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Weddings blend cultures as well as families


Traditional wedding ceremony in Ghana is performed to legitimatize the marital relationship between a male and a female.

Until the ceremony is done children born out of the relationship are considered to be bastards.

The way the ceremony is done and the things required at the ceremony vary from different ethnic groups in Ghana.

However, the information below seeks to provide a general guidance on what will be expected from individuals who plan to go through the ceremony.


Things required

The man (groom) is expected to present certain items (openly) at the ceremony. It can be embarrassing not to have certain ‘important’ things which are expected to be presented openly.

The best way to know the things required of you is to go with the bride (fiancée) to meet her parents (or representatives if parents are not available) to ask for the list of things they expect you to present on the day of the ceremony.

We have listed below some of the thing which will be required and their significance.

1. Bride price

A price a groom should be prepared to pay if he has intended to marry a certain young woman on whom he had set his sights on ever since they started dating.

In Ghana, it forms a key part of the traditional wedding ceremony where the groom presents money, property or some form of wealth to the brides family in exchange for the loss of her labour and all that she has to offer.

Over the years, bride price has changed / evolved from family to family. There are some commonalities, which can be found in most families.

  2. Dowry /or bride price – often an undisclosed sum of money,

This forms a key part of the traditional wedding ceremony where the groom presents money, property or some form of wealth to the bride’s family.

Significance: It serves as an exchange for the loss of her labour and all that she has to offer to the family. Also in the olden days, the money presented to the bride was meant to be used as capital for setting up her own business or trade to support the family.

3. Money for the bride’s father 

This is normally a piece of kente cloth and money.

This is to appreciate the man who fathered the bride from childhood into womanhood. If her father isn’t present, a man who took a fatherly role can be presented with this.

Nowadays, it’s normally given in monetary terms.

 4. A present for the mother of the bride

This is normally normally a piece of Kente cloth and money

This is to appreciate the woman who nursed the bride from a suckling to the beautiful woman now ready to marry. A certain amount of money is given her.

The linguist of the family praises the mother for the special role she played in the upbringing of the bride.

5. 2 bottles of whisky or gin

This is a traditional drink, which is meant to ask permission before speaking to an elderly person in the bride’s house. The groom’s family knocks the door/gate of the bride’s house before they are allowed into the house. The bottles are presented with some amount of money or could be just money.

6. Present for the bride

Jewelry, headscarves, shoes and at least 6 pieces of traditional wax print cloth are presented to the bride. The cloths should be of different colours to enable her to use them on different occasions. For example, there should be two pieces of white cloth which she can wear after delivery of her first child.
7. Engagement ring

This is worn by only the bride to signify that she is married. The man (groom) is not given a ring at the ceremony.

8. Engagement bible

This is presented to the bride (if she is a Christian) so she can read in good/bad times.

9. Money for the brothers ( or male cousins if bride has no brothers)

This money is given to the bride’s brother who has managed to ensure no other men came sniffing around the bride whilst dating the to-be groom. If she doesn’t have a brother, a male cousin can take the position.

10. Food and drinks

The family of both the groom and the bride (as well as friends) will be present at the ceremony. The food and the drinks are used to serve all the guests to make merry.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and people eating

How the traditional wedding ceremony is performed in Ghana

On the set date the groom and his family, along with invited guests show up early at the bride’s house.

The groom’s family knocks at the door/gate by saying ‘agoo’ to which the bride’s family responds ‘amee’.

The groom’s family sits on one side, while the bride’s family sits on the other side facing each other.

The ceremony begins with a short prayer.

Introduction of each family member

Each family appoints a family linguist (Abusua Kyeamee) who serves as the spokesperson. The linguist of the bride’s family asks the groom’s family their mission. The linguist of the groom’s family responds briefly that they came to seek the hand of the bride in marriage.

The linguists introduces each family member present. The groom’s family is introduced first because they are the ‘visitors’.

Presentation of items

The groom’s family begins by presenting the dowry and all the other items on the list one, by one. At each stage, the items are checked to make sure everything asked on the list is being presented.

