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Remember that there are better days ahead of you.

If you were cheated on, dumped for no good reason, broken hearted by that special person who was your everything, who taught you what love is, whom you cared for so much, who meant the world to you…

Don’t feel so low because you’re not alone. Cry as much as you can but when you’re done ask yourself these few questions.

Why I am crying now? Was I
meant to cry? If he/she was the right person for me now why did he or she make me cry and even leave me for no good reason?

Does he or she fail to sleep and eat just like me or s/he is out there having fun with other new people? Is that person stressed like me? Does h/she feel any pain just like me? Does that person miss me at all?

After answering all those questions then get down on your kneels and pray to God to make you be strong and to help you find someone who will love you genuinely with no limitations, pretense, peer pressure and even with a mission. God will help you find you someone who will erase away that pain in your heart.

Who will appreciate everything you will sacrifice for him or her, someone who will feel your love and care.So for now stop over calling,texting, pleading and crying for your heartless ex because you are just wasting your time.

You’re just a laughing matter to him or her and even the friends. He or she is having fun out there and dating other new people.

Just try to live your life. You will get over that pain with time and you will
find someone who is worthy your heart.

One day your ex will also miss
you, h/she will try to contact you and even to ask you for forgiveness but it will be late for him or her. Relax for now; don’t rush to fall in love again. Give yourself time, know yourself better; enjoy the stress free single life as you’re preparing for someone better. You’ll be happy again..

Remember that there are better days ahead of you.