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Learn To Talk To Your Partner’s Beautiful Pussy During Foreplay.

Dear Men 👬

Sometimes in the middle of the foreplay, pause and talk to your partner’s beautiful pussy.

Now stop and look at the flower you see below. Beautiful, isn’t it? Yes! There is nothing that makes a woman more unique than her pussy.

Appreciate your woman’s unique qualities and tell her what makes her special.

Women are a good deal more verbal than men, especially during love-making. We also respond more to verbal love, which means, the more you talk to us, the easier it will be to turn us on or get our Vagina wet.. So all the time you’re petting, stroking and licking our beautiful pussy, please talk to us about it.

The fact that I said talk to your woman’s pussy nu, doesn’t mean you should go and open your woman’s vagina so wide and be saying unnecessary things like “3na wo tw3 nie?😳 enti wo tw3ba na 3so saa nu?”🥺 Aah, wo tw3mu ay3 tumtum oo , ad3n?🤷‍♀️etc…

Massa, say something nice that can make the pussy drip👌… Don’t go and angry somebody’s pussy with your nkruses3m. Jon boys!!! 👬

Thank you
Your Only Virgin
Akosua 😎

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Don’t put out the history that is filled with good because of a mistake you don’t like.😊

The late king of a certain community had ten wild dogs. He used them to torture and eat any of his servants who made a mistake. One of the servants gave an opinion which was wrong, and the king didn’t like it at all. So he ordered that the servant be thrown to the dogs.

The servant said, “I served you for ten years, and you do this to me? Please give me ten days before throwing me to those dogs!” The king agreed.

In those ten days, the servant went to the guard who looks after the dogs and told him he would like to serve the dogs for the next ten days. The guard was baffled but agreed, and the servant started feeding the dogs, cleaning for them, bathing them, and providing all sorts of comfort for them.

When the ten days were over, the king ordered that the servant be thrown to the dogs for his punishment. When he was thrown in, we were all amazed to see the ravenous dogs only licking the feet of the servant!
The king, baffled at what he was seeing, said,
”What has happened to my dogs?”

The servant replied, “I served the dogs for only ten days, and they didn’t forget my service. Yet I served you for a whole ten years and you forgot all, at my first mistake!”
The king realised his mistake and ordered the servant to be set free.

This post is a message to all those who forget the good things a person did for them as soon as the person makes a mistake towards them. Don’t put out the history that is filled with good because of a mistake you don’t like.😊

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Female ejaculation is not a big deal.


Female ejaculation(squirting) is not a big deal. It is all part of who you are and how you get turned on.

But if you’re a squirter aah, please let your man know. Tell him that things might get a little extra wet. You can say it in the heat of the moment, somewhere in between passionate kisses, but before you get so into it that you forget your own name. This way you’re preparing him for what’s to come but still leaving it ambiguous enough that, if you don’t squirt, there’s no expectation for it. Most likely he will be totally into it, regardless of the outcome.

Madam, since you never know when you’re in for a wild time, I suggest you keep clean towel or wipes by the bed, If he’s able to get you to climax, whether you squirt or not, he’s going to be stoked.

Now to the ladies who’ll intentionally urinate and say they’re squirting nu, stop that nonsense.. some men wash their dkuvet and bedsheets once a year so if you’re making love and U feel like urinating aa, pls tell him to pause and go use the bathroom…m3nfa gyimie njons) ngu obi mpaso wate🙄🙄🙄Village girls

Squirting de3 3y3 nice But do it with sense👌

Thank you
Your Only Virgin
Akosua 😎

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Pot belly is not a sign that you are wealthy..

Dear Men,

Having pot belly is not a sign that you are wealthy, that your wife/ girlfriend is taking good care of you, or that you are now “rich”. As a matter of fact, you should be worried if you discover your tummy is beginning to obstruct your view downwards.Unfortunately, it is an ancient African mentality for men, that having pot belly is a good thing.

Some of you are so heavy in the belly that during love making, you put all the “belly weight” on us and it makes the sex so boring that sometimes we find it difficult to breathe mpo.

Others too because the belly has take all the penis nti, they’re unable to fuck us well, I mean they can’t move their body so they get exhausted too quickly and instead of them to use the waist to “buuu atopa” they will be there panting & dancing “agbaja” on top of us…Arh! who taught you that?

The most annoying koraa are the ones who will just lie on their back with their big belly facing up like sm pregnant woman and then ask us to sit on them and ride in the cowgirl sex position…Massa you naa, ur belly has taken all the penis so where should we sit, on ur tummy or where?….pls do something about it na it’s annoying ankasa!

Pot Belly is now “old school” so here are a few tips for you to reduce it.

✔Adopt light eating habit: Eat little frequent meals instead of one large meal. Try light foods such as salads and fish and drink plenty of water and quit eating late. But in doing this, don’t starve yourself.

✔Take it easy on the beer/ alcohol: Its common knowledge that a lot of guys binge on alcohol, but I advice you take only a little for your stomach’s sake.

✔Exercise: do “sit-ups” and push-ups. All these exercise routines will help tighten up your stomach wall muscles and ultimately reduce your tummy fat.

Always remember that ladies are more attracted to cool fit guys with six packs😃😜 because it gives them a sense of manliness and security.

Pot Belly Men, we say fuck our pussy, we didn’t say come n fuck in between our tighs wai.

Thank you

Yours Sincerely
Akosua Virgin.