Negotiation is possible if the groom’s family feels too much is being asked of them. The bride is not present in all of these proceedings. The groom, although present, is not required to speak in all of these proceedings as all the speaking and negotiation is done on his behalf by the designated spokesperson from his family.

Introduction of groom and bride

The groom is introduced to the bride’s family after the latter is satisfied that all the items required have been presented.

After the groom has been introduced, a member of the bride’s family is asked to go and bring the bride to the gathering.
A decoy can be used to “tease” the groom before the actual bride is brought. The groom is then asked to confirm if she is indeed the bride.

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Bride accepts marriage offer

Once he confirms, she is asked three times by her father if she agrees to marry the groom. She is asked if they should accept the dowry and accompanying gifts from the groom’s family. Her acceptance is greeted with jubilation.

When she agrees, then the groom will slide the ring onto her fingers and kiss and hug her. An elder (or a Pastor) presents a bible to the bride as a symbol of how important God should be in their married life. The groom and bride who are now husband and wife sit together for the rest of the ceremony.

Prayers are said and blessings are given. The married couple is then congratulated and some elders offer marriage advice to the new couple.

Merry Making

Once all of this is done there is a huge celebration/reception where food and drinks are served.

There is lots of music and wedding till everyone gets tired.

 Important Takeaway Notes

This can be a costly affair for the groom so should be planned carefully!

 The parents of the bride can make heavy demands of the groom to bring as much money as he possibly can to assure the bride’s parents that he is capable of looking after his woman before the father of the bride will even agree to give his beloved daughter away. This is why it is important to ask for details of the items required before the ceremony itself. You can negotiate before the ceremony if you cannot afford the total cost.

 In the days of old, the traditional wedding was a small affair with the event being witnessed solely by the immediate family members. But these days, the number can be large and the associated expenses very costly. You can manage this somehow by limiting the invitees (both family and friends).

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Ebony Replies Obour: If My Dressing Is Bad, Is ‘Chopping’ Musicians’ Money Good?

Unfazed by recent criticisms regarding her raunchy dressing, the ’90s’ Bad gal’, Ebony has responded to Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) president Bice Osei Kuffuor aka Obur, over the latter’s comment about the dancehall diva’s outfits for performances.

Reacting to Obour’s remarks in a Facebook post, Ebony sarcastically said that it is acceptable in the Ghanaian culture when one embezzles funds meant for the Musicians Union of Ghana.

She advised the MUSIGA President to rather focus his attention on improving the welfare of musicians.

“Ebony reigns dressing is very bad and is not our culture, but ‘chopping’ of musicians money is very good and I think that is our culture. some gh musicians are dying of hunger and what is ur union doing about that mr president?do you really care?#hustle.” Ebony posted on Facebook.


MUSIGA President, Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour), told Joy News that Ebony’s dressing on stage and in music videos is very ‘bad’.

“It is very bad. Again, in our vein as a union as much as we will try to make the public understand the role that our musicians play, that they are in an acting role… that they should be cautious of the moral values of the country that they are operating in” explained Kuffour to Joy News.

“Lady Gaga could wear it and nobody would cry, will scream foul about it because maybe the environment, and the moral values of the country they are in, is different from the moral values of the country we are in now. And so we are always advising our musicians to be quite decorous… in their way of dressing.”

Ebony has come under severe criticism from many people for her outfits especially after what she wore to the 2017 4Syte TV Music Video Awards.

Ebony is usually critized for what many say is her lack of talent, and believe her showing skin on stage and in music videos is to push attention from her untalented self.

In July 2017, her dad was forced to defend her daughter in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“I am supportive of anything my daughter does and anything she wears. I am not ashamed as a father, the truth is that, I choose what she wears and I bless her before she goes out to perform. Some Ghanaians are hypocrites and I am sorry but I am not one of them,” explained Mr. Kwarteng.

Born Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, her song ‘Kupe’ helped her gain mainstream attention in the Ghanaian music industry.


