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The Hidden Truths about Pizza

“A large circle of flat bread baked with cheese, tomatoes, and sometimes meat and vegetables spread on top” – PIZZA

Often associated with Italians, pizza is one amazing meal or should we call it a snack that is enjoyed worldwide. Many take it as a snack or dessert while others munch on it as their main meal often accompanied with a drink. In Ghana, pizza is more or less a student’s most cherished meal or a family’s deviation from the regular staples.

It is mostly assumed that those who buy pizza’s are the rich or wealthy. Pizza’s come in different packaging with tasty recipes and are often garnished with various toppings and flavours. No matter the kind of pizza you order, be sure to have a wonderful experience of munching. Jumia Food, Africa’s leading online food delivery service reveals the hidden truths about Pizza.

P – palatable

Of course pizza’s are palatable. The mere sight of it makes you want to bite into it. You may know it’s pizza by it’s packaging but just when you open it, your whole being accepts that it is great. The truth is, not all pizza’s are great and although different pizza makers present various tastes, it’s palatability makes it one of the world’s favourite meals.

I – International

Which country doesn’t have pizza? The reach of pizza worldwide makes it an international commodity. In every country worldwide, there is pizza. This means that pizza lovers can travel anywhere in the world and still enjoy their pizza. The quality and taste may differ from country to country but certain international pizza brands have the same recipe worldwide. What you get in Ghana is the same as what you get in New York or Thailand. Pizza is international!

Z – zesty

The different combinations of colours make pizza’s appealingly piquant. Pizza is just appealing and the mere sight of it may get you salivating. If you are not hungry and you sight a zesty pizza a million miles away, be rest assured to get hungry in a few minutes. Even before the great aroma greets you, a pizza in all it’s zest will get your mouth to water. The real truth is, it may not taste as great as it looks but you will be tempted to taste it anyways.

Z – zippy

One of the greatest attributes of pizza is its ability to be delivered in record time. Many people enjoy pizza mainly because it gets delivered at their doorstep just a few minutes after they order for it. Pizza is zippy. The  and speed with which it gets prepared and delivered to the hungry customer is breathtaking. If you don’t believe this, just place an order and grab your stopwatch. You will be dazzled at the speed. This is now a safe haven for many hungry folk who cannot go to the kitchen and make something. They just order, sit back and bam! It’s there.

A – aromatic

Pizza’s have a noticeable and pleasant smell. From several miles away, you can tell if pizza is coming to you. They have a distinctive quality and they are just so attractive by smell. You may not want to eat pizza but the aroma of it may just get you munching more than you imagined. If you are on diet, just stay away from pizza. You will be tempted no matter what.

Mention one person who has never eaten a pizza in his/her life. You may struggle to find a lot though. Almost everyone likes a pizza but did we all know the real truth about pizzas? Now we have it.


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No Sex, No Job – More Young Ladies Falling Victim.

At a time when women empowerment is synonymous with national development, many a young woman is search of job is falling victim to sexual advances from male employers.

After enduring this act for some time, 28 young women, four of them married, have confessed to The Finder that they gained employment only after yielding to the sexual advances of their male employers.

These women, forming a third of the group interviewed on the growing perception of sex for-jobs in the country, are of the opinion that he practice is on the ascendency as more young women seeking jobs fall under the pressure of male employers and are left with no option than to accept their sexual advances in order to be employed.

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The Finder spoke to women who work in the media, financial and public sectors and also in the small scale enterprises.

It was uncovered that instances of sexual advances from male employers in media houses were higher than the other areas.

Out of 15 media houses sampled, 12 cases of sexual intercourse between male superiors and their female subordinates were recorded, thus topping the list of offenders.

At a television station in Accra, a lady (name withheld) said the experience was demeaning, adding that she now dealt with the embarrassment on a daily basis.

“The man whose department I was supposed to work in walked me out of his office since I was not prepared to have sex with him. He said wanted me to motivate him in order to recommend me to management for employment. He also said there were other qualified and competent ladies who were willing to sleep with him so I should rather stop calling to check up on the job and do the right thing,” she said.

According to her, the same boss had slept with three other women who had come on internship, promising to have them employed after they had completed school.

The woman, now pregnant for her boss, said he had denied responsibility for the pregnancy.

Of 24 cases sampled within the private sector involving manufacturing companies, service-based companies and small scale business, 13 cases of sex-for-job were recorded.

At a restaurant in Accra, a young woman told The Finder that she wanted a job hence her decision to sleep with her boss.

