They are all stomach politicians! — actress says about NDC celebs

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Ghanaian actress Jessica Williams has lashed out at Ghanaian celebrities that have publicly endorsed President John Dramani Mahama and are taking an active part in the electioneering campaign by National Democratic Congress (NDC), accusing them of engaging in stomach politics.

To Jessica, artistes such as John Dumelo, Mr. Beautiful, Mzbel, Abeiku Santana, Kalsoume Sinare, Amandzeba, Bulldog,Tracey Boakye, among others, are rallying behind NDC mainly for their personal gains and not necessarily because they believe in the party’s ideologies or have the welfare of the state at heart. She claimed these artistes had been baited with money among others for their endorsement of the ruling party and added she had evidence to support her charge, having allegedly been approached to join the campaign trail in return for a juicy offer.“Frankly, all these people know that the country is not moving forward but have decided to endorse the NDC and President Mahama because of their stomachs,” she told Showbiz in an interview.

Jessica Williams

Famous for roles in TV series such as Living With Trisha, Charade, Table of Men, and The Storm, Jessica said she did not belong to any political party but was of the conviction the NDC had failed Ghana and Ghanaians. According to her, such “stomach politics” by celebrities was nothing short of a betrayal of their followers’ trust.

“What are you telling your followers who have been loyal to you and trust whatever you say or put out. I believe the right thing should be done and these celebrities are not doing the right thing?” she added. Jessica confessed to Showbiz that she had previously been approached by an NDC bigwig for her endorsement of the party and the promised benefits that came with the request were awesome.

New stunning photos actress Jessica Williams

“I had to turn down the offer because I would have been doing the wrong thing if I had accepted the it, knowing very well everything is wrong with the Mahama led NDC administration,” revealed the actress who has also starred in movies such as Mysterious Girls, Prison or

Marriage, Prince Sam, The Bond and Mabre Agu.

Ironically, despite her strong criticism of the NDC and its celebrity endorsements, the actress stated unequivocably that she was neither a supporter of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) nor had any difficulties with celebrities such as Agya Koo, Kwabena

New stunning photos actress Jessica Williams

Kwabena, Praye, Lucky Mensah and Kwaku Manu throwing their weight behind other political parties out of conviction that Ghana needed a change. “Despite not being affiliated to any political party, I support change and I side with any celebrity who joins the other political parties and not NDC who have nothing new to offer.

Source: showbiz


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