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Fisheries Minister Justifies Brother’s Appointment…

The Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye, has defended her decision to appoint her brother Joseph Botchwey, as the acting Administrator of the National Premix Committee.

Fishermen along the coasts of Ghana have complained of the irregular supply of premix fuel throughout the year, a situation that is affecting their livelihood.

Citi News this week laid hands on a scandal where Oil Marketing Companies (OMC’s) diverted 249 consignments of premix fuel meant for fisher-folk across the country, to be sold to industries, mostly within the Tema metropolis.

Some have blamed the appointment of Joseph Botchwey as interim administrator of the Committee as a likely cause.

But speaking to Richard Dela Sky on Eyewitness News on Tuesday, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye laughed off the matter, saying “will you not appoint a competent brother of yours to hold a position in your office? Would you not? Because you hate your relations, even when they are competent enough to hold positions, you will not give it to them?”

Still directing her comment at Richard Dela Sky, Ms Quaye said: “I have not put myself in any conflict of interest. Maybe you have to go back yourself, and find out who is the substantive administrator of the premix committee. His or her government has ended and a new era is in place. He or she is not at the premix secretariat, please!”

Even though the Ministry by a legislative instrument is mandated to police the sector, the Minister told Citi News that she expected the NPA to effect the arrest of the perpetrators.

“We have not had a tracking system so when they find people culpable, why are they not arrested? They should be arrested because we do not have a tracking system and the NPA is also a statutory institution – a state institution that works together with the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, their duty is to do the monitoring and find out who are perpetrating what crime so they find these people out. All I expect is that these people will be prosecuted…As the Fisheries Minister, all I do is to ensure that the premix fuel gets to the Fishermen. If the NCA tells me that they have found some OMCs perpetrating this crime, I expect the NCA to take an action.”

I don’t have tracking system; NPA must arrest

The Minister clearly appeared indifferent about her role in addressing the problem of pre-mix fuel diversion as alleged by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

According to her, the ministry does not have a tracking system to identify culprits hence the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), which has a system to track such happenings “must take action.”

The NPA in series of letters dated between January and October 2017, informed the National Pre-mix fuel Committee and the Fisheries Ministry to take action against some Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) that are involved in the diversion of the product meant for fisher-folk in the country’s coastal communities.

The OMCs, according to the letter, took supply of the pre-mix fuel at the Tema Oil Refinery supposedly to be supplied to fishing communities outside Accra, however, they ended up supplying them within Accra often to industries.

The development, which has persisted for several months, appear to be a major factor for the collapsing fishing industry, with a decline in local fish production and increase in fish imports.

But in a rather combative interview, Madam Afoley Quaye said she was informed that the supposed diverted pre-mix fuels were duly received.


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The Woman Accusing Yvonne Nelson Of Snatching Her Husband? – PHOTOS

Just few days after the identity of the man who impregnated Yvonne Nelson had been known, a Nigerian woman who claims to be married to Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy is accusing Yvonne Nelson of snatching her husband from her, whom she also has kids with.

Yes, the lady who is known as Keela Harrison was chatting with a friend about Yvonne Nelson and her new baby daddy and the chats have been leaked to a Nigerian blog, IB9JA

It would also be recalled that. Yvonne Nelson had disclosed herself in her interview with WOW magazine that, her new man already has kids of his own but what she didn’t tell the public was the fact that, this was a married man.

The lady Keela also disclosed that, although she’s still married to Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy, they are in the process of divorcing after they got married in 2015.

In the conversation that leaked, the lady disclosed that Yvonne Nelson got to know her when she had wanted to purchase some slimming tea products some time ago from her and they became acquaintances, then she introduced her to her husband—-Well, you can tell the rest of the story from there.

In the leaked conversation, the woman described her husband and Yvonne’s baby daddy as a broke a** dude, an ex-convict, and one who has his neck in some deep debt.

In the convo, she also mocked Yvonne Nelson for being desperate to have a baby after crossing 30 and still without a husband.

Where It All Started….


