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Joe Mettle causing me pains- A crying young man in love.

For those who doesn’t know him, his name is Joe Mettle, a renown Gospel artist. His music has blessed so many lives including mine. Personally I love him and his music but today I am not posting him here for his works, I’m posting him because of the pain he is causing me.

So the thing is this, I’m in a very beautiful relationship with so much love in the air, i’ve been with my girl for 2 years now and it’s all been wonderful and beautiful. The only problem has been that, my girl seems to be so much into minister Joe Mettle that she just can’t hide it, she is so much into him that she mentions his name even in her sleep. This has been a heartbreaking situation for me for so long but I’ve kept my cool.

knowing that my girlfriend is madly crushing on someone else tears me up. The worst happened on a day we went for Joe Mettle’s program, this girl acted as if she didn’t even know me, everything was about Joe Joe Joe Joe!!
When we talked about the issue, she apologized but keeps repeating it.

I truly love this girl, I have propose marriage to her and she’s said yes, but I feel so lost and confused. What if things go sideways and Joe actually notice her? What if Joe one day ask her out, will she choose me over him?
Hmmm, the battle is real.

Please advice me, What should I do???😢