day from Friday to Monday.

It became a very herculean task for him as he lost soo much weight satisfying the goddess and she wouldn’t let him stop till he started bleeding from the pe*is.

He then pleaded again with the goddess to do something about it since, he was getting weaker. The goddess then asked him to bring people who are very close to him as a sacrifice in exchange for his life. First he took his own son who was then just a baby and after sometime he was asked to bring one of his sisters. He took his eldest sister who was their first born. He bought her a brand new range rover and after some 3 weeks, she had a fatal accident and she died.

After sometime, the goddess asked her to bring another sister of her. He pleaded with the goddess to take her sister’s womb so she spares her life but her other sister too was putting pressure on him to buy her a car for school.

She was a level 300 student at Legon and he bought her a range rover and she also lost her life in an accident around Okponglo. He thought the sacrifices were over until the goddess asked him to bring his mother for the rituals. He cried and begged the goddess to spare his mother’s life but to no avail. He was then instructed to buy her mom a brand new car so they take care of the rest.

Fortunately, the mother received a prophesy in church that his son would buy her a car and that if he brings it, she shouldn’t take it. So when she bought the car for the mother, she rejected it.

It was his failure to bring her mother for the ritual that he was informed that he had just one month to live. He confessed that, he started searching for salvation when he was told he had 1 month to live. According to him, he moved from one church to the other visiting all the big churches and men of God in

the country to see if he can be saved.

He confessed that the goddess kept haunting him each time he visits any church. He even revealed that, he met some big and powerful men of God at the underworld when they go for meetings. ( We would tell you the story of how he ended at Resurrection Power Chapel)

His story was very lengthy and we would tell you more about the things he said and the other many things he had to do like what he does each time he sleeps with other girls.

He was supposed to die on Monday but he has been saved and delivered and we are working hard to get more info. He’s now a born again Christian and the power in the name Jesus has saved him.

He’s going to lose all of his assets and everything he ever bought with the evil money. We all can take a cue from this and refrain from such evil activities. There’s no need to rush in life. So far as there’s life, there’s hope

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Does Gifty Osei Need Help?

The singer took to Instagram and posted a picture of herself, make-up free and looking quite unkempt, absolutely distraught. Her caption also showed she might be going through some personal troubles.

“Soo sad it hurts to know the people you love betrayed you.” she wrote.

Gifty doesn’t look too good. We wonder what’s going on with her??




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Mahama wasn’t ‘sharing’ money – Nana Akomea

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communications Director, Nana Akomea says the president giving ‘money’ to a few people during a campaign tour cannot be described as ‘sharing’ money.

He said the video shows the President single out some people and handing what was said to be money to them.

Speaking on Joy FM/MultiTV’s news analysis program, Newsfile Saturday, he said it could be the President was showing concern to a hawker whose wares might have been scattered as the convoy was passing.

In the video President John Mahama is seen handing over something to traders at Abossey Okai during his campaign tour of the Greater Accra Region.

Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah on Thursday told Joy News the video showing the President purportedly sharing money to could have been doctored.

He said regular practice does not allow the president to carry money on him when he is out of the office, therefore it is impossible that he could hand out cash to anyone.

“That is something people have not taken notice of presidents don’t carry money around. I never knew until I got to the presidency,” he said.

However, Deputy Minister for Education, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, also said on the programme that he was grateful the incident was filmed.

He said the video has enhanced the campaign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) adding that the President does not need to buy votes to win the December polls.

Mr Ablakwa said the President has already shared what he has in policies, infrastructure among others to win him the upcoming December election.

He said the president gave out GH¢50 (about $14) to a girl whose wares destroyed as a crowd of people followed the Mahama’s convoy.

President Mahama in an interview with the Daily Post Newspaper has admitted giving out money during a campaign trail as captured.

According to the newspaper, the president laughed off the claim that he was sharing money explaining that “from the top of his vehicle, he saw a little girl with a tray of boiled egg in the crowd being pushed by the cheering crowd amidst the jostling. The tray fell from the girl’s head and the crowd trampled on the fallen eggs. The girl then burst into tears.”

The report said Mr Mahama was touched by what only he could see because of where he was standing and ordered the man who commands his convoy to stop the convoy.

The President then took GH¢50 from his ADC, pointed to the crying girl in the crowd and then reaching down from the top of the vehicle, gave it to a woman standing by her thinking she was with the girl.

“However, he was surprised to see the girl still crying so he asked her if the woman was the mother. When the girl shook her head and he noticed the woman had moved away, he took another GH¢50 from his ADC and gave it to the girl. This drew wild cheers from the teeming crowd,” the report added.

The newspaper said President Mahama recalled that it was the crowd that helped the girl forward towards his vehicle to enable her take the money because they knew he was compensating her for what she had lost.

Some critics say President was buying votes, however, Nana Akomea said this does not qualify as a vote-buying incident although other incidents elsewhere by the president qualify.

Mr Akomea was however disappointed people in government initially denied the incident.