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Girls With Excessive Make Ups May Have Ovary Tumour – Doctor

An Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist, Dr Clarence Oteng Addo-Yobo, has urged parents to take their girls to a gynecologist first if they observe signs of mental instability.
According to him, when girls exhibit signs of mental instability such as putting on excessive make ups, unprovoked insults, profanity and quarrelsome behavior, it could be symptoms of tumour in their ovaries.
He has, therefore, advised all parents and caregivers not to overlook certain behavioral changes, particularly in adolescent girls as they could be symptoms of a life threatening disease.


Dr Addo-Yobo was speaking at the launch of the Baby Kaafo Project, aimed at providing a digital platform that gives parents and caregivers access to reliable and relevant localised information critical to the development of children in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
In a plea to parents and caretakers, he advised that girls are not left to their fate when they begin to exhibit signs of mental instability.
In addition, he said, girls who display signs of mental illness should not to be committed automatically to mental institutions but to a visit a gynecologist on time for diagnosis since problems with their ovaries such as ovarian teratoma could cause them to behave abnormally.
Ovarian teratoma, is a growth of cells (hair follicles, skin glands, muscle, and other tissues) that begin in egg cells. Depending on the size and location of the teratoma, it may cause complications such as rupture, infection, and pain.
Dr Addo-Yobo explained that the irrational behaviours shown by some adolescent girls are attributed to hormonal changes that occur in their system.
He said the ovarian cyst, which in its complex form is called teratoma, meaning monster and secretes some chemicals which disturb the electrical circulation within the brain result in adolescent girls showing signs of mental illness.
He, however, said the tumours associated with teratoma could be surgically removed.

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Video: Let’s beg Allah to forgive us for embracing ‘One Corner’ – Chief Imam

Chief Imam of Okaikwei South District, Ishamael Okotah Badoo is enraged by the prominence of the popular song and dance – ‘One Corner’.

The tune composed by Swedru-based artiste Patapaa, has transcended the borders of Ghana and reported to have gained grounds in Nigeria, U.K and the U.S.A.

In spite of the feat attained by the song, the Chief Imam believes that the tune and its accompanying dance is demonic and needs to be uprooted.

“It is demonic. If it is not demonic, we have been listening to a lot of music but people will not jump when a motorcycle is going…or by force climb a tree. This is very dangerous,” he asserted.

According to him, the dance craze is having a negative effect on children due to the absurd activities it encourages children to engage in.

“These are things that are coming to destroy our children on this land…” he said.

Chief Imam Ishamael Okotah Badoo states that the existence of ‘One Corner’ has polluted the environment in which people live and there was the urgent need to ask Allah for forgiveness.

“We are begging the Imams, we are begging the Pastors, the Reverends…we are begging everybody…Let us go down on our knees and beg Allah,” the Islamic scholar pleaded.

He added that Allah is a merciful God and will surely forgive Ghanaians for entertaining the demonic ‘One Corner’ craze.

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The Kenyan Governor Who Has Gold Cars, Uses 24 Karat Gold Phones And Only Drinks Gold Wine (Photos)

Mike Sonko is the 2nd Governor of Nairobi but he’s more popular for his extravagant lifestyle.

The 42-year-old, who has been a politician for years, is known to show off his luxury possessions on social media. He has a love for all things shiny, gold to be specific, and he has no qualms about acquiring as many gold items as he can.

His cars are all made of gold and so are his phones and jewelries. It is alleged that he only takes drinks that have a golden colour and come in gold bottles.

The flamboyant politician rose to national political prominence when he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, Kenya at the age of 35. Though he’s now in a legitimate venture – politics -, it wasn’t always so. According to Wikipedia, Sonko spent his early years in crime. He started mugging people in the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa before graduating to international crime.

He was reportedly a major international drug lord, according to Buzz Kenya, and he is a notorious jailbreaker, having escaped from Shimo La Tewa Prison. Before he joined politics, he used to operate a fleet of public vehicles known as Matatus in Eastlands yet still engaged in shady deals.