Dont just Shake it well, Wash it well too!!!

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Dear Ladies with Big Buttocks,

Wash your Ass properly.Every day. Seriously, just do it.

Some of you ladies think having big buttocks is all it takes to keep or get a man so some of you just pack or load those big assets into tight jeans and leggings and then be shaking it saaa at the Malls and beaches !!! Oh some look nice and attractive Mmom…

But some of you, the heat, dirt and nunu smell trapped in ur “trumu” alone can kill an elephant mpo… Ad3n?

Sister, don’t rinse the pussy and neglect those big Ass. Take time to Wash your groin and buttocks properly. After shower, dry them with a dry clean towel or make use of some baby wipes after using the loo.

You might also avoid food that will make you gassy, for obvious reasons, and trim your butt hair or better yet, have ur man do it for you. Safety first.

Listen, some men love to eat and lick the anal area with their tongue during foreplay so plz learn to keep that area clean ND fresh kakra na they are tired of tasting shit & sweat all the time.

Obaa, I don’t hate or envy you Ass, all I am saying is that, having big buttocks is not enough…you need to do extra work by keeping the space between nu clean.😉

Remember, to him much is Given, much is Expected so Dont just Shake it well, Wash it well too!!! 😂

Thank You

Your Only Virgin

Author: Tiko14

Welcome to my wORDpreSS. I am a Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and has a passion for Ghana, hence talks a lot about Ghana. I blog about entertainment, tourism, politics, arts, culture and football. I am in the media and have the advantage of working both in Accounting firms and I. T firms. I like divergent views so disagree with me but let’s not abuse each other. Enjoy the blog while you are here, your views and topics are most welcome.

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