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Have a better diet so that it can’t taste better than gababgeπŸ™„


When we’re sucking on your dick and you feel like ejaculating aa, we beg, alert us.Dont just “cum” into our mouth…it is not funny!

Some of you men, your sperm tastes like sea water mixed with milk & egg, very salty and stinky but you want us to swallow it…massa who said we want to do “milk shake” in our tummy? You guys for shon that thing..😑

Not everybody likes to taste sperms so when she’s performing oral sex, warn her before you “cumm” so she can do what’s necessary. Don’t explode in her mouth like a vulcano ❌

And to those who choke us deep with their penis, grab our jaws nd neck so tight nd harder when ejaculating nu, hm! one day we will break loose and bite ur penis bia! πŸ˜‚

Some girls like to swallow sperms, others love to eat pizza. So watch it.

Note: If you want your woman to drink ur sperm a, then have a better diet so that it can’t taste better than gababgeπŸ™„

Thank you

Your Only Virgin

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Men with Curved Penis don’t be wicked.

Dear Men with Curved Penis,

Some of us have different views when it comes to this type of penis regardless of the direction, be it upward, downward or sideways.

Curved penis de3, it’s sweet especially the one directed upwards. it rubs the ceiling of our vagina and indirectly contacts the G- Spot and that makes the sex enjoyable.

But Charley, some of you with the one that is bent sideways (leftπŸ‘ˆ and right πŸ‘‰) like “am looking my somewhere” nu makes sex uncomfortable for some of us cos you keep hitting one corner saa as if you’re drilling for oil…That thing really hurts.

We know its not your fault that you have a curved penis but please learn to control the movements in the pussy with ur waist…twist and turn to the left, right and center so that other areas in the pussy can benefit some..One corner saa d3biaa de3, ey3 someway bi.

Remember, there are right sex positions that you can perform with your curved dick…missionary, doggy, sideways, wheel barrow, woman-on – top and several others so choose any and explore!

Massa, our vagina’s got enough space in there so don’t confine ur curved dick to just “one corner”….take a tour and “cause confusion” in it.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹

T for Thanks 🀝

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Thursday Special :Sometimes, let him finish in your mouth πŸ‘„


Don’t be too boring with your sex life. Be bad and naughty in the bedroom…Pamper and caress your man.. He’ll be damn grateful and never complain even if your skills are a little lacking…Be creative and make ur man happy na John nso y3 nipa ne ba.πŸ™‚

Madam, you see that tiny hole on the head of the penis where the semen comes out nu? It has lots of nerve endings around it.

So once a while, when your man is in you and he’s about to explode aa, just ask him to pull out and put the penis in your mouth…now press your tongue against where the hole, flip it side by side and then suck it like your life depends on it..

Sister, suck everything out of that hole. That thing feels tantalizing ankasa, if you like ask your man.

Let’s learn to make sex more sweet and good for our men cos it takes two to have a good fuck.

Sometimes, let him finish in your mouth πŸ‘„

Thank you

Your Innocent Virgin