“He was giving me pressure so we did it then he asked me to start work. Since then, he has not been shouting on me like the other people,” she stated.

She said the act happened in the manager’s office a few times but he now takes her out purposely for that.

The practice is said to be also prevalent in the banks and financial institutions.

When The Finder spoke with the heads of corporate affairs of three prominent banks in the capital, they all pointed out that the issues were to a large extent mere rumours and that no woman had ever lodged a formal complaint.

After a couple of days of exchanging pleasantries, Thelma (not her real name) told The Finder that she and two others had to sleep with the head of corporate affairs of a bank until the chief executive officer found out and transferred him and the two other ladies.

Image result for pictures of  black couples lying in bed

According to Thelma, she got her letter of appointment in June, this year, after having slept with the boss for five months.

“He actually put it bluntly that I could unlock the door to my success if only I used what I had to get what I wanted. Well, I initially resisted but gave in after a while,” she stated.

This incident was corroborated by the C.E.O who also said that the man in question engaged in the same act at his new post and has since been dismissed from the bank.

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Is President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo my president now for sale???

The Ministry of Trade & Industry auctioned the President in a 23rd October 2017 letter to the Expatriate community in a very worrying manner.

Gold President Table – $100,000
Red Circle. – $50,000
Yellow Circle. – $40,000
Green Circle. – $25,000
Black Star Circle. – $15,000

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Kafui Danku Shows Off Nakedness

Actress Kafui Danku has put her nakedness for public display in a new photo she shared to followers on Wednesday.

The mother-of-one shared the naked photo at a time Ghanaians are complaining vehemently about the level of nudity in the country’s entertainment industry.

Ebony Reigns is one particular personality who has been receiving a lot of criticisms and is also always in the news mostly over concerns about her level of nudity.

But Kafui seemed unperturbed.

In the shot, she covered her breast and other private parts with her long hair.

“When you’re alone with your thoughts…..Until you have to put on clothes and leave your house,” she said when she shared the photo on Instagram.

Kafui K. Danku, who joined the movie industry in 2008, appeared in a number of movies and has personally produced her own movies.

She also has a record of showing skin in public and it appears she is not done despite she is now a mother.

Source: Daily Guide

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Heartless Mother Buries Her 3 Month Old Son Alive To Be With A ‘Rich Man’ – WARNING!!! Graphic Photos

Heartless mother buries her 3 month old son alive just so she could be with a

A Togolese woman has been arrested for allegedly burying her 3-month old son alive right after meeting a rich man who promised to marry her.

According to reports, the woman didn’t want her rich lover to know that she had a child, so she decided to get rid of her baby, by cold-heartedly torturing him by buring him alive in a shallow grave.

Heartless mother buries her 3 month old son alive just so she could be with a

She was exposed when the boy’s father came looking for his son and she made several lame excuses as to his whereabouts. After so much pressure from the baby daddy’s family, she confessed to her crime and took them to the location where she buried her son.

The family reported the case to the Police, who then arrested her.

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Drama At Kwabena Kwabena’s Album Launch, Ex-Wife Storms Concert?

The unending drama between renowned Ghanaian highlife artist Kwabena Kwabena and his ex-wife Lydia Appenteng a.k.a Abena Owusua Dwamena continued on November 30 at the Plus 233 Jazz Bar & Grill when the musician launched his 5th studio album, Ahyesi.

We gather that the ex-wife of George Kwabena Adu stormed the event ground with police to summon him to court. Abena Owusua we are told chose that method because all efforts to invite Kwabena Kwabena to court over their divorce had proven futile.

The informant added that the musician before November 30 had refused to accept the court summons on several occasions giving reasons that he did not marry at the court of law so sees no reason to appear before a judge if he wants to walk out of the union.

“His persistent refusal made Abena go in for a court order and that is why they went to the concert to serve him” the source added.

The police and Abena Owusua upon their arrival at the Plus 233 Jazz Bar & Grill on Thursday were told Kwabena Kwabena was not around. Management of the musician was earlier not willing to tell his whereabouts but later disclosed his location after the police said they would mount the stage to serve him if he returns to perform.

It was reported in January 2017 that “Kwabena Kwabena and Abena Owusua are no more together as husband and wife seven years after marriage.

Manager of Kwabena Kwabena, a popular TV host, Frema Ashkar, is rumored to have moved into Kwabena Kwabena’s home.

The source also hinted that Kwabena Kwabena has returned some customary items to the family of Abena Owusuaa to signal his intention to end his marriage.”